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Bands on the Run

soulcracker all the way!!
This show kicks ass! It's about four indy bands from all over the U.S. that are all on tour together. But the catch is that it's an unorganized tour, and each band must promote and play their own show and their own venue in each city. The pilot was awesome and took place in San Francisco, and only included three of the bands. HARLOW is cute, but they're music isn't all hardcore and edgy like they think it is. FLICKERSTICK just fights all the time, which is good for a reality show, but boring after a while. THE JOSH DODES BAND is also pretty dumb, they're not taking show seriously enough by taking it too seriously. My favorite band is SOULCRACKER, just because they know how to bring in the dough. They're the opposites of what the Josh Dodes band is: they take the show seriously by thwarping the other bands, taking requests and playing covers, playing in city areas restricted from public performance, and being cool little geeks. Hence, they're not taking it seriously, which seems to be what works for whatever band is in the lead that night. Each band tries to make the most money from ticket sales and merch sales. By the end of the tour, there will only be 2 bands left. Soulcracker is gonna win it, because they know what they're doing, despite how other bands think they're doing themselves or how bad soulcracker is doing. Soulcracker, if you read this, it would kick ass to get in contact with you guys before you go on to make it big!

The Weekenders

still going strong
I was the first to write a comment for this show about a year ago when it premiered. I liked it, but I didn't think it was doing as good as it could have been, and ABC could have doing more to help it. But now that it's made it through it's first season (although I'm not sure when One Saturday Morning begins and ends its show's seasons), I've boosted my likeness for it. ABC has been putting some weird shows on (HOUSE OF MOUSE), bad shows (the SABRINA cartoon), and some old ones (DOUG and WINNIE THE POOH), but WEEKENDERS is one of the few that highlights the line-up. PEPPER ANN kind of faded off the Saturday Morning schedule, MICKEY MOUSE WORKS sorta fell into the bizarre and slightly dumb HOUSE OF MOUSE, and reruns of RECESS and TEACHER'S PET have taken over. There's been only one new episode of RECESS within the past few months, and WEEKENDERS just recently began a run of new episodes. The new LLOYD IN SPACE is pretty inventive and interesting, and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is still the little dose of action that the ABC cartoons need.

Overall, WEEKENDERS, RECESS, LLOYD IN SPACE, TEACHER'S PET, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, and whichever show Mickey Mouse is running at are the key ingredients.

But back to the main subject. Tino and Carver are some of the best cartoon characters I've ever seen, and the (I think) fictional town of Bahia Bay, California is the most beautiful CITY in a cartoon I've ever seen. I can totally relate to Tino; he's goofy, spastic, funny, imaginative, and still just as average as any kid in America.


an FX spectacular with a compelling story
DINOSAUR is one hell of a cool movie. The scenery is actual footage, the dinos are genuine visual fx, and the storytelling is unconventional yet intriguing. But still, it's a Disney animated movie, which means lots of talking animals. I love how 5 different locations (Florida, Venezuela, Australia, Hawaii, and California) were used for filming, and were at times combined in the same scenes.

The DVD features are pretty cool, too. There's a cute little game for little kids where you play as Aladar the Iguanadon, and you must find your friends, water, and the nesting grounds by navigating through the dark caves of the dino world. "Dinopedia" presents some amazing facts on all the kinds of dinosaurs in the movie, narrated by the kid who plays the voice of Leonard on Disney's One Saturday Morning's "Teacher's Pet." The making of the fx, sound, filming location, and animation is also included.

A good adult equivalent to this movie (all though this movie alone is very appealing to many adults) is "Walking With Dinosaurs", an amazing TV movie that was originally made by the BBC and premiered in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel a couple years ago. It follows the same format as DINOSAUR, but in a nature documentary style. It contains very similar yet spectacular visuals, and the dinos DON'T talk, which makes it all the little more realistic. And it's not just for adults, kids will love it too. It's available on DVD (and most likely VHS also), so I hope the video store(s) carries it. If not, ordering it off of will be a great alternative. is great for ordering anything entertainment wise.

The Beatles Revolution

a revolution in documentary filmaking
why can't there be more documentaries out there about the frenzies and manias that other bands caused? Or perhaps, like many other musical revolutions, The Beatles are the first to do so. This wasn't a documentary on the history of how they formed and what lead to their break-up. Instead it avoids the band members personal stories and bios and just concentrates on the effect their popularity had on the world, as a group. I've seen and read many Beatles documentaries; there are few things in each one that are included in every one: how Paul saw John's first band at a church fair, the death of Stu Sutcliffe, the firing of Pete Best, their first US appearance on Ed Sullivan, their Shea Stadium concert, John's comments on Jesus Christ's popularity, their psychadelic transfer, the attention on Yoko and Linda, their farewell London roof-top performance, and others. But none is complete without the story surrounding John's death, and that's always the part that everyone hates getting to.

But enough about that. What this special does is show how most of today's culture was influenced by the Beatles, not to mention practically the careers of every single interviewee on here. It shows how they influenced music, movies, fashion, slang, youth attitudes, music videos, how concerts were held, how to give an interview, how to take photographs, etc.; there's too much to remember.

I would like to see "The Beatles Anthology", because I haven't actually seen an "official" biography of the Fab Four.

NOTE: Many people don't know this, but Mark David Chapman, the assassin who killed John Lennon, attempted to committ suicide by drowning himself in a lake 3 years before he did what he did. Somebody fished him out, got him to a hospital, and they were able to resesitate him. Ironic isn't it?

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

amazing, best game for N64
There are no words to describe the greatness of this game. It's something you have to experience for yourself. Hawk, Burnquist, Rowley, Lasek, Muska, Campbell, Reynolds, Glifburg, Thomas, and Steamer are all here, not to mention all the secret characters you can get, including Officer Dick and Private Carrera. You can break glass in the Warehouse in Woodland Hills, gleam the pools in the School in Miami, grind the escalators at the Mall in New York, pull killer rotations at the Skate Park in Chicago, plant taxi cabs in Downtown Minneapolis, jump river gaps at the Downhill Jam in Phoenix, glide the spines and bowls of the Burnside in Portland, ollie off huge stairs on the Streets of San Francisco, and cruise past captive aliens in Roswell, New Mexico. There's no limit to the # of objects you can plant, grind, slide, ollie, ride, etc.

I know I said this is the best game for N64; maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but for me it is. I also know the Playstation version is better, but I have to do without that for most of the time. The cinematics are half the fun; you can see Hawk pull both the Full Pipe run and his historic 900 at the '99 X Games. See Bob Burnquist pull his famous One Footed Smith, Chad Muska do his little rail grind with his backpack and stereo (forgot the name of the trick), and many more.

The 2 Player mode is also great. You can do Horse (though that kinda sucks), Graffiti, in which you tag every object you can your color, and Trick Attack, in which it's just you and your opponent bustin' out the best s*** possible.

Free Skate allows you to do whatever level you want, with whatever skater you want, for however long as you want. It's genius.

Career Mode is pretty well manufactured: Warehouse, School, and the Mall prep you for your 1st competition: the Skate Park. Next, Downtown and Downhill Jam prep you for #2: the Burnside. Finally, you can hit the mean streets of SF before hittin' the final competition: Roswell. Along the way you can collect medals and tapes for unlocking levels and skaters.

Go and rent this game if you have never played it. And if you do have it, play it as much as you can, 'cause you're playin' a classic!

Day of the Dead

what was Romero thinking?
He created two of the best horror movies of all time, didn't he notice some of the few details that made them so good? 1) Identifiable, sympathyzing characters ("Ben" and "Barbara" from NIGHT, "Peter" and "Roger" from DAWN). Every character in DAY had some sort of flaw/s. The Jamaican guy was nice but talked too much, the mad scientist was a bad actor, the military leader was loud and dumb, the Mexican soldier was overacting, the other soldiers were mean and idiotic, the girl had so many "bad dreams" that you got confused on what was really happening in the story, and the whole Bub thing was silly and moronic. 2) Zombies. The zombies are supposed to be slow, quiet, moaning creatures that only attack when they're a few inches from you. The zombies in DAY shoot guns, growl loudly, swing their arms, drive cars, salute people, and just keep coming outta nowhere. Also, people like to see the zombies marching through out the towns, chasing after citizens, banging on locked doors, eating intestines and brains, and they like to see that throughout the whole movie. A parade of zombies appear in the very beginning, but quickly dissapear for a long time. A few more pop up here and there in the middle, but those are the loud, annoying ones that you keep wondering why they won't just kill. Then at the end they're everywhere, and it gets annoying to see the same hundred zombies chasing after one person. But overall, the zombies in this movie are AWOL. 3) Location. NIGHT took place in a quiet, woods town where spooky stuff happens all the time, and in a place familiar to where many Americans live. Same with DAWN, in an average suburban mall where you would least expect a horde of killer monsters to flock and kill. At least portions of those locations were bright and satirical. This whole underground thing that they're in, whether it's a salt mine, a records storage facility, or a missile silo, it's dark, lonely, claustrophobic, confined, and depressing. It's also no fun to watch millions of zombies attack people in.

Romero should have stopped after DAWN, and then the series would be just fine. Or perhaps it was the production value, or the script. Perhaps the movie is a good concept with a bad delivery, which it is. Perhaps DAWN and DAY should follow NIGHT and be remade into more modern and manic productions. Then again, I heard the remake of NIGHT wasn't as good as the original.

Next Friday

"I'm an Aztec Warrior, aaahhaa!!"
That's my favorite of many funny lines from the Joker Bros. in NEXT FRIDAY. Jacob Vargas was hilarious, and he's been in a lot of other good movies like AIRBORNE, CRIMSON TIDE, MY FAMILY, GET SHORTY, SELENA, and ROMY AND MICHELLE. Justin Pierce was also another funny character, one most kids like me could identify with (white boy from the 'burbs who loves skateboarding but can't skate for crap). It's sad that he's no longer with us. Ice Cube is a talented guy, and he did the best (or worst) he could with his character, but it wasn't a shining role like it was in FRIDAY. The family (Uncle Elroy, Day-Day, Suga, Mr. Jones) got a little annoying at times. The "biches" (Joker's women) were very hot, and Lisa Rodriguez had a smart female character, something not seen much in movies like these. Also, the return of Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr.'s character was unnecessary. It was built up nicely, but the delivery sucked.

"Whites in hot, colors in cold, ese!"


very cool, very funny
FRIDAY is not only funny and cool, but also pretty smart, unlike NEXT FRIDAY, which is just a good excuse for slapstick comedy. This movie had some element to it, and wasn't just after the funny bone. Chris Tucker got a real career boost after this movie, going on to make RUSH HOUR, another funny and clever comedy. I think it also helped Ice Cube come out of the dark image he was in for a long time, and showed he could be a calm, cool, and funny guy. You could say this film is a black equivalent to "SLC Punk".

Half Baked

stupified genius
Only a true pothead could have thought up the script for HALF BAKED. Tamra Davis is an underrated director, with other cool movies like BEST MEN and his other retarded comedy masterpiece, BILLY MADISON. Dave Chapelle, Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diaz, and Harland Williams all give incredible, insane performances. The spoofs on other films like JERRY MCGUIRE, DEAD PRESIDENTS, SUPERMAN, as well as the old "Batman" show, are perfectly weaved in. There are numerous cameos by tons of varied people: Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Janeane Garafalo, Willie Nelson, Stephen Baldwin, Clarence Williams 3, Tommy Chong, Bob Saget, and others, they're all funny in their own ways. The Guy on the Couch was the most interesting character, for mysterious reasons.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

cute and killer at the same time
ARMY MEN: SARGE'S HEROES is a great game that's imaginative yet simple at the same times. Plot: General Plastro of the Tan Army Men have discovered a way to teleport from the real world on Earth to their imaginary, never ending war world. The Tan Army has taken five of the best soldiers from the rival Green Army hostage. Those soldiers are: Riff, the saxophone playin' bazooka man; Hoover, the geeky-looking but ever vigilent minesweeper; Shrap, the surfer-dude, mortar man; Thick, the hard-as-steel headed M-60 machine gunner; and Scorch, the intense, pyromaniac flamethrower. The man sent in to retrieve them is their leader, Sgt. Hawk, or Sarge. Along the way you'll encounter drown-worthy bath water, killer spiders, way-too-tall couches, and slippery soap covered tile floors, with plenty of Tan soldiers, choppers, tanks, and the supposedly-neutral, double-crossing Blue Army.

KIDS: don't leave your different-colored toy soldiers together.

Biohazard 3: Last Escape

the final chapter in the greatest video game series ever
RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS is the "biggest" game in the series.

Plot: Jill Valentine, formerly of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team, is trying to escape the zombie-infested Raccoon City. The town is crumbling to pieces, and possibly the world has struck armageddon. Jill will come face to face with the Tyrant, the biggest and baddest of all the T-virus infected creatures, by the end of the game.

NEMESIS has the least plot of the three games, but it still makes for the biggest and most explosive one. The story of the first one ended, and the story of the second one continued years later. Now this story is an immediate continuation of the previous one, no break in between. Go out and rent RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS for Playstation.

Bio Hazard

very cool, in all ways
RESIDENT EVIL is a great game. I'll just skip right to my favorite part, the plot: reports coming from the small, industrial town of Raccoon City involving hikers disappearing from the woods has been sent to the S.T.A.R.S. special police unit. The Bravo Team has been sent in by chopper to search for any clues. As soon as they discover an old mansion in the middle of the woods, the chopper engines fails and they crash to the ground. The survivors of the crash still have radio contact as they take shelter in the mansion. But not soon after all kinds of chilling sounds come from the radio, contact is lost.

Now S.T.A.R.S. other team, Alpha, has been sent in to find out what happened. What they discover is nothing ever seen in a video game before...

What makes this game so effective is the reality-look that it takes on. Also, it's the first "horror survival" game ever, even though it was followed by many sequels and imitators.

All I can say is that the RESIDENT EVIL trilogy better be made into a movie trilogy, and George Romero better direct it.

Biohazard 2

only one of the three best Playstation games around
RESIDENT EVIL 2 is the greatest Playstation game ever, next to its precedessor, RESIDENT EVIL, and its successor, RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS. Plot: there are two story lines in the games that eventually cross eachother.

In the first, Claire ventures into a quiet, possibly deserted, Raccoon City, in search of her brother Chris, who was a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team in RE1. She stops in at a strange diner-coffee shop and is suddenly nearly attacked by a vicious creature. As she darts out the back exit, she comes face to face with a man with a gun. As Claire is frightened, the man orders her to "get down" as he blows the monster away. As the two get into the man's vehicle, which happens to be a police car, they both explain their stories and head to the Raccoon City Police Station.

In the second storyline, a young rookie cop named Leon rolls on into Raccoon City, his new place of work. As he stops at a quiet gas station to fill up, a huge diesel truck comes flying at him. He escapes in his car and heads to a back alley. As he tries to enter a small diner through the back exit, the door is suddenly kicked open by a young, frightened woman. Behind her is a disgusting looking creature. Leon orders the girl to "get down" and he blows the monster away with his pistol. The two get into Leon's car and head to the police station.

I'm not a strong videogame player, but I do love to watch others play and "coach them along the way". The RESIDENT EVIL trilogy are part of those games. The others include the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" games and the "Army Men" games for N64.


JACKASS is the most brilliant and idiotic show on television. It's the kind of genius idea one gets while they're half-baked. The best characters are "Night Monkey" (Chris Pontius) and "Danger Ehren" (Ehren McGheyey). sure people will imitate the things done on here, especially the c**p done by Bam Margera, Brandon Dicamillio, and Ryan Dunn (pushing shopping carts into curbs, jumping off roofs with umbrellas and into bushes, BMX jousting), but that's their own decision. There's plenty of disclaimers calling you a dumbass if you do this stuff. That doesn't mean you have to obey them though, just don't imitate the stuff that could get you killed (Human Barbecue, Alligatorama, Self-Defense). Being a dumbass can be fun. Being a JACKASS is something holy.

The Simpsons

best show on TV
I can't believe I've never written about the Simpsons! There's too much to say about it, except that it's genius. Bart and Homer Simpson have become cultural icons for the 90's and beyond; as put by Matt Roush of TV Guide, it's a wonderful "satire of the American and TV family (not always the same thing)." If you don't like this show, then I quote Adam Carolla: "how dare you; HOW DARE YOU!!!!!"

Hate* (*a comedy)

so serious, it's hilarious, or vice versa
HATE *A COMEDY is a short dark comedy in which when you become terrified by the fact that a chicken is wielding an axe or a syringe full of Drain-o and realize it, you start to laugh at the fact that that's the point of the film: to scare you and make you laugh at the same time. I love the hilarious notion chickens are allowed to live the average human lifestyle with no questioning or phobia, while still being recognized as a chicken. An example is in the beginning when Paul is telling his story to the police, and how he greeted Pembrooke when he first moved in, while eating fried chicken at the same time, resulting in a negative reaction from the poultry. "Maybe you were eating someone he knew" says one of the cops. GENIUS! This short goes right up there with NIGHT OF THE LIVING BREAD, LOAF, GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE, and (forgot the title) another short in which a man driving down the freeway in L.A. doesn't realize the road has been shut down to serve as an emergency landing zone for a falling aircraft (the title was a triple-digit number). Catch HATE on HBO if you can.

Dawn of the Dead

classic horror fun
DAWN OF THE DEAD is the movie that started this whole "killing the monsters with cool weapons" genre. George Romero made a wise choice in following the story of the living dead and their destruction of mankind. This time though, the living have better weapons and better shelter than the PA citizens in "Night of the Living Dead". The man who plays Peter now plays the father of Kenan Thompson's character on Nickelodeon's "Kenan and Kel", but few people know that he was the all-slick hero of one of the greatest action-horror flicks of all time. This film is also very underrated, since it hasn't had much of a cult following, like "Halloween" or "The Exorcist" had. It deserves a lot more fan fare; Roger Ebert declared it one of the greatest horror movies ever. The characters Roger and Peter kick some major zombie ass as two deserting SWAT team members, who've just recently abandoned a failed mission to kill the locked up zombies being kept as "pets" in a housing project apt. They meet up with Roger's friends, and escape in a chopper and find shelter in a deserted mall.

A small appearance by Joe Mantegna as a biker leading an entire army of bikers, was satisfying to know someone came out of this film as a respected actor.

The "Living Dead" trilogy is a great 60's-80's equivalent to the 90's "Resident Evil" Playstation game trilogy. I've heard rumors of George Romero planning to make the game series into a movie series; oh how tender that would be. It would almost be like a remake of the "living Dead" trilogy, with a pumped up attitude, visually and mentally. If you want a good horror movie, with plenty of shock, terror, humor, satire, and classic 70's action mixed into it, go out and rent DAWN OF THE DEAD.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR is a very cool cartoon. I think it's cool how they took a simple yet fascinating character from a successful movie and gave him his own show. But instead of giving him his completely own world, like most other spin-offs do, we're at least a little familiar with the Buzz Lightyear elements (Emperor Zurg, the Galactic Alliance, the 3 budding martians). It fits in perfectly with the other great One Saturday Morning cartoons (WEEKENDERS, RECESS, TEACHER'S PET, PEPPER ANN, MICKEY MOUSE). The ideas are very creative, and with a show taking place both in space and within the boundaries of the galaxies planets, anything can happen. I hope this show is popular among other kids, teens, and maybe even adults as well. I read TV Guide's review, and it seemed pretty good, pointing out it's creativeness and energy. I hope it lasts for a while. Adam Carolla does a great job as Commander Nebula, Larry Miller hits the nail on the head with XR, Stephen Furst is goofy as Booster, Nicole Sullivan is a natural with Mira Nova, and Wayne Knight is disguised awesomely as the evil Emperor Zurg. Patrick Warburton is very, very impressive as Buzz Lightyear, a hard pair of shoes to fill in after Tim Allen did a beautiful job with him in the 3 movies. Watch Buzz Lightyear on One Saturday Morning on ABC, or on Disney's 1 Too, weekdays and Sundays. To infinity and beyond, beoch!

Final Destination

suspense at its campiest and most fun
FINAL DESTINATION was a very cool movie. It made you jump at the most expected and unexpected moments. If it deserves any Oscar nomination, it should go to James Wong for Best Director. He slowly shows you specific details that may or may not lead to a death, while keeping you guessing which one. Devon Sawa gives one of his best performances here, right up there with IDLE HANDS. Seeing it on DVD allowed me to see the deleted scenes, including the original ending. Commentary from the creators talking about the test screenings indicate there was a negative response to the much more deeper and disturbing original ending, so they went back and re-shot a much more funnier and more audience-pleasing ending. The airplane crash sequence was absolutely frightening, challenging anyone to fly again. Not even the people waiting at the gate are safe from a runway crash. I definitely recommend FINAL DESTINATION.

Teacher's Pet

very cool
TEACHER'S PET is a surprising choice for an ABC Saturday morning cartoon, especially as part of One Saturday Morning. It can be very trippy at times. But it's pretty zany, which makes it a cool cartoon. Nathan Lane is the (oddly) perfect choice for the voice of Spot/Scott. Debra Jo Rupp (THAT 70'S SHOW) adds her usual charm to the voice of Mrs. Helperman. Jerry Stiller and David Ogden Stiers also give amusing relief to the voices of Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly.

The show is on ABC Saturday mornings at around 9:00 A.M.

Coyote Ugly

sweet and sexy
COYOTE UGLY is a very sweet movie, especially/even for a couple on a date. But it's also a really sexy movie for a bunch of guys to enjoy together. Piper Perabo isn't just trying to show off her sweet charm and sexy looks here (though she does do a great job of that), but she proves she really is a talented actress. And even though Tyra Banks had a small part, it was cool how she kept popping up here and there. The choreography is very well done and gives you a feeling of being there.

David McNally is shown here as a very talented director who should go on to do more, hopefully he can become a regular Bruckheimer director, like Michael Bay and Tony Scott.

Advice for guys: don't go to see COYOTE UGLY with your mom.

One Saturday Morning

I love the cartoons, but get rid of MeMe
For some reason, the part of ONE SATURDAY MORNING that wasn't part of the three cartoons they showed was fairly enjoyable a couple years ago. Then it all went down the drain when they screwed with the line-up. First, after a successful run of DOUG, RECESS, and PEPPER ANN (in that order), they bring in THE WEEKENDERS, which is ok but not as good as the other three, replacing PEPPER ANN's time slot. Then PEPPER ANN replaced 101 DALMATIANS: THE SERIES, for good. Then they insulted everyone by bringing in SABRINA: THE ANIMATED SERIES! What an awful pile of BS that is! It's one of the worst cartoons I've ever even looked at, right up there with the Barbie show and the Street Fighter cartoon.

The only thing that could save the show now is if they put PEPPER ANN and 101 DALMATIANS back in their original time slots, add MICKEY MOUSE WORKS to the DOUG-RECESS-PEPPER ANN line-up, and replace SABRINA with WEEKENDERS.

Also, most of the people on the show are getting very annoying. MeMe especially. Her "friendships" with Jelly Roll (a waste of Brad Garrett) and Derby the mouse are painfully un-funny. Ms. Moose is a dumb AND pointless character. The segments featuring things like "Flipbook", "Dance Break", "Dance Manny Dance", "The Roller Coasters", Manny going around America, "The Monkey Boys", and "How Much Stuff Could an Elephant Crush?" should be banned from television. But I do enjoy "Centerville" and "Tube Dwellers". "Great Minds Think For Themselves", "Find Out Why", and "What's the Diff?" are all right.

I plan to stay a faithful viewer of DOUG, RECESS, PEPPER ANN, and MICKEY MOUSE WORKS, but I wish Disney/ABC would read this comment and the other three comments posted here, and make some changes.


great movie, but less characters next time
Now I know all X-MEN fans, including myself, know the X-Men are not complete without the entire team, which includes Wolverine, Rogue, and even Professor X. But I feel some major changes in character amounts might have let more growth occur for the main characters. It could have been just about the three I just mentioned, with Wolverine being the main mutant. Magneto's team was just fine, though.

But overall, this movie was very cool. Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine") came off with the best performance. Ray Park ("Toad") was also very cool; he's had a lot of big, underrated parts in PHANTOM MENACE ("Darth Maul") and SLEEPY HOLLOW ("Headless Horseman", without a head). Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan had good chemistry as old rivals that are so well known to each other they're friends.

Bryan Singer always leaves you with a very cool feeling after seeing one of his movies. In THE USUAL SUSPECTS, you got a feeling of surprise and amazement. In APT PUPIL, you felt haunted and chilled. And now in X-MEN, you want to be one.


great suspense, a destined classic
I hope some of the magazines, talk shows, and CBS has been giving us hidden clues about who's going to win! I might have just seen some on the "Survivor" CBS official site. But I won't explain them. Hopefully they weren't.

This show has great suspense and excitement. So far, my favorite cast away has been Sean, simply because he's a nice guy. Rudy is also a pretty cool guy, especially since he used to be a NAVY Seal. My favorite part of the show is the immunity challenge. It's cool to see the different kinds of challenges they put out every week.

I know this show is going to have sequels, just like "Real World" and "Road Rules", but the first one is always going to remain the best, and will go down in television history.

Dumb and Dumber

watched it 10 times in one weekend
"Dumb and Dumber" is the damn funniest movie ever! I feel Jeff Daniels was a little underrated though. My favorite scene is the one in which Lloyd and Harry realize they went the wrong way; Harry's sitting on the side of the road with his butt crack out, and then decides to storm off, causing Lloyd to cry in anger. I laughed so damn much the first time I saw this I almost made myself sick.

Anybody can play dumb, but it took true dramatic skills to pull off this film.

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