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The Good Girl

good for everything...
Who's your daddy kid ? Because in this movie, your mother made all the mistakes possible for a married woman. She's just a whore, a liar, a person who got you by mistake. Tell her, I'd do her myself too, so you'd have a brother. This movies sucks, don't watch it, it isn't a comedy, it's worst then a drama!

Big Trouble

ain't it ?
Everybody wants a missile or a bomb, but for what purpose ? The father and son relation is broken, why ? Head hunters are walking around, and even the police ignores them. Stupidity at high level is found in every corner. Putting these together, and some more, gets to a nice comedy. Pretty nice, watch it.


the code should never brake...
Communicating encoded is safe, until somebody else doesn't know how to understand that code. And in a war, that could be very important. Still, in this movie, there is a lot of other things and just a few "windtalking". Too much Navajo rituals, too much talking, in a war you don't have time for that.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

great guy
Being at college is the best thing in your life. Sometimes you get even scared when you realize that you are close to graduate. Still, you can't hide forever, so, the next thing to come up is to enjoy the same way the end of it as you enjoyed all the passed years. Also, you can't miss the fun out of this, so watch it. And bow to the chicks :)

Kate & Leopold

a nice couple...
Having strange stories about time machines and traveling in the future and back in the past is the most wanted thing and many crazy people would say that it can get happiness. And watching this movie, you really see that. Nice casting, interesting and funny story, so you watch it.

Vanilla Sky

vanilla cake better
You really have to understand this movie. This way, you can figure out what is the difference between a sci-fi or just a bad screenplay where they just couldn't find a more real story after they probably spent a lot of cash on releasing it. It blows, it has no reason, no action, nothing... another waste of time!

Bend It Like Beckham

another trash...
Playing football is pretty nice, but mixing it up with different cultures and trying to make a comedy from it, gets to an interesting end: a blowup. I just forgot where to laugh in this movie (not that I'd cry either). It's useless, trash it!

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

This movie has no relations in it. It is a deepsh!t. The acting isn't good, it has no action, no fun. It is a big blow-up like the explosions from it. It sucks, it is just another bad movie, another waste of time. Don't watch it!


mass destruction
Lately many movies have this object as their action. Still, one after the other is worst and worst. All I liked from this movie were the girls half naked and of course, the soundtrack of it. The acting is weak, some people should stick to extreme sports, but they shouldn't make that subject for movies. It is boring and strange.


...in corn fields
Making signs all over the Earth and using those as navigation maps is some kind of stupid idea. The aliens got high level technologies, still, the need local maps ?! Also, they don't wear any protection ? How about a rain would get them somewhere ? And where is the main action of the movie ? Oh, maybe in the next part of the movie where they'll return, more efficiently. This movie is a bit boring, so think twice before you watch it.

Orange County

You have to be an artist to understand what the heck is going on in this movie. It's like discovering yourself, what you want for the future, but all placed in the wrong place and in the wrong time. I'm not an artist, so actually, I didn't like it at all. Trash it.

Ice Age

ice age ruled...
I was very pleased watching this movie. The neat graphic effects and the soundtrack of the movie is covering a perfect adventure story. And kids can learn from it what friendship means and how to deal with difficult situations. Watch it!

Reign of Fire

reign in the blind ages...
This is another stupid movie. With all the technologies and modern weapons, the humanity is beaten up by another specie, which has thousands of females, but only one male. Neat story, no ? NO! The action is weak, the story is weak, don't watch it.

Eight Legged Freaks

2 legged freaks...
This is just another average to low quality movie. The action is pretty strange, the actors are somehow trying to make it good, but I didn't like it. The best things from it are the girls playing Sam's and her daughter's role. Watch it or skip it, whatever.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

This movie is a major piece of sh!t. Mike Myers, go to h3ll. It is the worst movie I saw lately and I watch pretty many of them. And you name this a comedy ? Well, forget it. It sucks. Bla bla bla... Once again, don't watch it, spare your nice life from wasting it on this one.


I'm pretty nervous, because I invested time to watch this movie. It is the worst crap lately I've watched. It has absurd action, the actors suck bad, the screenplay blows. It is just another boring movie, skip it, watch better some Disney stuff!

Da wan

a comedy ?! this is crap...
Don't touch it! Go away... trash it, it sucks big time. A lot of talking, no action, two or three funny moments, a lot of stupidity. Anybody can make a movie like this, maybe a better one, with less effort. Don't watch it!

40 Days and 40 Nights

useless try of making a comedy ?!
It is interesting how bad a movie can be these days. It has some very interesting features, trying to show the reality, but... I wonder if the director of it was a woman, because, the movie looks stupid. The only lovely thing in the movie are the open minded chicks.

The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina

not so good...
These days cartoons are getting worst and worst. The nice story is somehow lost, when too much of singing is added. Also, the characters aren't created anymore to look nice and funny, the graphics aren't nice and the whole movie is boring...

Tarzan & Jane

The story is about creating the biggest surprise for the wedding anniversary. Still, it is hard to choose in a jungle what would be the best. So, after trying to figure out what would be the best for the other, you waste time and you get your own surprise. Still, compared to the first Tarzan cartoon, this is just a bit weaker...

Die Abrafaxe - Unter schwarzer Flagge

legends live forever...
Being a pirate sometimes is dangerous! Being on the other side, the good people, it is even more. And when three kids, a piece of gold, some fantasies and some action are put together, adding some special sound and visual effects, a travel back in history can get all of us a nice cartoon movie! Check it yourself...

We Were Soldiers

the memory remains...
Wars are always horrible. And a war, where you are sent to survive only, with the lowest hopes, it is the most difficult one. And even if you win, only the memory of the fallen ones remains. It is a good movie, showing the reality, wars shouldn't exist, even if some say that it is good for the economy.

The Scorpion King

yeah, whatever...
Have you seen bad movies yet ? This is one... Where the ancient stories are humbled with the weak humor and the worst acting ever. I watched it, still, I don't know, is this movie for adult people or for kids ? Or maybe for none of them... Stay away of it!

Big Fat Liar

now that was fun to watch it...
It is a nice comedy. It has the great features of the childhood, lying or trying to get away from own generated troubles. The casting is great, great acting. And the special effects ? Well, some stunts are really impressive. Watch it! :)

Panic Room

stay tuned, it's dangerous...
You know what a panic room is, right ? It is the safest place where you can stay in you own house, where no harm can touch you. Still, what is the worst ? Being outside of it in big danger ? Or... maybe, being locked inside, with no way of communication to the outher world... Watch it and find out!

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