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Murder One

This was a cracking series and has never been repeated on British Television. I know it started to fail in the US ratings, but the producers kept going. Brilliant, and I am trying hard to find VHS or DVD copies of both series, the first prefered. It was clever, twisting and turning, but we all knew. Didn't we? This was quality at its very best. Why do we now have to put up with Trash TV. There really are many viewers that need the 'grey matter' to work overtime. Anyone know of copies, or where to obtain, please contact.

Brian Saunders Coventry U.K.

The Rogues

Just the perfect group
This was a series of great class and style. There must be copies of it somewhere. A re-make is a must, but with the same style. The loveable Rogues are in us all. If anyone remembers this please contact.

The Thin Man

A bit of a classic
I remember this series so well. I was 5 years old. It seems there are no prints of this series. I think the dog was called Rusty. The show just had class and Peter Lawford, the star. Anyone with information please make contact

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Alec Guinness at his very best
Today AUGUST 7TH 2000 we lost one of our all time greats. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was produced in 1980 and gripped the country. He was menacing and superbly cast. TTSP should be a must for every collector. It is available on VHS in the U.K. Go out and buy it. You won't see anything better.

Chariots of the Gods? The Mysteries Continue

Brilliant film, based on 1970 version, of 'were we visited by others?'
There are so many unexplained happenings in his world. Were we visited by others? What are the reasons for landing strips in South America? What is the importance of Stonehenge in England? So much happens to us with no real answers. Big question. Are we the only life force in the Universe?

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