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Lions for Lambs

Well acted movie
I went to see this preview because of the cast, and most of the movies coming out now a days are for children or for people with no sense of what a good movie is. I was certainly not disappointed in the acting job done by Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, and Tom Cruise. Cruise was

a total surprise with the best acting job I have seen him do. The story was very involved, constantly switch to one of the three stories that were being told. I was impressed with Todd Hayes performance as the college student shooting barbs at his professor played by Robert Redford. I think this young man has a future in movies. It is a short movie and I was surprised when on the screen came "Directed by Robert Redford".If you like good acting go see this one.

Mr. Brooks

Costner runs hot and cold.
Kevin Costner runs hot and cold with his movies. This one is certainly one of his cold ones. He is capable of doing very good movies, like Dances with Wolves and then turns around and stars in Waterworld which in my opinion was a loser. I looked forward to seeing this movie, and 15 minutes into it I was so lost I never recovered. The acting was pretty good, but the story has so many ins and out you could not keep track. I think the performance by Demi Moore was a waste of talent as well as William Hurt playing Mr. Brooks alter ego. When the movie ended suddenly, I still could not figure who killed who and what the whole story was about. This is another on to put on your DO NOT SEE list. Save your money.

Georgia Rule

Good Acting, Lousey Story
After seeing this movie my summary is that it is well acted, but the story sucks. Jane Fonda gave an excellent performance and I know her father Henry Fonda would not have liked the story. It is about a spoiled brat who spend part of the summer with her grandmother played by Jane Fonda. The story just drags on and in my opinion it has sex as the attention getting story line. What a change from the writers of year ago when they had the ability to write a good, interesting story with a solid subject line. My recommendation would be to pass this by and watch Fonda in great stories like On Golden Pond, where it was an excellent performance and a great story. Skip this one and save your money.


Mixed Emotions
Saw this movie last night and I have mixed emotions about this film. I wanted to see this movie when it was in the movie theater, but did not make it and was happy to see it on DVD. I brought it home and enjoyed the movie very much with an outstanding cast. There were many in and outs in this movie and it had a tendency to lose you, but I held on despite the twists and turns. When the credits came up I was disappointed to find out that the actual murderer had never been caught and this left the film up in the air for me. I have mixed emotions in recommending this film to anyone. Go at your own risk. Hope this review does not confuse anyone, as I think it may be judged in many ways. Looking forward to seeing some other reviews that come in to IMDb.

Perfect Stranger

Mixed emotions
I think that Halle Berry is a beautiful and talented actress and I looked forward to seeing he latest Perfect Stranger which I saw last night. Overall I enjoyed the movie very much but was a wee bit dis- appointed in the ending. It was a very complicated story which had you guessing and when you think you have it figured out, the direction takes a complete turn and you are sitting there wondering what now? Bruce Willis was very good in his part as the suspect, and it is good to see Bruce in a different kind of part. I would not hesitate to recommend this to a wide sector of IMDb viewers, although it is a crap shoot that you will like it as well as I did. Enjoy


Mixed up plot
Saw this movie last night and I am a big Sondra Bullock fan and although the story was very confusing I thought that Sondra's performance was very good. With each movie she appears in she gets better and better. The story starts out with a normal family who lives are brought to a screeching halt as the wife, (Bullock) is told by a local police officer that her husband was killed in an auto wreck that happened yesterday but could not get hold of her to inform her. The next day she wakes up and her husband is lying next to her in bed. There is constant shifting with the husband being there and then not and the rest of the picture explains what has happened to this couple. I thought it was a little confusing but overall I liked the picture and thought the cast who I was not familiar with were excellent. Go see it for an entertaining 2 hours.

Deja Vu

Mixed Emotions
Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors and I have enjoyed most all the movies he has appeared in. When I saw his DVD of Deja Vu I grabbed it to watch at home. I have mixed emotions about this film, as overall the plat was somewhat different from the ordinary, it really was not my cup of tea. The special effects in this movie were great but the story with all it science fiction was really not my cup of tea. I could not keep up with the back and forth of the time machine. Overall I enjoyed the movie but it was hard to keep up with all the sci-fi plats performed by the cast. If you like sci-fi movies you will enjoy this film. It is worth watching. Enjoy!!!

License to Wed

Light hearted comedy
Went to see a preview of this movie and it was real cute. Robin Williams was not his usual overbearing self and the rest of the cast was very good. There were many laughs in this farce, but it was totally enjoyable. I am not familiar with Mandy Moore but she is delightful in this movie and should see a lot of rolls coming her way. If you want to see a movie with not the greatest story in the world but is entertaining and will not require a lot of thought, go see this one as you will get your monies worth out of this romp. There were a lot of familiar faces in this movie and I enjoyed them all. It is pretty much a winner.

Lucky You

Dinky Little Movie
I went to see the preview of Lucky You against my better judgement, and I should have followed my better judgement. This was a movie for the poker player or fan who wanted to follow all the cards and chips that were constantly flying around the betting tables. As so many are this is a weak story and I found my self getting ready to get out of my seat and leave the theater. Drew Barrymore was adequate in here part, and her boyfriend Erick Bana ( who I never saw in anything before was equally adequate. I was sorry to see the talents of Robert Duvall wasted in this little trite movie. My recommendation is to pass this one by at the movie theater and skip the DVD which should be out very very shortly. What we need is some script writers with some talent to give us some good films and not this tripe.

Notes on a Scandal

Outstanding acting job by Dench and Blanchett
I rented the DVD for my wife as she wanted to see this movie, and I am glad that I did, because the acting job in the movie by both Dench and Blanchett is great. This is the story of two woman who are teachers in England one who has an affair with a teen age student and once she tells the other of the affair there are many twists and turns in the story. If this sounds familiar, it has happened here in the United States and this echos that experience. The whole cast gives a very good performance and I would say that this is worth the price of a rental. Do it go get the DVD and you will have two hours of an wonderful story and performance.

Freedom Writers

Well acted drama
A fine acting job again by Hillary Swank who portrays a new school teacher who has to cope with a wild bunch of students in a low income neighborhood. It is the story of how she takes over a class of freshman students and how she changes their attitude as she leads them through their freshman and junior year of school. Patrick Dempsey is very good as the husband of Hillary who is left feeling ignored by her passsion for teaching these students. This is a struggle to continue teaching these improving students into their junior and senior years with Hillary Swank teaching these same students. This will not win any academy awards but it is an interesting few hours to see this fine film.

The Last King of Scotland

Great acting job
I gave this film a 9 for one reason only, Forst Whitaker is the outstanding star of this picture taken from the headlines. I have yet to see a picture with Forest Whitaker that I have not enjoyed, and to continue his string superb acting job this one is one the best I have seen. I am not familiar with most of the cast in the fine picture, but they all did a good job, but when you share the screen with Forest Whitaker he envelopes you with his outstanding acting. I wait with anticipation for each of his new movies. My recommendation would be to go to see this movie if you want to see an Oscar performance by this outstanding actor, don't walk run

The Good Shepherd

Long and drawn out
I have enjoyed most all of the movies Matt Damon has made and with the supporting cast I looked forward to seeing THE GOOD SHEPHARD. I rented the DVD this week and I was disappointed with the story and it seemed to go on and on. The story kept switching from one time period to another and was totally confusing. While the acting was very good, it seemed that the stars listed for this movie made you want to see it, they like Robert Di Niro and Anjelene Jolie basically had bit parts in the overlong movie. Matt Damon who was vertualy in every scene of the movie did a fine job of acting but Di Niro and Jolie were there for their star power. My recommendation is neither here nor there, so use your own decisive powers on this one. To me I thought the story was a waste of good talent and a poor story line.

Hope Springs

Tiny little movie and not very entertaining.
Rented the DVD of this movie as I usually like English comedies, but this one is a stinker from the get go. I like Minnie Driver, and Colin Firth very much in the other movies of theirs that I have seen, but this time I blame the writers of the story as the culprits. It is a weak story, and outside of the cast of unknowns it has nothing going for it. What made Minnie Driver and Colin Firth sign up to do this film I will never know. The story seemed to just drag on and believe it or not I could not wait for the movie to end. If you want to save time and money on this one, pass it by, as it is not worth the cost of renting the DVD. Catch something else instead.

The Magdalene Sisters

Very Well acted story
I had never heard of this movie but my wife had read the book and I rented the DVD of this movie. I was glad I watched it and enjoyed a sadistic story that my shame many Catholics. This is the story of 3 young Irish girls who have various sexual experiences and their families reject them and put them in the Magdelane Sister home where they have many disturbing experiences. Although the acting in this film is very good it is a sadistic view of life at the asylum. I sat through this movie and overall enjoyed it very much. It is based on a true story and I cannot believe what these three girls went through. I would suggest you rent the DVD of this fine film and sit back and enjoy a very somber story but as I said before, very well acted. This one is well well the price of the rental. Go see it!!!

Marie Antoinette

Worst in a long time.
This movie was the worst movie I have seen in a long time, with below par acting, poor cast selection, but the one thing positive that I can say for it is the costumes and scenery were the best part of the picture. What puzzeles me is how the films director and writer came to put rock and roll in the movie as well as a love ballad from this time in history. First off Kirstin Dunst was miscast in the roll, as well as a bland performance by Jason Schwartzman. This is one of the few times that I could not wait for the movie to end and it seemed an eternity. My advise is to pass this one by and go see something that is worth while. This one is just a waste of time and money.

The Matador

Pleasant Surprise
Picked up the DVD of this little known film and was pleasantly surprised by a unusual story and well acted by two fine actors. This is a different kind of role for Pierce Brosnan an Greg Kinnear and I for one enjoyed their portrayal. It is the story two men who meet in a Mexican bar and how their relationship grows. One is a salesman, and the other is paid killer who is at a crisis time in his life and before I give away the story, how their two lives intertwine, and the surprise ending. This is not a great movie but it is two hours of an usual story. Go get the DVD and I am sure you will enjoy this film as much as I and my family did. Enjoy!!!!

One Night with the King

Where were the stars
I went into the video store for a movie and when I saw a movie One Night With the King starring Peter O"tole and Omar Sharif I grabbed it as they are two of my favorite stars. Brought the DVD home and if I as much as blinked my eyes I would have missed the performance of these two wonderful actors. I did enjoy the performance of John Rhys-Davies in his forceful part. Overall I did not like the movie very much and with the misrepresentation of the stars of the movie I was disappointed. I believe that Peter O'tool appeared in one or two of the opening scenes of the movie and Omar Shrif was in 3 or four scenes of the movie. Compared to the blockbusters of the past in biblical movies this one lacked excitement or special effects. My suggestion to you would be to pass this one by not only in the movie theater but in the video store as well and save you dollars for something worth while.

Casino Royale

Who is Sean Connery?
I think that Sean Connery was the best James Bond that we have ever had, but I was impressed by the job that Daniel Craig did in this fine film. He is well built, rugged looked and certainly not pretty like so many of the previous James Bonds. I was impressed by his stunt work in the opening sequences if indeed that was him and not a stunt double. I love all the James Bond movies and see them as soon as they come to the big screen and this one is no exception. I look forward to the next one when ever it will be. Go see this movie, you will not be disappointed as a new star is born with Daniel Craig's performance as Agent 007 and you certainly will enjoy the special effects throughout this neat movie.


No Big Names but a good movie
Although this movie does not have any "big" names in it is a worthwhile movie to see. The young actors does a very good job in their parts. What is worth the price of admission is the fighting scenes in the movie. It is amazing that the producers put together fighting scenes that were so realistic. Especially the scene where the blimp that is shown in the fight scenes is shot down. This goes to prove that a good story (true) will overcome the need for name actors and actresses to make the film a hit. My recommendation is to go see this one, or if past your movie theater get the DVD which I did and sit back and enjoy two and a half hours of thrilling amazing film work, you will enjoy

Snakes on a Plane

A little disappointing.
I have wanted to see this movie since I saw the coming attractions a ways back at another preview. I rented the DVD and I must say that I was rather disappointed with the finished project. I enjoy the work of Samuel L. Jackson in most everything I have seen him in, but I don't know what he was thinking when he signed up for this movie. The story started out to be reasonable, but as we got the the airplane scenes it ran way with the snake idea. I would imagine that the screen writer was overcome with the snake idea as there were snakes coming from everywhere and the scenes were never ending. After a short while of watching these scenes I finally gave up and shut my DVD player off and although not seen knew that all aboard would land up safely in California after there snaky flight from Hawaii.

A Good Year

Nice little movie
I enjoy most everything that Russell Crowe has done and looked forward to seeing this movie. I was sort of disappointed with the story but the acting more than made up for the lack of a good story. Both Albert Finney and Russell Crowe were both well worth the price of admission. There were not very many familiar faces in this move but the cast was very good in their parts. It is the story of a wild stock broker in England who is willed his uncle's property in France and who is willing to sell it but in checking out the winery he falls in love with the property and a young lady and what he finally decides to do with his life. As I said, well acted but sort of weak story. I would wait for the DVD version of this movie and save yourself some $$$.


What was it ????
I went to see this movie with great anticipation, and boy was I unpleasantly surprised. First off the cinematography was an abortion, with the screen jumping and leaping with a frenzy. The constant jumping back and forth with the four stories it was telling was totally confusing and at the end of the movie, you were not much closer to a full explanation of how these stories intertwined. The acting in the picture was pretty good, but no where near Acadamy Award quality. My suggestion to all who anticipate going to see this bomb, think about it and save yourself the price of admission. I wish some one had warned me ahead of time. Heed my advice. And by the way what does Babel mean??

Man of the Year

Cute little movie
This is not one of Robin Williams best but it it tolerable. This is the story of a TV top banana who jokeingly decides to put his name in nomination for the presidency, and to no one's amazement he wins the election. Christopher Walken is adequate as his show business manager, and Laura Linney is very good in her role, as an employee of the voting machine manufacturer. It is like a spy drama, with the bad guys doing everything they can to stop Linney from telling Williams that truth about the election. She is finally made to look like a drug addict and her truth sounds like a drug users wildest dream. I would say this is a toss up, but I would prefer to get the DVD and enjoy the popcorn in the comfort of my home. Good luck with whatever choice you make.


Fascinating Spy Story
I went to see a preview of this film last night and I will say that I enjoyed it very much, although it did drag somewhat in spots. The acting especially by Chris Cooper was very good and he was the spy, and the central figure in this spy thriller. The rest of the cast was adequate for their portrayals. This is a fascinatingg story of Robert Hannsen the spy who rivaled all other spies by handing the Russians the largest quantity of United States secrets. There is not a lot of action in this film but it held your interest throughout the film, because it is based on a true story and the writers enhanced the story and I for one enjoyed it very much. Do yourself a favor and go see this very good spy story.

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