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Forever Young

What I missed to see this movie
Forever Young is an entertaining movie which I will remember until the day I die the first day I saw it. I was one week past my 16th birthday on January 3rd, 1993. I have always been a big sports fan and the NFL playoffs were in action. My Kansas City Chiefs had already, of course, been unceremoniously bounced from the playoffs. I was watching a game that was hopeless, the Houston Oilers were all over the Buffalo Bills when I was asked by my folks if I wanted to go to the movie with them. Sure. The Oilers just went ahead 35-3. I went to the movie and endured this painless movie. Very nice story and very entertaining. I really enjoyed that young kid Elijah Wood, whom seemed to flourish in his obscurity for years until ... what were those movies he came out with?! I enjoyed my day at the movies and then I got home. Apparently while I was gone Frank Reich and the Buffalo Bills cemented their name forever in sports history. This was actually for something non-infamous. They had just completed the greatest comeback in NFL history winning the game 41 - 38. My point is that Forever Young was good, but not a classic!

Watching Ellie

Not as good or as bad as some want you to think
The concept of this show was brilliant in it's originality. Okay, I know 24 was pretty new and doing the same sort of thing, but this was a "sitcom". It was more of a melodrama. It was met with similar criticism as Seinfeld was. Truth was the concept was well executed, but it was like being around people who have their own inside jokes and you are on the outside. You might laugh not because it's funny, but because it looks silly or is uncomfortable. It's not straight ahead humor. To all of you people cheering on this Seinfeld curse crap that's exactly what it is. They were saying that after The Michael Richards Show went off the air because The Tick suffered a similar fate. The Tick! Patrick Warburton who played Elaine's boyfriend in no more than 30 episodes (and that is being generous) is credited for starting the curse. His character on Seinfeld made him look like an easy target I guess. After the Michael Richards Show, Jason Alexander's show came on and they had it on several different time slots in the few weeks it was on. Before that show came on it was already being unfairly denounced. If you're going to attribute some curse that was started by a non-regular character then I want to point out that a character that was on a lot more frequently than Warburton was in a very successful show in the latter days of Seinfeld and beyond. Anyone hear of Wayne Knight? That's right, it's not something you want to hear. You all just want to hear the bad stuff and try to take away a great show's credibility. Watching Ellie was not a great show. Seinfeld was not a great show at first, but it got the chance because it was the right time for it. In another time the concepts attempted in Ellie will be used and develop a very solid sophisticated sit com. The only curse is that people let the media create some "curse" and like sheep say "I won't watch that somebody from Seinfeld is on." You all need to realize the Entertainment Tonight and shows of that kind are shown when people are having dinner for a reason and it ain't ratings my friend.

Hysterical Blindness

I don't know what to say (Possible Spoilers)
I was looking through my satellite guide to find when this movie was on because I am a big fan of Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis as well. At the end I was a little bit confused. Thurman and Lewis play these two best friends out of convenience or necessity, one or the other. They are typical bar trash in all reality. Being a bartender, I've seen women like this all of the time. They are trying not to pick up guys but get picked up. Uma desperately wants to have a man and goes home with one and is instantly crazy about him even though he treats her as what she was - a one night stand. This movie floats along somewhat aimlessly with no major issues really being resolved. What I liked about this is you as the viewer have to figure it out for yourself. In the end you get the feeling that she has decided to settle down and has a new found closeness with her mother, I think that's the direction it was going. It was definitely a movie you'd have to pay attention to and read between the lines. It seems like the plot is hazy and that you're suffering with Uma's character. Well that's life. The plot is sometimes very hazy and the point of a movie is that you suffer and rejoice with the characters. The acting was brilliant, Gena Rowlands - I neglected to mention - was great as Thurman's mother. The acting really does save this movie. Even though I defended it, I still feel the screenplay left something to be desired. My rating - 7/10.

Beavis and Butt-Head

If Loving You is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right
Man, it's funny to look back and remember the controversy surrounding this show all because some derelict parent let her five year old watch MTV, and left the matches out! Then, poof went the house and a media explosion right beside it. Next thing you knew this was being called the worst most immoral show ever. Then South Park came out! Truthfully, Beavis and Butthead was way too real. I was sixteen when the show came out and it was so true to life with all of my friends and me. All we wanted to do was veg out, score with chics and in lieu of scoring ... well, you get the picture! Everyday before football practice the fall it came on, we would be talking about the new episode from last night. It's hard to say what might have happened to this show if they had not tried it on prime time first and put it in the eye of the storm. The funny thing is the most immoral people (politicians, Media) question morality on TV. Like sheep a bunch of fools follow them. A year earlier NYPD Blue had come on the air to similar criticism from some media, but it was "artsy" so it was okay. Beavis and Butthead got stronger because of the criticism. Just when it seemed the show was going away, the movie came out and rekindled the excitement that made this show great in the early days. The finale was less than a year later, if memory serves, the Friday after Thanksgiving. The clever ending was true to form as it can honestly be said this show really was clever from start to finish.


I watched this movie last week for the umpteenth time. It gets funnier and funnier every time, and in a new and different way each time. It's definitely a movie to watch when you feel like things can't get any worse. The struggles poor Dante goes through. My goodness. Having a friend like Randal to help him cope, which is no help. This movie is a must see at least once. After that you'll either watch it over and over or never again. You will have an opinion.

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