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Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité

A joke-after-joke superb french comedy.
This movie deserves a 10. Although it is a comedy with a simple story, nearly every line in the script tries to generate a comic situation or mock about something. Even when a wit remark isn't at hand, you can laugh at certain situations, like a dog driving a car or a goalkeeper without an arm in a soccer match. Yes, the movie has a gallery of particular characters. Also, the director knows how to exploit certain camera angles to give you meaningful details.

The only people who should not watch this excellent movie are those who: don't like foreign movies, don't want to read subtitles, don't understand soccer, don't take life with a grain of salt. If you are none of them, just give it a try. I did, and I ended watching it twice.

Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe

Look at your feet.
Microcosmos is a magnificent journey, an experience to explore a world full of details and wonder. After watching this "documentary" you would never see another insect in the same way as before.

If you read some comments complaining about the little-to-non-existent narration is because they fail to understand this "documentary" is not about getting the facts straight. It is an experience and as such it is to be lived not to be told.

Sit on the grass, observe, and paint the daughter of the dragonfly.


A story that many men dream about.
That is, meet someday with the girl of your dreams, wish somehow she noticed you too, and confront somewhat what comes next. It may sound cliché, and at some degree that's true, but once you look at Miranda (Ricci) the way Frank (Simm) does, you can care less.

So this movie comes down to this:

  • If you're a *true fan* of Ms. Ricci, you will get delightful scenes of her in the movie, and you should watch it.

  • If you're looking a *different movie*, one which mixes romance, drama, a bit of comedy and suspense, then give it a try.

  • If you're too picky, or none of the above, read the other reviews and make your own call.

It worked for me, and I believe an IMDb's rate of 6.1/10 is a fair one.

Prince Charming

A Charming Story
You can argue this is a made-for-TV movie, say that fantasy (somewhat, family too) genre isn't for you, or that is a well know story so why bother to watch it. I can understand you, but although I had some reserves like you, I watched it and I surprised myself.

Made-for-TV movie = Low budget? More often than not, right, but here you get nice scenes (some with CGI, to animate frogs) and great middle-age costumes. Even for fantasy, the writer developed the story as real as he could, and that was the key to make myself comfortable and enjoy the movie and Martin Short good performance. In addition, if you love, like, worship Christina Applegate, this is your chance to see her in her true nature: being a princess. But if you don't, because you just consider her a Married-With-Children-bimbo, then this is your possibility to reconsider that. She's acting better and better since "Jesse." By the way, thumbs up as well to Sean Maguire (Prince 'Charming' John) and Bernadette Peters (as Margo) for their parts.

The most compelling thing about this movie is the proper timing of the director to portray the story. You watch it don't caring how much time remain and time does fly. For me, that's another sign of an enjoyable movie. So, if you want to laugh a bit, if you like fantasy or fairly tales, or if you declare yourself as a romantic, this could be a good movie for you. I give it *** of ***** (* = soup? again?, ** = better than looking at the wall, *** = within most people acceptable limits, **** = now we are talking, ***** = a dream come true.)

Dudley Do-Right

The truth about Dudley Do-Right
What you can expect from a 77-minute family movie with an IMDB user rating below four? I expected nothing, but I got disappointed. You know, from time to time, I need to watch a bad movie to appreciate the good ones. However, this was way too much. Dudley, or if you prefer Dulley, tries to be funny, but he's just a moron (nothing else.) Whip, however, is better, mainly because he's around world champions suckers. Even Nell, with a good education and many degrees as she said, is stupid as Dudley, not funny at all, and worse of all, nearly a whore (switching between Dudley and Whip.) Who seems to be the most intelligent character is Horse, the horse (doh,) because most of the time it's gone (Horse knew that to be in another movie it should reduce its exposure on this one.) The story is the standard the good guy beats the bad guy and gets the girl. You can't even consider that a spoiler, it's just a fact, knowing what the movie it's base on. If you think this movie can entertain your child, think again; you would be better with any TV cartoon than with this. Believe me. If I have to rate this one, I'll give 2 out of 10. Yes, above two is overrated.

Tick Tock

Attractive thriller that no one talks about.
I have to accept that this movie got my attention because Megan Ward was in it. Otherwise, I am sure I would not watch it. Luckily, I did, and let me tell you what I found.

From the beginning to the end, the movie maintains the suspense by revealing the plot gradually from different characters' standpoints. Therefore, you do not have the whole history until the director goes back in time and presents what happened from other character's viewpoint, which is necessary to be known to explain the story. Additionally, characters' motives are not so clear, giving the movie another conflict factor. I liked this way of developing the story as well as some transitions from one scene to another using a common object to both.

Respect to the story itself, it begins with M. Ward (Rachel) and D. Dukes (Holden) having sex. After that, he tells her he will be out for a couple of days to visit her daughter Anne (H. Burress) and he goes to take a shower. Then, Rachel calls her friend Carla (K. Minter) and they talk about doing something together; but Rachel is not sure. Later, Rachel drops Holden at the airport where he (knowing she talked with Carla) tells her to not spend time with Carla because she is a bad influence. From there, the story complicates when Rachel and Carla meet at a bar and casually get in touch with Travis (L. Ashby.)

Talking about the negatives, cast performance is not the best (but I expect that) and I did not like how the writer justified certain characters' conducts, although I believe it is probably me. Overall, I give this movie a solid six (6) using IMDB's user ratings as scale.

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