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This film is one of my favorites. I loved watching it. Brandy and Diana Ross teamed up for an outrageous performance about a girl who is left by her mother, a famous singer named Olivia King. 18 years later, she comes back to win her motherhood back and help her daughter Keila with her singing career.

To see what happenes in this touching film, please buy it or rent it. You'll love it.

The Voyage of the Mimi

A Teachers Guide To Science
As a student in MD, I learned quite alot from this series. People thought it was boring (which at some parts was true) but I liked it. Kinda. Well, if you want to teach 6-8th graders something about Science/Oceanography or need to grade some papers, put them infront of this. Give a quiz or two. This has a certain "Pearl Harbor" star (though it sucks). Other's too. See this film teachers, and check out "The Second Voyage of The Mimi" also.


Deliciously Funny!
This movie is probably the best movie I have seen in about 5 years. This movie uses alot of comedy to represent a woman and her child spreading the taste of chocolate all over France. But the Mayor of this town thinks that chocolate is the taste of the devil. Your going to have to see this outstanding movie nominated for Best Picture to see the comediac ending of this film. Give a laugh or two and come see this film!!!

Doragon bôru Z: Kyokugen batoru!! San dai sûpâ saiyajin

Androids, Again?
When I saw this movie, Dragonball Z: Kyokugen battle!! San dai super saiyajin (Dragonball Z Movie 7) I thought it would be interesting. Instead, all I got was 3 androids kicking Goku and Trunks's asses. My fav movie in the DBZ series is Movie 13 (exploding dragonball fist). If you want to find out more about androids and how Android 13, 14, and 15 fight and merge into Super 13, be my guest. 5 stars. Could do much better....

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