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Jaws in a more elegant version
Troma just worked out the story of Jaws and turned it into a bloodfest an a golf yard. However, a machine, normally cutting grass, is killing people now and at least as the machine features the smiling balloons and runs amok on it's own, everyone should have been checked out, this one is not to be taken seriously. But, who cares? A little glimpse on Jason (the worker with the mask, helping the balded man) makes this movie to be a good farce. It has atmosphere, never mind the story is nothing more than a joke.

A good plagiat.

Mariah Carey: Around the World

What shall I say :)
There is not much to say about Mariah. At the same time, there is endlessly much to say about Mariah, but it depends on if you like her music or not. So it is with her videos, if you like her music you will love the videos and if not - just pass it away.

This video should have been a little bit more packed with full videos, because just pieces are a bit too less.

But never mind, it's great.

The Blair Witch Project

Psychedelic terror, worse than I thought
I heard from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. A cheap movie, just made by unprofessionals with normal equipment, nothing special. So I thought, rubbish, internet hype. Nothing at all.....

First of all, the way, how the movie is presented makes a great amount of possible identification. It packs the movie into a box with a realistic flair, it could also be a report or a "real" story. You feel, this could be real. But the real nightmare is the imagination of being alone in a dark wood. The producers play with THE basic human fear, the imagination of being alone in the darkness, intercepted by something very hazardous, turning every view backwards into a horror trip. Daylight is just a divine gift and darkness is the feared terror. The time, the sky begins to turn darker and darker boosts the terror for the viewer with every night scene. The first is rather harmless, the next one brings the horror noises in the distance and the next time it increases, until the two can listen to the (real?) screams of their lost companion. Which terror is greater than the imagination of being alone in a dark wood and hearing a friend crying in pain and dispair? The best fact is: you NEVER see the evil itself. That is the point and the evil essence of the movie, you never see the evil "thing". You just imagine, what it could be.

The scene in the house, in the middle of the wood, perfectizes the horror feeling. Though terrified by the noises and the screams, the two persons rush into the scary house, go upstairs, although the evil witch could be around the next corner. But then the basement and the last scene: - END.

Phew, this one shocked, really. Less can be more and BWP is the best proof for this fact. Never have I saw a more terrifying movie, it is the perfect deep mind psychedelic terror experience. No brutality, no blood, no zombies, just the pure fear. Great.

Don't be afraid - be terrified.

Cruel Intentions

Sexy and smart
One of the movies, that live on its actors. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a must for this movie and not just presenting herself with changed hair color, but with changed moods from good and innocent (Buffy - The Vampire Slayer) to the bitch-type (Cruel Intentions) is a metamorphose at its best. She plays her role perfectly and no other actor may be as good as she was. Additionally Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon do the rest to make this into a fest of sex and bad things.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shows herself in a way, Buffy can never do: absolutely sexy and beautiful.

The story itself is very clever and smart and the end is just to be expected. Never mind, this one is a masterpiece - not just because there is a lot to see :)

Bad Taste

A good start for first splatter ambitions
Bad Taste is cheap, it has a simple story, it has aliens, that surf through the galaxy using a flying house, is provides a lot of blood and gore and the actors are all unprofessionals. This sounds bad, but BAD TASTE is a very good start for newbies in the splatter scene and it is just a cult movie. It is just funny and gore-providing at the same time.

Don't forget to review it's fantastic sequel - DEAD ALIVE (a.k.a. BRAINDEAD).

The Zero Boys

Excellent horror film.
An almost perfect combination of psychedelic mind terror plus a dark, bad-mood atmosphere of survival horror. The story of a group of young people, alone and defending against bad guys, may be old fashioned, but it hits the road. Since I first saw this movie I saw it again and again for five or six times and it is becoming better every time I watch it. I cannot really understand why so less people know about this B-movie, because though it may be a cheap production, it offers perfect horror feeling, many other horror movies will never be able to provide. I just remember about the atmosphere that HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL had and the one ZERO BOYS has and I know, what is better. At least THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or the old POLTERGEIST movies may reach this piece, though BLAIR WITCH does it easily, but this atmosphere, combined with the feeling of being alone in a wood, escaping the terror of nightmare guys, who just want you to kick the bucket as slow as possible, is perhaps one of the best ways, to provide a terrific horror boost to your mind, while watching the movie in darkness.

Horror fans should watch this one -it's worth it's horrors.

A masterpiece, though it is "just" a B.

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