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Barnaby Jones: A Gold Record for Murder
Episode 18, Season 2

Sounds Like An Early Matthew Mcconaughey
The whole time I watched this episode I kept thinking Matthew Mcconaughey, every time I head Marjoe Gortner speak. Mcconaughey had to adpoted his style from this.

The Chicken Chronicles

Correcting Some False Info Included In Other Comments
While reading other comments on this film, let me clear up some inaccurate info, This was not Steve Guttenberg's film debut, that would have been an (uncredited, but clearly there) role as a delivery FBI assistant in the film "Rollercoaster" which premiered about four months before "Chicken Chronicles".

Regarding this as Phil Silver's last role, False again, this film was out in 1977, in 1980 Phil played a wheel-chair bound, film studio owner in the film "Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood" which also starred Adam West, and Richard Deacon.

I saw this film at the theater in the fall of 1977, and found the home video in 1987. The film's funny, and has a good soundtrack including several Classics IV, and Canned Heat songs. (By the way there is a soundtrack to it, which I found on a trip to Chicago in the early 80's).

I feel a PG rating is pretty liberal (especially for 1977), even though there's not many four-letter words, the sex themes, and drug use, should warrant it an R (for that time), this is probably why the industry invented the PG-13, probably not R, but definitely not PG either.

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Fish That Saved Pittsburgh: Home Video EDITED
I first saw this film on HBO in the Spring of 1981, and watched it every time it was on, I loved it. When I bought my first VCR in 1984, it was one of the first films I wanted to get on tape, finally in the end of 1984 it was on regular TV, so at least i got it in some kind of way (even though it was edited and with commercials). In 1988 Cinemax finally showed it uncut so I got it that way. Finally I bought the commercial release in 1997 on Warner Home video. However the Home Video version has several lines edited in it, or from it, so I was very disappointed, luckily I kept my Cinemax version (it has one thing edited in it).All it was, was a announcer voice over introducing the Sylvers. (see below)

Regarding the Soundtrack: Yes there is a vinyl ST, I searched for it for 22 years, and finally found it in January of 2003, of all places, a used record store six blocks away from my apartment. The ST is awesome and was my Holy Grail for awhile.

Here's the examples of the edits: Cinemax version: Edited out is the Voice over announcing: "Here are the SYLVERS". The scene is there but the voice over is missing, it is on the Home Video version though.

HV version: Here are a list of edits:

1. The two girls that show up in the arena, checking out the NEW team, mention that with a name like Bullet he better know how to shoot!" with a suggestive body movement

2. When Jonathon Winters (as the mean brother) is getting massaged and mimicking his brother he mentions about he can "just see his brother now taking a big "Dump" in his diapers"

3. When the whole NEW team is gathered in the locker room being introduced to each other. Running Hawk tells Harry that "with a face like yours, you ought to take a tip from the Lone Ranger and wear a mask" The line is their but he's also making a lewd gesture as he's saying it, that's what's cut.

4. When Luscious Tucker is being interviewed in the locker room (after joining LA), he says he's gonna stick on Moses Guthrie like "Stink on Sh**"

5. When Moses Guthrie (Erving) is rallying his team at the end with a pep talk, his dialog is edited out saying "Taking sh***y bounce after sh***y bounce", and that's what I'm going to take back out with me on the GD court" These are just five examples, it's been awhile but I'm sure there's more.

I don't know why these are edited, the movie was already PG, and I've seen a lot worse.

That Was Then

Great show
I taped this show Friday, didn't get to see it til Monday, and boy did I really enjoy it. It was great to hear the #41 hit by the Kinks "Do It Again" used as the key element to the time travel.

Great acting, interesting concept, it's like Back To The Future, meets Quantum Leap Meets Early Edition.

I just hope a Friday time slot doesn't doom this show!!

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