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Rôdosu-tô senki

A true justice to the ever-shadowed genre of Fantasy
It seems that numerous attempts to create a quality Fantasy based movie have fallen greatly: Dungeons and Dragons, animated Hobbit, Beastmaster, and various more depending on your personal opinions. This movie contains: dragons, dwarves, elves, magic, knights, orcs, beasts, lovely music and an actually well composed and highly addictive plot line. For everyone who has once fallen to the pain of loving Final Fantasy, Everquest, any good fantasy novel (Goodkind, Martin, Jordan, etc ...) this movie will answer much of your big screen requests by including a lot of the fun elements of those great worlds into an enjoyable six hour rush of amazement. Definately worth looking into!


Such a joyous show to just sit and enjoy, plus it is for all ages!
Though many may say I am a little old to still be watching cartoons directed towards a younger audience, I still watch them as well as enjoy them. They are oft wrong about the 'directed towards younger audience' comment, near every show I have watched that people have responded to in that general way contained a sense of entertainment or humour that anyone would enjoy!

I was up one morning after a late night of working on some web business, and sadly had not slept, but also was not in the mood to sleep due to have a partial case of insomnia, and I decided it would be fun to view the current programming on Saturday mornings. After sitting through some rather boring and poorly animated shows the show Recess began, the opening sequence caught me and gave me the impression that it was going to be a fun, comical, and semi-exciting show. No disappointment at all, I was entertained through out the complete thirty minutes.

If anyone out there is seeking that whimsical feeling a cartoon gives you, or just a higher quality cartoon for all ages I would definately suggest Recess for you.

"You must empty your cup before it can be filled." –Bruce Lee


One of the most un-credited great films. . .
After reading more than my fair share of reviews for a vast number of different movies I have noticed a certain trend, people judge to harshly on what the expected to see. I figure if you go into a movie open-minded not expecting anything certain than you will have better feelings towards it then if you try and watch but have pre-created standards you want it to reach.

Since I try not to be hypocritical I watched this movie with a very clean slate and open-mind, and was very much pleased. Since it is not a mainstream title or award winning for that matter I did not know quite what to expect, but in all truth I enjoyed it a good deal more than Ninja Scroll. Lovely animation, deep story, and the always joyful ninja hack-n-slashing combined extremely well to one of my personal favorite animes ever made.

I am not promising that you will enjoy it, but just give it a chance and you may come out with a pleasant surprise.

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Kôkaku Kidôtai

Lovely animation, fairly deep story, and very exciting action scenes. . .
Animation makes the movie, not usually, but it sure does help in the long run. Realistic, mood setting animation is exactly what I look for when I do that part of a review for an animated movie. Ghost in the Shell's animation was far above par, and extremely pleasing to me. But, seriously the animation isn't the biggest part of the review, it is the over all story and pleasure taken from watching the movie that is the biggest piece of a review. Combining a deep, confusing story line, with plot twists and very wild yet realitic ideas put Ghost in the Shell up higher than Ninja Scroll and X on my list of best all time animated movies.

Definatly worth investing time into watching.

Jûbê ninpûchô

Though famed through out US, not the best. . .
From all the hype and good reviews I have heard various friends of mine tell me about Ninja Scroll, I was expecting something very astonishing along the lines of Akira or Laputa, but what I recieved was a blood bath, that some how had a love story weaved into it, and at least two other very altering scenes. Yet, with all this "great" aspects, the story line was weaker that I would have liked, the direction was very noticable and the events were mostly predicatable.

Even though the story line fell short of par in my league, I was still pathetically entertained by the very excitement of this ninja hack-n-slash film, and would recommend it, but would not give it all the hype that it recieved.

Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta

One of the most amazing pieces of art ever. . .
After many months of reading about this movie, viewing pictures from the movie, and other various tasks involving my severe need to see this movie, I finally obtained a copy of it. The play button was pushed, the lights were off, and I was ready to watch. Even the opening scene left me in awe due to the beautiful details put into every piece of this movie. Absolutely astonishing!!

After only watching the movie once I could not wait to watch it again, and show it to many of my other friends to share the extreme enjoyment that I received from this film.

This would by far go into my list of TOP 10 best movies of all time. Miyazaki has done it many-a-times, yet this one may be overall the most amazing accomplishment of the man.

Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars!

Well animated, fairly good cartoon
This cartoon never really recieved the credit it deserved, I thought it was actually a pretty well written cartoon and quite fun to watch! It was canceled after the first session disappointing the fans that it had, but luckily the whole session was released on video. It was many times compared to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which isn't a good comparison if you ask me, it is hard to relate to other cartoons because like all great cartoons it is a very original idea for a cartoon. Worth the money to buy tapes, I recommend it to any big cartoon fan/collector.

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