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The Oscar

"The Oscar"
When oh WHEN, will whom ever owns the rights to this classic HOOT, ever release it on video (VHS/DVD)? I'd buy it in a NANU SECOND! It's got to be the funniest "Drama" ever! The fact that NOBODY involved in this movie noticed, at the time it was being filmed, how DREADFULLY BAD it was turning out is ASTOUNDING! I haven't even seen it on broadcast, cable or satellite TV lately. I wish I'd have taped it when it was running. Other MUST release films are, "Crack in the World", "The Great Bank Robbery" (Zero Mostel). Still waiting.....P.S. Maybe IMDb can have a page set up just for movie fans to LIST films that we think should be available to buy, then maybe studios could check it out and see how popular those films are and hasten their release!

The Godfather: Part III

"Joey ZA-SA"! BANG!
This THIRD installment of The Godfather is quite a TRAVESTY! Starting with the casting. "Father Quido Sarduci" from SNL?? George Hamilton?? JEEZ! What kinda "Cracky" crack casting sessions went on here?! Diane Keaton shows up in all her "Annie Hall" glory and looks RIDICULOUS! And the "Coincidence" of having the DIRECTORS daughter playing a key part, well, that's the TOPPER! Scenes from the much GREATER Godfather's 1 & 2 are more or less, ripped off. If it's possible to "rip off" from YOURSELF! Nearly 20 years went by from the original in the 70's until this JOKE of a film was made. This "version" of the series PALES in comparison, don't waste your time.

Quick Change

Overlooked Gem
This is probably one of Bill Murray's most UNDER RATED movies. It is also one of his FUNNIEST! This didn't get great reviews when it first came out, but upon further viewings, it is loaded with great lines! When Murray & company burst in on a "Wiseguy" meeting by accident, and Murray ad libs, "We're here about the MONEY" is priceless! The film is full of such witty lines. Do yourself a favor and IGNORE any "bad mouthing" of this film and check it won't be sorry!

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