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The Power of the Dog

Pretentious and artificial
Jane Campion wanted to revisit Brokeback Mountain but this time made by a woman. Beautiful postcard landscapes, smart camera (too smart), good actors . Yet the whole film looks fake. None of the characters are believable, the dialogs are artificial, the pace of the film is irregular with endless closeups full of supposed emotions. The music is a total disaster.. it just doesn't stop and the violins get on your nerves !

The dead calf is supposed to have died from anthrax or killed by a wolf as explained before.

It's totally unclear what Peter does with the dead calf. Isn't he dissecting As he did with the rabbit? No! It requires to read about the ending to understand what really happened. The story of the hides that Phil uses to make a gift to his new potential 'lover - friend ' is not believable. Phil has suddenly become a young girl in love, quite ridiculous!

Overall an awkward and failed movie that wants to be original but remain artificial and pretentious...

Midnight Mass

Interesting concept that fails.
The idea of people using the christian rituals as a cannibalistic process to subdue a simple community is interesting. Yet endless one to one pseudo religions conversations, overwhelming religious chorus songs, repetitive references of bible stories makes the series so bloated that the wild and Halloween like ending cannot save it.

I used fast forward very often!

El Cid

Season 2 is excellent. Waiting for season 3!
After an average season 1, the season 2 is very exciting with a much better plot. The character of El Cid becomes more extreme and reaches a climax at the end of season 2.

All characters are very good and the battle scenes are amazing.

Highly recommended.

El inocente

An uselessly complicated plot.. Unconvincing
The recurring off voice "reading" the past sgtory of some of the protagonists with snapshots of 'what happened' keeps reminds us that this is adaptation of a book.. a bad adaptation.

The story as such is simple but artificially made complicated by mixing flashback with present scenes in a way that the viewer is completely lost trying to figure our who's who.

Overall, it is a mentally tiring experience where thank God there are only 8 long episodes.

If you want a headache and no real excitement, watch this!

Sex Education

Season 3 is a total disappointment
While the two first seasons had a fresh humoristic atmosphere, season 3 has no plot, it is vulgar, not funny , badly written and badly directed. The girls are hysterical and the boys dull like hell. The sex lessons given seem to be like a gynecologic class. Boring . What a disaster! No chance that I watch season 4!


Bad script
The constant flash back "4 years ago" etc... are so annoying as they destroy the episode rythm. The characters are not attaching and the stories are basic. I left after 3 episodes... Waste of time. There are much more interesting series to watch.

The Flight Attendant

While the first 3 episodes are intriguing, the rest is really bad. Drunk almost all the time,Kaley Cuoco turns ugly and unbearable to watch. The story is diluted in her childhood memories trying to justify why she is so unbearable but it does not makes her less unpleasant to watch with her constant stupid actions and subsequent apologies. I stopped watching the series on episode 5... it was becoming so repetitive and boring


How to use the aura of a Greek tragedy to make a bad movie
The pretention of this film is to make us believe that it is a tragedy because it takes its title from a famous Greek tragedy and because the protagonists it shows bear Greek names picked from the tragedy. In 2020 it sounds absurd to have North African emigrants called Antigone, Ménécée, Ismène, or Étéocle!. More over the story ignores totally the original content of the tragedy. The result is an amateurish film badly acted and badly directed. The only positive aspect is the beauty of Nahema Ricci's facial expression. Unfortunately because of the inexperienced director her expression remains the same all along the movie.

Herrens veje

Season 1 deserves 6 stars. Season 2 deserves 1 star
Very interesting season 1 well acted, intriguing with lots of surprises. The season 2 is slow, empty, no stories. just boring as if all was said in season 1. Disappointment.

True Detective

I loved season 1 and 2 but I find season 3 episode 1 too talkative and boring, especially that the acting is very composed and artificial. I am not interested to follow it through

Mohammad Rasoolollah

A sensory experience that leads beyond the mind
This film can only be seen by letting go of our logical mind that tries to analyze characters or look for suspense. If you allow your emotions to conduct you, then this film will fulfill you. It's a film that calls on you senses. The vision of beauty, the magical sounds, the loving caress of hands, and even the smell. If smell is one sense that is not yet stimulated in a theater, in this film the evocation is so strong that you smell the sand, the wind, the sea and the perfume of the roses. For Majidi the beauty of the nature and the love between people are the only path to God. Muhammad is an ode to an orphan who had a deep connection with Nature and its Master and became the leader of new religion.


Surprisingly good despite some flaws
A good story on male friendship and betrayal. The rhythm is good, good acting, good cinematography and an excellent music score. The sound design in the forest could have been better. The psychological development of some characters is also a bit awkward. There are a few credibility hiccups in the script such as the story of the money and the credit card, XXX's long and not really justified silent absence, his sudden return for no reason. There is also a "continuity" mistake in the last shot of XXX carrying his bag that we saw him throw in the ice hole. Otherwise, it is a good film with lots of surprises and an amoral ending! As this is the director's first film, it is promising.

Mavro livadi

Haunting and magnificently shot and acted
A very beautiful film reminder of the classical "Black Narcissus" with an incredible photography of Marcus Waterloo and a haunting atmosphere. The double identities of the two protagonists is very well rendered and their desire to escape from the emotional prison that circumstances have thrown them into. The music and the sound track of night birds, wind and silence give the film an unusual texture. If it is a first film, it is very promising as the actor direction is excellent and effective, the choice of location and the erotic and religious feel that emanate from this film show that the director has a very good potential to make another work of art.


a haunting film
A film with an extraordinary cinematography and music. Acting by Alan Bates and Lambert Wilson is excellent. The atmosphere of the film between past and present is extremely well rendered. Music by Garbarek adds to the haunting feeling. Although the end scene is not convincing, the film is very interesting and compelling to watch. I saw it twice and was equally fascinated. The cinematography of Denus Lenoir is simply amazing, it all looks like Rembrandt paintings. Alan Bates is amazing,as usual, in the role of man broken by his guilt and victim of a cruel ordeal. It was shot in Portugal and the UK. I highly recommend this film that I saw by accident on a TV channel. I think it is was never released in theaters.

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