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The Art of War

i am surprised as how low the rating of this film, since it's actually a very good one for me. It's clever and do not waste much time to reveal the tense of the plot. It has a good premise and background story. Wesley Snipes plays a UN undercover agent running some scams in UN favor to keep the peace intact. The black operations is a new way of the UN to provide ammunition against many side at the other side of the peace treaty. But in dealing with a prospect of Chinese becoming a new member of the World Trade Organizations, there are many who believe it will affect their suitable purpose. So, they decide to create a scheme and using Shaw (Wesley Snipes) as their scape goat, and turn what suppose to be a treaty to become a mess that could bring the world back to cold war ages. The action is top notch... now much to write more, so i'm just gonna suggest you to watch this if you had spare time.

The Shawshank Redemption

very aspiring movie
one that will stay at the top of my list for a very very long time. i've watched this movie ever and over again and i still am amazed by how good the movie is. it's a very enlightening movie that will make you think about many things about your life and what have you done in live. i guess every one of you have watched this excellent peace of art, so i guess you have the same feeling as i have right now. too bad this awesome movie do not enter my country in indonesia, so not many people can appreciate the sheer quality of shawshank redemption.

a very touching movie indeed.


rather disturbing movie
The acting especially delivered by Jennifer Tilly is surprisingly very good. The plot is rather disturbing but still enjoyable. There are many thrilling moments especially dealing with Tilly's rather psychotic character. All in all it's quite an entertainment, better than what we expected, since we had nothing to do and decided to watch this at the cinema and found out that it's a suspense Stephen King type of movie.

The story line is about two couple dying to have a baby of their own and tangled in a rather mad confrontation which include kidnapping and murders with a rather interesting background. But i think you better watch this at home...

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