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A rip off of everything, even other DC movies.
You've seen a lot of comparisons to taxi Driver, King of Comedy etc and rightfully so, it's pretty much the same script mashed up with some previous DC movies and Death Wish thrown in. Todd Phillips even throws in the finger gun to the head from Taxi Driver and the fake TV set from KOC, heck let's just get DeNiro too!. If you tell us it's an homage then just repeat everything it's just a completely unoriginal movie in every way. This is not the Joker, it's a made up origin story that makes the Joker a pretty dull character with both mommy and daddy issues.

Answer me this, why is the Joker a 44 year old guy and young Bruce Wayne only 9? So when they fight as adults Bruce is 35 and the Joker is a 70 year old man?

Having Bruce Wayne's parents be killed by a clown is just stupid.

Please don't make a sequel.

Ad Astra

Apocalypse Later
After a bit of the movie passes and the story unfolded I suddenly realized what I was watching. It's 'Heart of Darkness' in space. It's pretty much the same plot except it's his father who is Kurtz. The film itself is a bit clunky, there is some bad science and physics issues as well as a confusing space travel time shortening, they make a big deal out of the father traveling so far into space yet the son seems to get to him in no time and comes back even quicker with just a small beard to show the passing of what seems like a few weeks. The absurd idea that they are so concerned about and constantly monitor his physical and psychological state but have no issue sending 84 year old Donald Sutherland to space seems odd. This is a an interesting film, well shot but it's no masterpiece and in fact it's a bit dull.

Blinded by the Light

Pointless and silly, I cant believe Bruce let them use his music
Another in a line of recent silly musicals if you can call them that. A coming of age movie with no real emotion is somehow intertwined with the music of Bruce Springsteen in such an over the top invasive way it's pretty much unwatchable at points. People dance and sing to music they can't hear, spout lyrics and confuse everyone including the audience.The seriousness and power of BS music is lost on bad 80's narrative that is cartoonish and predicable.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

Massively stupid. We all know how Hitler died
I was ready to buy into this based on the dumb title alone but within minutes I realized it was a mess. First and foremost Hitler shot himself in a bunker in Berlin, so the entire premise of this guy killing him is moronic. The scene with the Russian shaving him for some unknown reason may be the worst screenwriting I have ever witnessed. The scenes drag on endlessly and the story is boring as hell. I can't imagine how they sold this to a studio. You can see this first time director is trying his best to be Quentin Tarantino with his drawn out dialog but he fails miserably. The kitchen table scene goes on for 10 mins. The fighting with Bigfoot was pure comedy gold, I bet that wasn't his intention. Avoid this silly mess.


Nice movie...But Aquaman is white
I am so sick of comic book characters changing color. It has nothing to do with racism, I am an originalist. In almost every movie now we have a main or minor character turn from white to Asian, black, Hispanic and now Aquaman is Hawaiian.

Don't get me wrong, Jason Momoa is great for the role, and his exotic looks make the character more interesting. But he isn't Aquaman.

The original 1940's Aquaman was a regular man who could breathe underwater and control fish and other underwater life for up to a minute, and he was white.

The Silver Age Aquaman was Arthur Curry, the son of Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, and Atlanna, a water-breathing outcast from the lost, underwater city of Atlantis, and again he was a blonde haired white man.

I just can't imagine the fallout of turning a long time black character into a white person, it would never happen.

Here is a partial list of characters who have changed colors....only from white.

Nick Fury Human Torch Perry White Harvey Dent Deadshot Heimdall Alicia Masters Catwoman Kingpin Hogun Electro Baron Mordo Callisto Jasper Sitwell. Domino Mary Jane Watson Valkyrie

Bohemian Rhapsody

A timeline disaster, how could Queen screw up their own history?
The movie itself is just OK, not spectacular in any way. The lead playing Freddie is too short, too toothy and acting too hard. But what bothers me the most is the history and facts.

They have John Deacon as member of Smile. They have them performing Fat Bottom Girls 3 years before it was written. They have a Brazil concert on TV in 1977 that didn't happen until 1985. The band is shown recording We Will Rock You in a scene set in 1980 when the song came out in 1977.

Did the members of Queen even screen this?


Does anyone even care that a serial killer is on the loose?
I what is ultimately just another Halloween movie with a ton of teen slashings I find one thing rather confusing. Myers is a famous killer, and in Haddonfield, Illinois he would be a monstrous legend who is imprisoned what seems like just miles away. Yet when he is being transferred to another prison he is on a bus with other insane inmates with a doctor, one guard and a bus driver, no police escort, no state Troopers. After he escapes we see more of the same, he kills 7 people including a kid but no major alert to stay indoors, no federal response, the sheriff seems involved but it's mostly just a lone small town officer with a pistol chasing leads with again, no backup. And Laurie Strode's daughter seems unfazed that Myers has escaped just miles away and is on a murder spree, just like her mother said he would be.

In real life we have seen these kind of escapes and they are plastered all over the news, but I have never seen one as flashy as a teen murdering psychopath returning to his hometown on another rampage. In reality the schools would have been shut down, Halloween cancelled, no teen parties would be taking place, plus there would be a massive FBI and state police, SWAT presence.

Then Myers kills 4 more people (for a total of 11 so far) that the police discover yet somehow there is no curfew, lock down or any concerned parents making their teens stay home. Only after the 12th killing does the officer tell people to lock their doors.

Dumbest line in the movie: Doctor: "remember, he's property of the state, he mustn't by harmed"

Escaped prisoners are killed all the time.

Also, how would Myers, after 40 years of not talking in an insane asylum know anything about Laurie Strode's family? How would he know she had a daughter and granddaughter? How would he know where anyone lived? He would not understand the internet or cell phones and wouldn't even have a pay phone or phone book. Not that Laurie would be listed.

Little Italy

Cartoon acting, stale story, really really bad
Could this movie be more silly? The characters are the most stereotypical ethnicities possible, everyone's accent keeps changing, the story, if you can call is that, is complete formula, been done 1000x before. I was ready to turn it off in the first 2 mins after seeing the sound stage scenery and the attempt to make the 1990's look like 1940's Little Italy. Why this is set in Canada I have no idea.

The 15:17 to Paris

Embarrassing.....Eastwood should retire
As expected, if you know the real life heroes are playing themselves there is no way to watch this objectively. But even if you didn't know, anyone who has ever seen a movie will realize these guys can't act. The trailer is very misleading, but it would have to be to get anyone to see this. The story is dull has hell, a very average backstory about their lives takes up half the film, and the rest is just a very boring build up to the event on the train which only lasts about 6 mins. What surprised me the most was the feel of the film, almost like a B movie or one of those Christian films with the same robotic acting and flat scenes. I could not stop paying attention to the acting of these three men, I give them kudos for trying, it's not their fault, but Eastwood should have known better.

Pitch Perfect 3

Utter nonsense..avoid this disaster
The first PP movie was cute, the 2nd one was bad and this was just a piece of garbage. The script is stupid, the plot a mess, the acting cringe worthy.

DJ Khaled's name must be mentioned 50 times, like every 2 mins, the whole idea that he would make a singer give up her last chance to sing with her group is inane, he couldn't make her a star next week? The entire back plot with Amy's dad is a distraction, her turning out to be a fat ninja even more silly. Then at the end the girls are all saying they will move on to mundane careers while Fat Amy announces she's worth $180 million, but there is no offer to make them all millionaires and still have a ton left over.

These types of movies are a fun distraction sometimes, but the quality of this is more like straight to DVD. There are so many instances where the girls singing is impossible to sound the way it does, especially when Becca brings the whole group up on stage at the end with only one microphone yet it sounds like they are all mic'd.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

An unfunny movie about comedy. Mostly fake history.
Why is 74 year old Martin Mull narrating as Doug Kenney who died at 33?

Kenny never had a wife. The woman in the movie is a made up fictional character. I have no idea why they did this and it makes a movie about people I am familiar with hard to watch.

Doug Kenney never smoked a joint on Tom Snyder's show.

They jump from all over with covers and stories out of timeline, at one point they show the photo shoot of the July 1973 cover of the dog and gun, but then later have Kenney on Tom Snyder's show in 1972 (they even say it at the bottom of the frame), then they jump back to 1973.

... Oh and then 34 minutes into the movie, they decide to make all the falsehoods seem intended and a joke by rolling a screen of flubs like credits, admitting just about everything about the film is wrong....THIS IS CALLED A COP OUT.

You know what would have been funny? An actual movie about the founding of National Lampoon and the later films.

At no time did I believe I was watching people in the 1970's.

Baby Driver

Tedious, slow and ultimately moronic
This starts out like a 20 min music video with this kid singing and dancing through the streets, turns into a bank robber movie, then a dull love story, then into a free for all.

The amount of "instant police" in this is ridiculous, no matter where they run there is another cop. The supposed "brains" of the outfit hires total screw ups and maniacs to pull off the simplest robberies. At one point they go to get a ton of guns to rob a post office?? The whole premise is that the kid somehow owes Spacey money but when he pays up he is not allowed to get out. The ending is over the top stupid. The use of constant music is fun at first but becomes tedious.

White Lightning

Immensely boring
After a promising start and a car chase almost nothing happens through a huge portion of the movie, they drive around, Burt talks to people for what seems like meaningless conversations, he uses his real name, everyone seems to know he's working for the feds, he openly writes notes in a small book, there is this real annoying woman he is screwing behind his buddy's back, etc, etc. Some pretty bad acting, amateur actors, bad fighting, bad lighting, bad direction and a horrible script. Another dull car chase and then the end.

One of Burt's worse movies. Not a lot of effort was put into this.

Genius: Einstein: Chapter Seven
Episode 7, Season 1

Jump the sharkish
I was really enjoying this series until the end of this episode. The change from actor Johnny Flynn to Geoffrey Rush is confusing because there is virtually no time change from wartime to the end of the war and yet Einstein looks like he aged 30 years. In 1919 AE was 39 years old, thin with slightly graying hair. Geoffrey Rush is 65 years old and 6ft tall. AE was 5ft 9in. They should have had it just start with Rush at the beginning of the next episode.

La La Land

My god this is a boring film
Musicals of the past left you humming the tunes as you left the theater, this is the first time I have seen a musical without a single memorable song. I'm not sure what this film is trying to be, the story is as dull as can be and the acting doesn't even really mater because it's all broken up by terrible dance numbers. I really wanted to like this and in fact did not read any reviews so I wouldn't be swayed, but it was apparent from the first number that this movie was just an extension of the terrible music that is considered popular today. It's as if they just randomly picked notes and placed words together and expected it to be good. It's the same reason why the top of the music charts are filled with sound-alike music with no feeling.

The acting was wooden and the script dull.

I had to rate this with 1 star just to counterbalance all the outrageous reviews calling this a masterpiece.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

One of the worst comedies ever made.
Just when you thought they couldn't top the mindless nonsense in Neighbors along comes Neighbors 2, which seems to have been written by a 12 year old on weed in about four minutes. There is basically no plot other than the couple from the first movie is selling their house and by some means becomes enemies of the fledgling girls sorority next door. The rest is just them trying to hurt each other with even more implausible scenarios. The acting is robotic and the lines they have to say are some of the worst ever written.

At one point the girls are openly selling illegal pot from a booth at a school event and instead of calling the cops the "adults" decide to steal it from them which then turns into some sort of scavenger hunt for this giant bag of weed.

As in the first movie the sorority breaks about 25 laws including robbery, breaking and entering, sexual assault, theft, etc that the adults could have called the cops on and had them arrested. But that would have ended the movie 20 mins in.

At one point the girls steal all the belongings out of the adults house and start selling it at a garage sale. The adults say they can't call the cops because they stole the girls weed. Which makes no sense.

Avoid this unfunny disaster.

Eddie the Eagle

Sappy and unrealistic, 95% not the life of Eddie the Eagle
I wanted to enjoy this but after reading a bit about the life of the real Eddie (Michael) it was hard to watch knowing how unrealistic it was.

In the film Eddie just decides in a second to become a ski jumper when in reality he made the decision for reasons of cost and easier qualification as there were no other British ski jumpers with whom to compete for a place. The film's makers seem to want to make Eddie look like someone who is almost retarded in this movie, I'm guessing to gain sympathy? He was a good downhill skier and he narrowly missed the Great Britain team for that event for the 1984 Games, he was not patted on the head and sent packing because he was a goof ball.

The film shows Eddie just going to Germany and training himself and by a drunk has-been when in reality he went to Lake Placid NY and was trained by professionals. He was not forced to re-qualify by the British Olympic Committee nor did he go on the European circuit.

Hugh Jackman's character is not a real person.

Christopher Walken's Coach character is not a real person.

Eddie was not hazed by his co-Olympians and did not miss the opening ceremony (sad that they would take this away from him for a film)

While the real Eddie is a fan of the film, he said that "only about 5%" of Eddie the Eagle is a true story.

I feel sorry for anyone who goes to movies like this and walks out thinking this was the real life story, but sadly it happens all the time. Filmmakers can't seem to make a bio movie based on reality.

London Has Fallen

Inconceivable...pure nonsense
I'm not really going to review this movie because it just doesn't deserve one but I will comment on the utter stupidity they call a plot. The idea that the POTUS could be taken by terrorists is silly in itself but the fact that the entire city of London which has just been attacked and lost power and communications (no one thinks to use land lines) yet there seems to be literally nobody in the streets. The terrorists have no issue finding the location of the president over and over again but the good guys seem incapable of sending anyone to help.

Where is the British Army or the Territorial Army? Where are the London police? Terrorists are just able to surround the US embassy and lay land mines and no one notices?

Do you really think American TV would be broadcasting the assassination of a US President live on TV in Times Square?

The ending is just embarrassing gung ho faux American patriotism and anti Muslim nonsense.

The action is asinine.

Irrational Man

Mediocre Woody
The first act of Irrational Man is great, a slow character build, a smart desperate man with a drinking problem failing at life even though he is well respected and a college professor.

But that's where it ends. It turns into a farcical murder plot that in itself is interesting but the execution falls flat. Too much talk, too much debating. Emma Stone's character is just plain dull, not sure why any man would find her interesting. She fawns over her professor and almost demands he fall for her. The last 1/3 includes some strange acting choices all trying to build some excitement into his being caught for the murder but in the end we really don't care. Every element of what he does is shown to the audience as he does it, which is interesting but makes the ending moot.

I enjoyed the movie but can't recommend it.

And Woody's use of the tune "The In Crowd" incessantly throughout the film becomes cringe worthy halfway through. It must be played in 65% of the scenes.

Absolutely Anything

Horrendously unfunny
There is not a funny second in this movie. the premise is ridiculous and each scene is so contrived I actually began to cringe. I can't believe Terry Jones directed this mess of a comedy and they got Robin Willims to put in the worst performance of his life as the voice of a horny dog.

Every joke falls flat and can be seen coming from a mile away. The guy never uses his powers for anything constructive instead focusing on his work and relationships, two things most people would leave behind if they suddenly had absolute power.

In the real world he would zap himself to private a island in Hawaii filled with only supermodels and load his bank account with billions just in case the power was only temporary.

Instead he makes his dog talk and his students quiet down.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Faux
I'm not really going to review this movie since it is not a movie about the FF.

It a science fiction superhero movie about some characters who vaguely resemble the FF.

The backstories of all the characters are completely different from the origin stories from the Marvel comics issues they were told in.

The Human Torch is black for some unknown reason and the Invisible Girl was adopted from Kosovo.(In the comics they are both white, both grew up in the town of Glenville, Long Island)

The Storm sibling's father was never a scientist he was a doctor who is in jail for an accidental murder.

Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) was a boy genius whose father was a scientist too, not a guy who wished he was adopted, and he was not discovered at a science fair, he enter college at 14 and had several degrees in the sciences by age 20. And he is a father figure and in his 40's in the comics.

Ben Grimm was born on Yancy Street in New York City's Lower East Side, to a Jewish family. He didn't go to grammar school with Reed who grew up in CA. And was not just some little guy, he was a sports star, an engineer, a Marine, and a test pilot for the Air Force.

Dr Doom's origin is all BS. He became DD after he met the FF (who were not the FF at the time) in Europe.

Ted 2

Juvenile, moronic, poorly written
The entire premise of the Ted movies defies any reason, everyone just accepts that this teddy bear is real even those who just see him on the street, he would be hounded 24/7 by press.

The idea that any state would take a toy bear to court and say he is property even though he can think and speak is just stupid.

Seth MacFarlane is again the writer which means lots of crude unfunny jokes, tons of non sequitur references to obscure things, offensive jokes about minorities, and generally dullness. Oh and nonstop pot references that do nothing to further the story.

Why any woman would want to marry a teddy bear is beyond me.

I laughed about three times through the whole thing.



Crappy Chappie
An incredibly tedious mess of a movie. There is virtually no plot at all, it just keeps going on without direction.

The voices of the characters are very annoying but none as much as Chappie himself who is impossible to listen to. Sloppy science just adds to the mess. Not one person is likable in the film so we just don't care about them in the least.

I was really surprise at how little happens, it's mostly training the robot to talk, paint, read and steal.

BORING as all get out, this is not even a good film for kids since it's filled with violence and the f word constantly.

The Water Diviner

Sappy and unrealistic
A story of a man looking for his lost sons in WW1...but with SUPERPOWERS!!!

First of all water divining is a hoax, it's pseudoscience and has never been proved to work. But he finds waters exact location in the middle of the Australian outback with ease. Then Crowe's character miraculously finds his dead sons bones in the middle of a huge battlefield in about a day just by FEEL. And not the general area, the exact spot.

Why everyone in 1919 Turkey would speak flawless English is beyond me, especially the young boy since he would have been raised with zero English. And this would have been the language of the enemy.

Crowe and an insanely hot Turkish widow make googly eyes at each for hours and her son falls head over heels for his new daddy figure which is strange because his real father died in a war fighting these same people.

And obviously there is zero mention of the Armenian genocide that occurred at this time.

The Turks eventually love Crowe simply because he is a great guy.

John Wick

6,547,234 Bodies counted.......zero plot found
This may be the most outrageous over the top rip off of Taken yet. But the problem here is John Wick is not trying to save his daughter, wife or even himself. He runs on pure revenge.

The entire movie is formatted around his beloved wife dying of cancer, but the cause of all his rage is that his 1969 Mustang is stolen (not a Boss 429 as Iosef says) and his puppy that his dead wife sent him from the grave is killed by Russian mob thugs.

What's odd is that this amazing assassin and martial arts expert who is warned by his dog's barks just walks into a home invasion and is knocked out by three knuckleheads.

The rest of the movie is massacre after massacre of what seems like 1000 henchmen in scene after scene of choreographed bloodshed.

Cliché after cliché, some weird subplot about a hotel, a girl who can beat up guys twice her size, and the funniest part, no police anywhere (except for one who comes to his house, sees dead bodies, knows who John is but does nothing) does an investigation, no news reports, or anything suggesting there has been 100 people killed in a week's time.

Oh and you can't pump your own gas in NJ as seen when John meets Iosef in the beginning.

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