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Blown Away

Amazing....dark, disturbing, erotic
This is one movie I haven't forgotten, even though it's been a few years since I last watched it. If you do choose to look it up, don't confuse it with another movie of the same title with some older and possibly more well known leads. As a fan of the Coreys, this is just one more example of the karma they share. Regardless of the plot lines, what their characters are like, etc, I enjoy the interaction, craziness, and mild violence that always seems to follow the two of them from movie to movie. The scenery and backdrops are breathtaking and well-filmed. Although the plot is a little shaky in places and doesn't run as smoothly as it could, it's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Just remember that you have to cut this movie a little slack, it's not an academy award winner,(in fact, I feel it's highly underrated and hard to find) and despite the action/adventure/thriller heading it may be listed under, there's some other aspects to it as well. The unrated version is the only one to get, should be available secondhand or thru an auction somewhere. The ending surprised me a bit....and I have no problem with Haim and Eggert's 'love/sex' scenes. They play most of them well..... 8 out of 10 ~ Cheers!! ~


Sometimes life is tougher for those who survive.....
I just watched this on Lifetime (thanks!) and it was a very strong, well crafted story. I read the book years ago, and always wanted to see how the movie turned out. Funny to note, since it was released in 85, and now it's 2001, that two of the stars, not the main ones, are gone....(Heather O'Rourke, River Phoenix) What the families go through is really sad, and wrenching, but there's so much truth to what Rick and Lonnie feel was the only thing left for them. This film does not make light of the situation, nor does it show that any of the answers are easy. I wish the network would make it available on video/DVD etc.

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