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Warm Summer Rain

not to miss cult film
This film is absolutely the best. It takes a woman that has almost committed suicide and a man coming from nowhere and going to nowhere, to meet in a bar in the middle of the desert, and strip their lives bare. Both have been living with illusions in the plastic world created in this country and in a few days find each other in a way most people do not reach in a lifetime...with a perfect ending.

There is much nudity and honest (some call foul) language.

Love Crimes

This was an above average B movie.
I had to view this film again, just to make sure I was reviewing the same film. Unfortunately, this film was made in America's matriarchal society.

This is the story of a man that puts women in touch with their inner sexual feelings. It is repeated several times that he has committed no crime. In fact, in Europe, this man would be admired, in America the reverse it true. This is a film about stalking and entrapment, and if you head isn't on backwards, you will understand the same person does both.

The worst thing about the film are the psychological flashbacks. Much like Marnie, but not as bad. This sort of passing blame to parents is unforgivable.

Sean Young and Patrick Bergen are seasoned B film actors, don't expect a big production. But the film is adequate to pass the message if you "get it".

If you like the drift of this film, a more sophisticated version can be found in "Night Porter" with Dirk Bogarde and even the original French version of "The Story of O". These European films treat the subject matter in a far more logical manner.

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