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Atlantis: Milo's Return

A disappointment
Hi there. I watched the first part when it came out, and I don't remember having left such a bad impression on me as this one.

First, the animation is choppy, wooden, not worked on, lacks naturality - I understand the drawing style was to be of some 'atlantean' kind, but, it could be done with the usual Disney finesse... see "Tarzan" to see what I mean. If I didn't see the DISNEY logo in the beginning, I would never say it was a Disney movie.

Second, the plot was more like a PC game style, like a good old quest. Not that it was bad, but it lacked a story that binds the viewer to the characters and their goals. It was inconvincing, at least. The film was meant for children, but this was waaay to childish at times.

Third, the music... I would say it was improper, but it just fits the whole scene with the plot and animation...

Overall, I think this was some kind of an amusement, just by-the-way kind of project by several apprentice animators, just to fill in the count for Disney movies. Sorry to hear that from myself, a big Disney lover...

The Green Mile

I have read only a few of Stephen King's works, but what I know about him is that he's a master of describing human nature, thoughts, feelings, and relationships. I haven't read the book (though after seeing the film I'll surely do!), but my past experience showed that no movie can reach the mastery of a good book, after which it was created. But this film certainly changed my mind... Here unfolds the true mastery of developing a whole 3-hour long story on a 100 square feet scene! I don't know if it was just me, but I filled two handkerchiefs while watching the movie! ;) All the characters are so alive and emotionally rich, that... it is really unbelievably believable!

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Certainly one of my top favourites ever!
I am a huge fan of Adventure games (quests), the way they existed at the time when no unnecessary 3D technology was available, and people who made games counted on CONTENTS to make it worth. This game is one of the gems (along with Monkey Island 1,2) that make me stand for the 'quest' genre, and shout for it! ;) A masterpiece, really! I've played it again and again, and it never stops amazing me, it is so... REAL... I can't describe it...

Now, there are rarely new samples of this genre, and if so, they tend to spread onto tons of discs, and cannot offer that kind of INVOLVING with the characters and environment, and events, that will make your hair stand on end.

Just superb, you HAVE to play it! :)

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