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This has a bit of everything........
I do hope there is another series - this has a bit of everything, drama, humour, relationship issues, laughter and tears and running through it really good stories of people you can believe in and identify with. They have real faces and real bodies, not Hollywood perfect so it is all the more believable. This certainly beats reality television. Spend some more money on good writing like this show and we will be glued for every more. You recognise all the faces from other shows but none are so famous that they don't sink right in to the characters they are playing. There is something uplifting about a programme with strong bonds of friendship surviving all sorts of circumstances.

Doctor Sleep

We all like a good mystery, this is a big wow!

Of course, it has the usual elements to get you going, the occult, a silent child, a sexy troubled hypnotherapist and a disgraced girlie copper plus fantastic cameo appearances by a host of fine actors.

When a movie feels like 10 minutes .............. you know you are engrossed.

Highly recommended, I was on the edge of my seat - you feel uncomfortable throughout.

You want to watch but are scared to.

There is no Hollywood hype, just good old fashioned sweaty palms.

I won't expand on the story as the tale should unfold ..........

Wo hu cang long

A really good wheeze!
This is a different sort of film. Don't be put off by the subtitles, after about 10 minutes, you almost forget to read them. The characters speak for themselves after a while and the story is pretty simple.

This is a must see at the cinema to get the effects.

In my opinion, it should be taken a little "tongue in cheek" and there are a few giggles but the fight scenes are terrific especially between the two women.

Remember its a Chinese film so may feel a little slow in places but go with it - it makes a lovely change from the usual repetitive dross we are served up these days.

A Murder of Crows

A good yarn
What a lovely change to find a different story - I felt I wanted to read the book but found that it was written by the director. It certainly kept me on my toes and the writer was certainly nearly always one step ahead of me.

I always know a film is good when the time goes quickly - this felt like about 10 minutes!

Highly recommended

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