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Very disturbing
I have seen many great horror films, but this is perhaps the most disturbing one I have ever seen. It begins with a man surviving a car crash which claims the life of his daughter and leaves his wife in a coma. This apparently causes the man to commit a series of sociopathic murders, guided by the voice of his dead daughter. He commits these murders, in an increasingly confusing fashion, until the final scene. It is in this final scene that everything becomes clear, and we are made to understand his motives. Of all the horror in this movie, nothing is as disturbing as this. This is one of the better movies I've ever seen, but it is not for everybody. Before you go to see it, ask yourself if you want to see something that will truly terrify and perhaps disgust you. The DVD version of this has a number of extra features, including a director's commentary and a short film made by Chad Ferrin. These are both wonderful, but for a Troma DVD it is a bit light on extra features....

The Capture of Bigfoot

The very worst ever
This movie is the very worst that I have ever seen. You might think that you have seen some bad movies in your time, but if you haven't seen this one you don't know how terrible a movie can be. But wait, there's worse news! The studio will soon rerelease this masterpiece (I'm being ironic) for all to see! The only things worse than the plot of this movie are the effects, the acting, the direction, and the production. Bill Rebane, the poor man's Ed Wood (not that there is a rich man's Ed Wood) (I like Ed Wood's movies, though) manages to keep things moving at a snail's pace throughout this film. It opens with the capture of a baby bigfoot (a Littlefoot? --sorry, couldn't help it) by a pair of unlikable hunters, who are killed by the parent. This causes the entire town where the hunters lived to go on a Bigfoot hunting jihad. This is pretty much it for the plot. Nothing even remotely interesting happens, and we the viewers are never able to care about any of the characters. If one is interested in the films of Rebane I would recommend almost any other over this. However, as I said, it will soon be rereleased by Troma in order to bore a new generation of filmgoers.

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