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Good Morning, Miss Dove

Nostalgic film from a more safer world than today
This is a typically safe 50s film from a more safer world than we have today.It is unashamedly nostalgic as Miss Doves life is recalled in flashbacks. However I can,t help feeling that it is a 2nd hand Goodbye Mr Chips which was magnificently portrayed by Robert Donat. It even steals the punchline from the end of Mr chips about never having had children. Having said that it is comfortable Sunday afternoon viewing with a few strong moments.

Doug's 1st Movie

Hugely entertaining for real Doug fans like me
This is an interesting movie. I really enjoyed it and was perfect for the kids and also a great film for the young at heart aswell. The plot is gripping with the Lucky Duck lake monster and the fact that his secret love for Patti is almost over in just over 1hr and 30mins which is just perfect for the kids who want to go to bed soon. But over all a fine film and I will watch time and time again. Hopefully there will be Dougs Second Movie, now that would be great


Quite simply the finest epic movie of all time
What can you say about this film? It has everything, magnificent script, superb acting ,and the most famous chariot race in Hollywood history. Although the chariot race is the centrepiece of this spectacular ,it is by no means the only highlight.Ben Hur (Charlton Heston) is the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice on himself and family ,and his dramatic adventures in the desert, at sea and finally back in Rome are just brimming with highlights. At the same time his meetings with Christ just add to the Wonderful drama that enfolds in this movie.It has a magnificent musical score which just adds to the drama,and I suspect the climax of the film would only leave the stone hearted unmoved.It has other great stars who make this a must see film ,particularly Jack Hawkins,Hugh Griffith and Stephen Boyd.

This is the sort of film Gladiator should have been but wasn't (what a waste). Still we'll always have Ben Hur to enjoy.

Star Trek: First Contact

The best trek movie by far
This is by far the best of the star trek movies.It is fast pace ,a good comedy element with Zefran Cochrane being the unlikely inventor of the warp drive,and the terror of the deadly Borg.Patrick Stewart as Capt. Picard plays the part with real feeling as he wrestles with his hatred of the Borg.The climax with the eventual First Contact ends the film in great style. A must buy for any Star trek fan or someone who likes a good action film.

The Lord of the Rings

Could have been a great film but does not get there
A magnificent book that is just not portrayed well in this film. The mixture of animation and live actors just does not come off. The film starts well with Bilbos party and the chase from the Black riders ,but then becomes bogged down. Worth watching for free on T.V but not worth buying or renting.

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