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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Just as fun as the original
Just as fun as the original with a bunch of new traps and rooms with the same twist.


Solid outing from Shyamalan
The first hour of this film was so eerie it was hard to watch. This was a good thing. All the characters are great and well acted. The ageing of every worked really well. I didn't know if I was supposed to laugh or cry at times. Shyamalan did not disappoint. Check it out if you dear.

The Forever Purge

Worked as another Purge Film
Some new elements to the Purge series but these films don't really get old. Just lots of shooting and bloody entertainment.


Wasn't that bad
People are all over this film it's not the best in the series and it's not the worst. Tons of unrealistic action scenes that make you cheer.

A Quiet Place Part II

GREAT Part 2
Almost as great as the original. The opening scene is amazing. Just setting up a third one and I can't wait.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Another Saw film
Nothing new to the franchise just new characters. Has a lot of gruesome scenes and worth watching if you like the other million Saw films.

Wrath of Man

Crazy fun action
This is an action packed shoot them up that is great to watch. When you think something can't get an crazier it just does.

Small Apartments

An odd movie that never really takes off with a great cast that's wasted.

Together Together

Everything you expect.
This film has everything you would expect a great story, great acting and great dialog.

The Night

Solid haunted house film
Solid haunted house film with a twist. Film keeps you interested and guessing what really was going on. It does follow some of the stereotyped horror cliches.

Into the Dark: The Current Occupant
Episode 10, Season 2

He is President or Just Crazy
He is president or just crazy? The TV Show/ Film keeps you guessing the entire time. You know what makes sense and you know the reality you are seeing. Just be ready for a lot of lights flashing during this one.


Laugh or Cry Who Knows
This film will make you laugh out loud sometimes and cringe at other times. Story is fun enough to keep you entertained the entire time.

The Marksman

Standard but still Watchable
The standard Liam Neeson film. This has a little less action than his other films but it moves a long. Not sure why it's The Marksman. He doesn't do much shooting in the film but when he does it's very precise.


Solid Action
Pretty much a great rip off of John Wick. Non stop action mixed with a little comedy and very unrealistic.

Into the Dark: Crawlers
Episode 6, Season 2

What was this? Entertainment at the least
It starts out like a zombie film and the narrator quickly tells you its an alien invasion. The one detail I like about this is if you are bitten you are not going to turn into anything. The story telling is simple enough that it works and the pace of the film never slows down. Just expect 80 min of what you see in the preview.

Into the Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work
Episode 3, Season 2

Surprisingly Awesome
Had some Christmas overtones but this is not a Christmas themed TV show/ film. This one has you guessing the entire time of what is going on and what might happen next. It was also nice to see the guy from Warlock getting some work.

Into the Dark: Pilgrim
Episode 2, Season 2

The concept of the TV show/ film was a solid idea. The build up for the pilgrims becoming evil was suspenseful. For some reason they started out really nice and try and kill you if you are not thankful for everything you have. In the end why did they chose this family. I guess you could say the mom chose them. But really there are a lot more unthankful people out there. Last questions where did these pilgrims come from. Maybe they need more of a backstory for them.

Into the Dark: Uncanny Annie
Episode 1, Season 2

Jumanji meets slasher.
Jumanji meets slasher is the best way to describe this TV show/ film. It has a good amount of creepy moments and other moments that you ask yourself what where the creators thinking. The ending was a little disappointing and twist was like I guess you can do that. I assumed they would have taken it in another direction. Overall another solid entry for the Into the Dark series.

Into the Dark: All That We Destroy
Episode 8, Season 1

Recycled plot
It has a recycled plot of the time loop thing and you never really feel sorry for any of the characters. None of them are likable. That being said this TV Show/ Film was somewhat entertaining and kept you interested but in the end just didn't leave me wanting more.

The One I Love

Surprisingly great
This is a very original and clever film. You can guess the entire time what is happening and probably still not figure it out. You will figure out the twist at the ending.

Ruin Me

Worth a look
Didn't have huge expectations for this one but it turned out to be a solid little horror film with a few twist that you can see coming.

Into the Dark: They Come Knocking
Episode 9, Season 1

A first site this seemed like another rip off of The Strangers. In one aspect it is but it still captures creepiness and has some scary moments and it goes without saying it also has some moment where it follows the horror cliche.

Into the Dark: School Spirit
Episode 11, Season 1

Everything you should expect
Another solid entry in the Into the Dark series of films or shows. This one brings The Breakfast Club and Scream together quite well. The kills are bloody enough and so over the top that it keeps your interest. The ending is predictable and impossible. That being said keep in mind it does follow a lot of the stereotypes of a slasher film. So watch at your own risk.

Into the Dark: I'm Just F*cking with You
Episode 7, Season 1

Just TOO Much
Charlie had some great moments but this turned into a social media / killer/ horror thing. I could not find myself rooting for anyone in this film is why it didn't work for me. I am sure if you are crazy about the social media craze this will work out better for you.

Into the Dark: Treehouse
Episode 6, Season 1

Some decent twist
Some decent twist to this film. Had some solid moments and passed the time. Don't expect something amazing. Just more a revenge film.

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