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Different than John Wick but plenty of fun
NOBODY starts with a serious but observation on how violence is embraced in American minds as routine escapism; however how little people are prepared for it when explodes. Hutch (Bob Odenkirk ) is typical person, tied up in daily routine, a failing marriage and a family that ignores him. One day his house is robbed and he does attack the robbers (when he has the chance); just ask them to leave to avoid violence. His son and almost everybody around disrespects him. Even his retired father (Christopher Lloyd great as always). However, Hutch is not what it seems. He is a extremely violent (almost sadistic) but over controlled person. When a piece of jewelry from her daughter seems missing; he goes after the thieves; but some unexpected events cause hell to break loose. As part of the John Wick team is involved, violence and carnage reach to the extreme level; however things are played mostly in a comedy manner. Odenkirk is perfectly believable as a common person and as a sadistic killer. In fact his manners and attitude did not even change that much . The movie clocks in a little under 90 minutes but there is fun enough for long time. In brief; the best thing in cinemas since the year started. Do not miss it.


A showcase of McHale muscles
If you like McHale showing his very sculpted body (from the waist up) this is your movie. If your looking for a comedy is not; not really a drama either. As a satire is too simple and it does not make any sense. The surreal part lacks imagination and the last act and ending are quite simplistic and do not make any real sense In brief; do not let the trailer fool you. The movie wants to be something ambitious but falls very short

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Heavy editing needed
I really like Zack Snyder; I follow him since Night of the Dead, 300 and Watchmen; three masterpieces of escapism and two of them huge hits. However; he loves to overstay his welcome; the three hours of Watchmen (even when basically is frame by frame the comic book was a little too much). I hated Sucker Punch but love Man of Steel and even like it Batman vs Superman even when the movie length particularly in the extended versions was overwhelming. This version of Justice League is basically an unfinished movie with heavy need of editing. There are some differences with the Theatrical / Extended releases two years ago.; but essentially is the same movie filmed in a different way (most of the scenes in the old release were re-created but the story is mostly the same). During the first two hours (this version is over four hours) there are many poorly made special effects , some very weak acting and some long scenes (mostly filled with full songs) that add nothing to the movie. If you are able to not fall sleep; you will get some backstory on the the bad guy; but nothing too interesting. The next 2 hours actions gets more intense and some defects can be ignored (again some FX were not properly tuned up). Aside from another bad guy, the long dream sequence (small part was already on the theatrical version ) and the Joker presence; there are no other big differences in term of story. The 4:3 / 144:1 was in my opinion disappointing. I seen IMAX movies were the space is perfectly used/distributed. Not as it was here.

In Brief: As a curiosity could be interesting but nothing more

Chaos Walking

Great potential
In distant future and planet; a group of Earth settlers try survive on a town were women had been killed in a war about 20 years ago. The planet has some effect with male and all they though are reflected in images and sounds; they called it THE NOISE. A new arriving group had a catastrophic landing and only one women survive. The town mayor get crazy but a young boy (who never saw a woman in his life) fight to protect it. A persecution on the wild ensures. It is basically a Western (in far away planets). Locals are violent, run in horses and there are "Indians"; basically the natives not human at all. For most of the part; Tom Holland the "young Spider Man"; with his inability to hide his immature and insecure thoughts made this look like a comedy. As the movie advances and secrets are reveled; things get more dramatic. The story is interesting but the movie ends leaving us waiting for more. This really looks like the first chapter of a saga or perhaps a pilot for a series. Tom Holland is pure fun; he is like his Spider Man character without the suit. Mads Mikkelsen as a bad guy is charismatic and believable. Daisy Ridley only adds her cold beauty and little else. I did not like in Star Wars; and still do not like her acting here. Contrary to the apparently big budget; there are no spectacular special FX aside from THE NOISE and the resolution could have been a better writing. There two many incomplete situations; like the women town; the Native Alien and the settlers story itself which is mentioned but looks more like a lie; thus a follow up could be welcome. Lipman as always directs the movie fine there too many open things to let you out satisfied

30 Monedas

Too good to be true!!!!
This Spanish big budget production has all the good things you want on a series. Incredible fast pace, lots of action and violence, some very terrifying moments ; lots of mystery's; but overall incredible good acting, almost perfect technical and special effects. Alex de la Iglesia has already shown in many dark comedies, thrillers and even dramas is here he is at top of his game managing a pace very few USA shows are able to match. There is no losing interest or confusions or tricks. Some clichés are used for good mostly as an homage to The Exorcist. In the first chapter, a person enters a bank, kill a lot of people, blow up a safe deposit box, get out with many bullets in him but still very alive, is pick up by a priest who removes an amulet making the person died. In parallel in a very small town a cow gives birth to child. A priest practice violent boxing (The Exorcist homage), there possessions, a failed exorcism, some more deaths (violent ones), shootings, car crashed and even a monster. Everything in 78 breathtaking minutes. In brief; I cannot wait for chapter 2.

Breaking News in Yuba County

Dark comedy with smart and forced moments in equal proportion
A completely ignored and insecure woman catch her husband in an affair but he dies of the shock. Instead of reporting the natural dead she hides the corpse and her husband disappearance to obtain media attention and popularity. Some violent criminals, 3M lost and a very obnoxious police woman made things more complicated and violent.

Basically the movie is a dark comedy; and cruel a satire on media crap and selfishness.

This is mostly a women show. Allison Janney is great; but her character; while very smart in handling most of the situations; does sometimes very absurd decisions solved by forcing to "out of the hat" resolutions; like in the final act.

Awkwafina; in less written character; as the very bad girl; is terrifying and fun in equal parts. Wanda Sykes is also a great fun to watch.

The rest of the cast does its job correctly and keep the comedy going on until a satisfying but somehow forced end.

In brief; it is worth your time

Plan B: Scheiß auf Plan A

Healthy naïve fun
Three martial arts and wannabe stunt men and their manager get accidentally involved in criminal vs criminal kidnapping and are forced to retrieve four clues in order to save on of their friends. Add to this some corrupt and rogue cops and a few betrayals and lots of really good staged fights and you get good fun for over an hour and a half The guys are pretty naïve and keep repeating cliched from every classic action movie. They are very good fighting but not particularly smart so they make lots of mess until achieve their goal. It is not an great movie nor a Jackie Chan one; but very close. Fights are good; the guys have just enough sympathy to carry the movie and there produce some funny moments. In brief; there are far worse ways to spend some free time. This is not regretable.

Give 'em Hell Malone

Starts excellent but then get lost in the middle
If you are looking for CHINATOWN you will be disappointed. Give'em Hell Malone is closest to a comedy than a drama. It could easily be considered a satire on the PY genre. First of all even if Malone, the mysterious/fatal lady and most of the bad guys are dressed like in the forties; the movie happens in the present with modern cars and cell phones. Second the style, acting and dialogs are mostly absurdist's as most character behaviors.

There are a few problems problems.

The pacing is not good; it goes from extremely violent to long inaction moments. The drunken main character is difficult to be acceptable or sympathetic. In fact, Ving Rhames gets a more lovable character (even when he is a killer)

Elsa Pataky is not really good but perhaps not her fault. She was OK on other dramas; but here her character is confusing and I assume her acting is related.

Matchstick is boring after a while, does not look that terrifying and there are absurd situations when he is involved.

In brief; the script needs a lot of work so the end is frankly confusing and dissapointing

Outside the Wire

Outside any logic or sense
Outside the Wire starts promising. Lt Harp; a drone pilot disobeys a direct order, shooting a missile and killing two soldiers in order to save the rest of the platoon. The guy is rebellious, self absorbed and cold; basically an "I KNOW BETTER". After a court martial is assigned to the battle ground to Captain Leo; a very difficult official; who happens to be and android. Leo takes Harp on a mission of searching terrorist warlord who is about to get launch codes for some Russian missiles. Interested ?; well that was the easy part.; what happens next is a completely mess. There are lots of dialogs with very unclear explanations; some of them trying to be philosophical about the LAWS OF ROBOTIC, there is some hints of "EDUCATION" when Harps is completely afraid of being on the battlefield and find out that things are very different on the ground, and some political issues about who are really the good or the bad guys. The problem is that the movie is never clear about were is going. There some good special effects; but most of the action is emotionless and not very interesting. Leo motives to use Harp are overexplained but do not make any sense. The attitude of some people change from cold blooded killers to altruist. The final twist that could give the movie more interesting significance; is ruined by an over extended scenes with unnecessary dialog a politically correct resolution that basically dilutes the best thing of the movie. In the acting department, Mackie is good as always, Damson Idris is almost unbearable; perhaps his character required that his empathy is nil . Again, productions values are decent and special effects are good; but that does not make a good movie. In brief; NETFLIX has done far better things in the past but lately seems to be targeting a no-thinking public. Do not lose your time

Wonder Woman 1984

WTF was this?
I went to a theater to see this with my family in a DOLBY THEATER so I paid very hefty price (even when I have HBO MAX and could have save the money). Well; to be very brief. The 4 stars if for the acting. Wiig and Pascal excellent, Gadot and Pines just OK but as always charismatic.

The movie is too long (almost two and a half hour) but the script is absurd and inexistent. So what you get a mediocre romantic comedy mix with story of frustrations, disappointments and greed. Both parts are full of clichés and totally unoriginal.

What about the action ? Well aside from the spectacular opening scene with very young Diana competing in the Amazon's Island the rest is not worth the ticket or the time. Actions scenes are few; very spaced and lack any suspense. The "epic climax" does not even make any sense; is forced, absurd and more talking than action.

Jenkins did a nice job with first WW (at least it was original); but here she is completely lost. Most of the time she is trying to make a bad romantic tv movie; the type you already saw a thousand times (I bet you will not support seeing this that much). The worse part is the wrote the script which as I mentioned before is minimal and does not make any sense.

In brief; is a very bad movie; do not lose your time.

Monster Hunter

Not perfect but really entertaining
Let's be realistic there are no movies in cinemas. Blockbusters have been delayed for months and the only one out TENET is in my opinion an expensive failure. Paul W.S. Anderson (the guy behind the Resident Evil movies) decides to release his new video game adaptation on MONSTER HUNTER. I am not a gaming fan but I really enjoyed the Resident Evil movies; specially the Final Chapter; one of the (or perhaps THE) best in the series.

If you expecting gore and terror here you will be disappointed; this is big scale FX movie with some very well made and really terrifying monsters. Some scenes; specially the ones with the arachnids are really scary. Others like the "DIABLO" are quite good. The Dragon is fine but resembles to much to Games of Thrones.

There is not much story to tell; a group of United Nations force got lost under a storm and transported to another dimensions inhabited but very hungry and very big monsters.

The only survivor Milla Jovovich helps the very charismatic Tony Jaa to kill the monsters and escape. By the third act Ron Perlman also shows off and with Jaa still the movie.

Milla is not bad (she is the directors other half), but her character is too two dimension. She displays as always her physicals fighting abilities but never get the charisma of Jaa or Perlman. In term of images; the movie is outstanding (nothing surprising considering what Anderson did with Resident Evil).

The as always is open for a follow up which I expect to come.

In brief lots of entertainment to relax your mind

Monsters of Man

A very good sci fi thriller that could had benefit from some triming
Considering that the movie clocks in almost 2 hours and 20 minutes and the end titles still have some interesting scenes; yes, the movie is too long and about 15 minutes less would have improved the pace. However, there are no many other failures in the movie. Considering is obvious a low budget one, is able to be quite believable in all its story. In fact the movie is more Science than Fiction.

Since Kubrick's' 2001 (and perhaps even before Artificial Intelligence) has been treated as the Demon who will destroy humanity. I am a tech person and believe me we are very far from that; however the events portrayed here are quite real for a fiction movie.

A group of five weaponized robots are drop in the Golden Triangle; a place famous for the Asia drug dealing, in order to be tested. One of the robots parachute fail to open and a piece is missing so the robot with AI in it goes rogue.

Three programmers are also taken to a city nearby to conduct the experiments guarded by a Black Ops and in continuous conferences with an Army representative and the private weapons company management.

Unexpectedly, a rogue Navy Seal and a group of Doctors without borders get mixed with the locals and attacked by the robots too.

Obviously Army no Private sector want witness so robots are set to massacre everybody; plus the tech programmers had to deal with the rogue robot that is getting conscious of the environment and trying to reconnect with the main server to acquire information.

Places within the jungle with people living like tribes, had been used from many years back; to test lots of things including medicines and weapons because nobody (much less local government) cared about those people there.

Artificial Intelligence first requirement is to collect information and establish relations between data. The second step is basically statistics.

To be more clear; based on the data what are the probabilities certain events to occur.

In this movie, weaponized robots are controlled by people. The concept that one rogue robot try to make decisions for itself (collecting information from the environment) is basically a failsafe that most devices have and is quite logical in sophisticated systems designed to be autonomous if necessary.

Characters (particularly the people being attacked ) act realistically. The Navy Seal try to save everybody but when thinks get ugly he takes of doing nothing and letting people being killed, in order to avoid worse things.

People are really afraid and act based on their stress; not always right but with a logic.

Sadly there are some melodramatic long scenes that should have been edited or changed. Those scenes slow down the pace and are somewhat unnecessary.

The end even in my opinion too melodramatic, follows a logic; nobody will create a machine that powerful without a safety rule of protecting human life (Asimov).

I can only say that Director and Screenwriter Mark Toia has made an incredible job in what appears to be his first and only film. I can only hope he gets more opportunities because his talent is undoubtable.

The Godfather: Part III

A failed re-edit of a great movie
Godfather part III was disappointing mostly because of Sofia Coppola acting skills. The movie itself was great but not as good as the first two parts. Perhaps the main problem was that Coppola was afraid to push more on the attacks to church and politics. The CODA make a few changes some but not really that interesting or necessary.

Popes Paulo VI and Juan Pablo I are mentioned instead of the fictitious names and Licio Lucchesi is based on Giulio Andreotti; this add more reality to the main story which is not bad even when everybody already now the characters involved.

The new start of the movie is basically a sequence order exchange. In my opinion it does not add nothing to the movie.

Many scenes professing about the love to Italy and the corruption and violence on the country seems unnecessary and a little too late.

The big end change is basically not showing Michael Corleone die. He scenes cut a few seconds before and a text on the screen that might suggest a follow up with Al Pacino on it.

Overall, the movie is shorter but feels slower. Some scenes are far more drama but lack the intensity of the original movie. And Sofia Coppola acting is still as bad as it was 30 years ago.

The best things are some bits where Al Pacino and Andy Garcia shine and really makes us regret there never a follow up of this movie; but aside from that if you are curious take a look; otherwise find the original.

Mafia Inc

If your looking for a good Maffia movie, this is NOT; just see THE GODFATHER
I understand that the bar set by Coppola masterpiece is too high but at least some maffia movies were entertaining or at least interesting. It is not the case here.

The dialogues mix in bad English and worse Quebecian require subtitles to understand and are mostly a lot of words without much sense. The family drama is on bad soap opera level and acting (aside from a few character actors on brief roles) is unconvincing to say it mildly. Setting guy that kills 25 innocent kids removes their organs and use their bodies to smuggle heroin in Canada, as the main character; could be a good start for an horror movie; but in this kind of drama is unpleasant. Even worse trying to generate empathy for the monster; particularly when the actor is not charismatic nor scaring enough. The GODFATHER is played by Sergio Castellitto; a big Italian movie star that is completely miscast here. His parliaments part French, part Italian and part bad English are long and umberables. It is impossible to believe a person with such lack of charisma can be the BIG CAPO.

To make matter worse; the movie is almost two hours and a half long; but the story that could have been told in half the time and perhaps even less.

In brief; boring, not decent acting and uninteresting story; this movie harm the genre instead of adding anything new to it.


Thanks Jackie Chan for giving a lot of fresh air and fun to moviegoers
Considering how little movie offers Hollywood industry is showing to cinemas; it is really a miracle somebody is still going like me. Weeks pass with shallow romances, un funny little comedies and so so horror movies. No serious movies, no blockbusters or anything else to motivate people but cinemas. But happily with little publicity came a Jackie Chan movie; which guarantees high production values, lots of action and healthy fun. VANGUARD does not disappoint in any of these aspect. Sadly Jackie has grown old but he is able to get a few younger actors doing the best they can to keep up with the legend; they did not succeed but still on the good path. VANGUARD is Mission Impossible / James Bond type of movie; with very sophisticated gadgets, lots of action. exotic places and mostly fun. Jackie does some stunts and fights but not too much while the rest try to compensate. There are very good fights and some very good action scenes in different exotic places and even a Fast and the Furious car chase in Dubai. On the pros side, the gadgets are far more believable than in MI movies; the fights are spectacular and the stunt work is unbelievable. Many people hated the attack of the U.S. ship; but it is basically a failed attack and besides U.S moves destroy most the work well known areas so this is just a very little retribution. On the cons; the car chase could have been better and some scenes could had benefit for more development.

In any case; is the best action movie showing and you can take your kids too and enjoy with them. Basically a win win

Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon

Really funny but gross humor
City Hunter (the French version), use a very sexualized humor that really works; as it was intended on the original comic book.

The movie has good production values and a some game actors giving a lot to keep the rhythm and the fun.

Even when the theme is very sexual; a parfum seducing everyone who smell its; nudity is very little and mostly oriented to comedy.

It will not get any CESARs or OSCARs but is still a lot of fun to watch if you can cope with subtitles.


Another good Blum House movie but leave you wanting more
Blum House has successfully refreshed the horror genre several times with good ideas and more irreverent tone. The recent box office success like Happy Death Day, its follow up or Invisible Man shows that you still get good mileage of the classics with some imagination. Freaky is basically a version of Freaky Friday but this time the body exchange is between a very insecure and shy student and a violent serial killer. The prologue of the movie is quite promising for slasher films fans. Four young persons are killed in very violent way. The killer gets away with a sacrificial dagger by mistake with some magic characteristics. Vince Vaughn is the killer and is really terrifying in those first scenes. Then enters Kathryn Newton; the shy adolescent who after a failed attempt by the psycho swaps bodies with the killer. Sounds interesting ? And funny ?. Well it really is; and Vaughn is excellent as the killer and is even better and lots of fun as the adolescent girl. Sadly Newton is not near as convincing and/or good in any of the parts. The rest of the cast is decent but cliched. The gay and the black friend, the controlling mother, the school bullies, etc. While the first four death are fine, set setup and the middle of the movie lags with unnecessary sentimental dialogs and stupid actions/decisions. The third act and epilogue recover the pace; but you keep waiting for more deaths and / or more comedy or perhaps both. In brief; entertaining but not as fun as Happy Death Day

Kill Skills

Do not look for political correctness or kids friendly movie
Killers for hire movies are a dime a dozen and pretty much all of them are about the redemption or guilt. Not the case here by far. Sammy is a half french/tunisian Jewish (not very religious) killer for hire working for the Jewish/London maffia (or something like that); but aside for his killing skills he is a complete disaster. Drugs, alcohol, gambling and pretty much having sex with everything that moves; includes his boss daughter. In one of his very stupid acts, he steal a few ECSTASY pills from his boss and gives to his boss daughter, killing her. He is obviously marked for death so he runs away, for a job, to Denmark where he some trouble adapting; specially with his local liaison Claes (Søren Poppel excellent and stoic) . After another stupid act; product of being drunk and his Sammy's difficulties for following directives, he and Claes are offered a very lucrative series of jobs so the killing spree gets bigger and character becomes more morally corrupted than before. To make matters worse, Sammy start having an affair with Claes wife; the very beautiful and sexy Mette (Silja Eriksen Jensen a really great actress). The story unfolds more than a drama than an action film even when there are many killings and some of them violent but never too bloody. Most of the characters are perfectly defined and even when you might notice some budget constraints; the movie is perfectly made and directed. At the end, some things about life came up and male friendship stay above all

In brief; do not expect any moral values. There are no innocent or redeemable characters but acting and structure made the movie quite good


Well written and really original
This French thriller has enough twists, betrayals and deaths for at least three good Hollywood movies. Using a very fast pace, a couple of well known actors in small roles (Reno, Lavin and a cameo from Claudia Cardinale), and others not so well know but effectives; BRONX becomes a violent thriller full of unexpected surprises and even an ending. Explain the story is not easy. There are a three gangs fighting for drug control. A lot cops; some very corrupted and others rebelling against the system and superiors. Everybody betrays somebody else and you must pay attention because things get very ugly for criminal, civilian and policemen. In brief; totally unexpected and very interesting.

The Empty Man

Let's go with the good parts first. Acting is very good and satisfying. Cinematography the same. The first 15 minutes on the mountain are really interesting and suspenseful. The former cop story looking for a neighbour's daughter starts very good. Suddenly after the SPA scene, the starts making no sense at all. This is not an psycho killer, entity or possession movie; in fact by the ends try to be somewhat Lovecraftian. Now with the bad. The movie is too long and feels even longer. The script does not seems to decide where to head the movie; by the end the different concepts get mixed but not properly tied up so basically many things has nothing to do with overall plot. Without spoiling too much; most of the ideas came from ANGEL HEART, THE SECT or many other better, where the main character is more involved than he thinks. In brief; is not too boring but is really long and the mystery and final twist is not that surprising

American Dragons

A violent but sweet buddy cops movie
American Dragons is a surprisingly sweet movie about two very violent cops that decide to take law in their own hands in order to stop a very effective killer. While the American ( Michael Biehn) and Korean (Joong-Hoon Park) cops relation, start in a very wrong foot; their bond grow spiritually and fully believable. Both actors are superb and most of the movie works perfectly (albeit violent) until a somewhat forced end that deserved to be better. In brief; is a very nice movie that sadly did not got a follow up

Bullets of Justice

Unexpected surprise
The presence of Danny Trejo (in a very brief character), suggest a violent "B MOVIE"; well that aspect if over accomplished. The movie violence and gore reach the highest mark I saw in a long time; and about the same on the sexual part. Some sexual scenes are extremely explicit with full graphic nudity (not always the pleasant kind) , some perversion (incest apparently) and homoerotic undertones too. However; if you are looking for a story; then you will be perhaps disappointed.

Bullet of Justice is the king of bizarre movie for David Lynch fans; where reality and dreams mix (take Mulholland Drive as a hint) and unexpected twists occur that required some additional viewing.

In any case; the movie does not want to be taken seriously as Lynch's are. There lots of humor (very dark and gory ) and is more satirical than science fiction.

The end; perhaps disappointing; makes sense with the whole.

In brief; a piece of very bizarre entertainment; they kind that cannot be made on Hollywood standards of political correctness.

The 2nd

Decent acting and lots of shootings cannot compensate for the director's errors
DIE HARD was made over 32 years ago and still is one of the best action thrillers ever made. However if you look closely it was a reasonable budget movie; no top stars (Bruce Willis was just starting his movie career) Godunov was famous as a dancer but not as an actor and Rickman was virtually unknown in USA. The secret of the movie was great casting, great writing, outstanding direction and edition. Sadly aside from a decent casting and a couple of interesting ideas, nothing else is present in The 2nd. A DIE HARD wannabe as many others that fails miserably (as many others). Ryan Phillips is good as DELTA FORCE Major Davis trying to save his son and a Supreme Court daughter of a group of killer / kidnappers. He moves very well in his action scenes; but sadly most of the action is so bad filmed and worse edited that his efforts are for nothing. Casper Van Dien does mostly that he always does but he is the bad guy now. He is good but his character's writing does not give him any time to show his charisma and skills. Jack Griffo is surprisingly good as the, not defenseless, Davis 's son. He does a few fights quite good and his comedy skills and sympathy keeps the mood up even when his characters is full of cliches. In terms of action scenes, only some fights are worth. Shooting , car chases and explosions are too cheap made and poorly edited. The few interested ideas are never exploited (young boys romance, political issues, Constitution changing, comedy ); plus an unexpected ending. It is a pity because the movie could have been far far better with a more skilled director.

Cat People

Between sexual awakening, love and horror story
I saw Cat People many years ago in a bad VHS copy (the movie was forbidden in my country for his strong sexual content) but seeing again in a remastered version is great pleasure; first of all for the quality but because it did not outdated after almost 40 years. Because of the high sexual content, incest themes, abundant nudity and gore, this movie could not be made in today's Hollywood. Eighties were far more open and more artistic interest than todays PG THIRTEENESS and politically correct movies. Paul Schrader the writer of Taxi Driver (among others) is a very polarizing director (and writer). You can like or hate his work but nothing in the middle. Nastassja Kinski as the repressed woman desperate for getting ride of her virginity and Malcolm McDowell as his incestous brother who knows what would happen if she releases her sexual desires with other "kind of" people are both outstanding. John Heard and Annette O'Toole as the other to vertices of these love square are good too. Special effects are not sophisticated as today's but get the work done very well. The ending is poetic and quite open which fits perfect. In brief; it has some scares but is not an horror story; but still very interesting and entertaining.

Enola Holmes

Good but only for young women
I love Millie Bobby Brown and in this movie he really shows charisma and acting chops far beyond Stranger Things. She is even realistic when fighting and natural when talking to the camera or lovable when punished for not being girly enough. Boys are mostly decorative (ring a bell) and adult men are stupid or authoritarian or selfish (perhaps all together).

The point is; that as fun as it is seeing Bobby doing her stuff; the movie does not make a lot of sense; She and Cavill who is quite charismatic but the rest of the characters do not generate any empathy (male or female).

Even Helena Bonham Carter is forgettable and miscast as the mother.

The movie is acceptable for up to 15 years old; but is not a Sherlock Holmes mystery and the killer identity is immediately clear for the public, long before the characters find out.

In brief; entertaining and good to see with your kids but as adult do not lose your time

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