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Great example of horror filmmaking on a budget
Great short. Essentially a bit of a homage to creature flicks way back when using the setting of a beach and a giant jellyfish as the monster.

The acting was good, the camera-work was great, and the special effects were very good. If most horror flicks followed this example we've have a lot better movies than we do now.

They give you a little backstory to the monster early on how it's created, and since it's a jellyfish there's more than one mutation out there, I like this short as well because it moves very quickly then gets to the action.

Worth looking at.

The House That Cried Blood

Very good example of short horror film making
Great little horror short. Good acting, very good effects, and gore.

This genre of the whole haunted house come alive has become excessively filled with garbage with movies like Paranormal Activity milking it until the creative ideas are gone.

I liked this horror short, it moves very quickly, and leaves you entertained.

Chernobyl Diaries

Laugh out Loud funny
(Spoilers) Warning!!! Warning!!! Before you see this movie consult your doctor because you might have a heart attack, no not from fright but from laughing so hard!!!

OK, it was pretty bad. I went in actually KNOWING it would be bad. I love bad movies, and this looked pretty bad. Jesus "Chernobyl Diaries" just try saying the title to a friend with a straight face without laughing. Then when I heard it was from the producers of "Paranormal Activity" my expectations were verified I knew what I was in for: lots of jump scares (which of course are not even remotely scary since you can point them out a mile away and on cue) lots of dumb dialogue (this movie had a few including the "honey we need to go he's got the gun", and "if you're hungry we got beef jerky" lines), and characters doing the dumbest things ever while in immediate danger "oh one of friends is probably dead but let's keep looking for him". Lmao

Plot: Two brothers are about to journey into Moscow to take their girls, but one suggests taking them to Chernobyl. There is a very brief argument, but naive girlfriends decide to go (otherwise there be no movie). They meet their tour guide, Yuri, an ex-special forces who promises he knows what he's doing, and they are completely safety in his hands. Haha (yeah right) When they arrive at Pripyat and finish their weird sight seeing mission, they realized that the parts of Yuri's car have been stolen, and they are stuck in Pripyat. As darkness comes one by one they will struggle to survive as the mutants from the Chernobyl disaster make them their next meal....

Yep that's it. It's a straight by the number survivor story, but it's done in such a comical, unintelligent way that you don't care who lives or dies.

This is all a shame really because this film is actually pretty well acted for the most part. All the actors actually do a pretty job of showing how scared they are, but it's all wasted in a movie with no intelligence, bunch of clichés , bad dialogue and routine jump scares that we have all seen a million times already-the only difference is the setting itself in Pripyat and the whole Chernobyl disaster.

Like I said I knew it be bad like most of the people seeing it with me, and we loved it as a comedy, but as a horror film it's pathetic.

Casa de mi Padre

Pure comedy gold!!!
Nice parody of Westerns and Spanish telenovelas. Of course seeing a "gringo" play the lead in this comedy role with a largely Mexican cast was going to be fun, but Ferrell was absolutely perfect and the only guy that could have pulled it off very well.

With his poor broken Spanish and intentional bad acting guaranteed a laugh a minute. Just looking as his black perm and acting Mexican pretty much sold the movie. However, the barrage of over the top and bizarre sequences pretty much elevated the movie even more (and there are too many too list).

Probably my favorite involved the ones involving the "White cat" (pure gold).

The supporting cast is made of acclaimed Mexicans actors like Diego Luna, and the late Pedro Armendáriz Jr., and young up and coming actress Genesis Rodriguez who all gave great comedic performances.

You can tell they really had fun with this one.


The Vow

Nice romantic movie
The movie will definitely put a smile on your face. It's a romantic drama with a few brushes of comedy thrown in.

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum play a young married couple whose lives take a tragic fate when they suffer a head on car accident.

McAdams's character isn't horribly disfigured or anything like that, but she suffer brain trauma which has blocked all memory of Tatum's character Leo.

Leo tries to get regain her memory by trying to have her fall in love with him again.

It's true that these types of movies aren't original, but that doesn't bother me too much as long as the product is good.

The performances are excellent, Channing and Rachel have great chemistry and supporting cast from Sam Neil to Jessica Lange is more than adequate.

All it's just a nice romantic movie.

In the Land of Blood and Honey

Impressive film by Angelina Jolie
I was invited to see this film back in July. At the time it was a secret screening. They wouldn't tell us the name of the movie, let alone who directed it. When I find out later it was directed by Angelina Jolie , I was impressed.

She did a great job capturing the atrocities of war and the lowest depths of humanity here. The movie basically shows us the events leading to, during, and after the Bosnian war from the perspective of a Serb and a Bosnian who as it so happens are lovers.

The lovers are Ajla and Danijel both excellently played by Goran Kostic and Zana Marjanovic . At first Danijel is very hesitant about carrying his orders as a Serb soldier. At first, but this doesn't last long. He either carries out or orders other members of his team to carry some barbaric actions on the Bosnian civilians they find from either rape, torture, to eventual death.

When you see what happens you are going instantly think back to the Nazi's and what they did to Jews in the name of ethnic cleansing.

Eventually, we see through Danijel's lead, genocide being committed at every turn. Ajla is captured, but she is treated like royalty (again at first) with no one else being able to touch or come near here except Danijel.

This love story though has no happy ending as Ajla sees Danijel for what he is, not an unwilling participant in the war, but an active and willing agitator in one of the most chronicled bloodbaths recorded in Europe.

"In the land of Blood and Honey" is a superb war movie showing the type of atrocities that the Serbs were accused off while the United Nations and United States did nothing to stop it until the end.

Angelina Jolie's second directorial debut is impressive. No shot is ever wasted, every shot and scene sets up something very important. The actors are all excellent.

This could easily get several Academy nominations come Oscar time.

All in war a very brutal, but realistic depiction of another bloody war in history.


Good sequel
Good sequel to the original Tron. I got goose bumps when I watched this in the theater. It's been a long time coming but finally a sequel was done.

Tron Legacy is a visually sound movie experience. The 200 million dollar budget over the movie definitely shows on screen. The incredible musical score by Daft Punk fits the film PERFECTLY and it definitely felt like this was taken right after the original TRON.

Story: Kevin Flynn, the hero from the original movie, took over Encom but then mysteriously vanished. Sam's gets an s.o. s from Flynn's old arcade house. He gets there then he gets thrown back into the digital world of Tron (just like Flynn did in the original movie) . Sam has to fight in the games of the grid like his father did all the while trying to get to his father, so the two can find a way out of the grid. Kevin it turns out was betrayed by his program, Clu, who has decided to take over the whole grid killing any programs and anomalies that threaten him.

I read a couple of the critiques about the film with regards to the story, and the critics do have some points. The story is pretty simple, and could have been reworked a bit more to take full advantage of all the elements from the original movie including the actual character of Tron/ Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) whose inexplicably reduced to a minor role. However, with that said, the writers didn't lose sight of the main character of Kevin Flynn who was the main character of the original movie, and do expand on the story from the original.

Jeff Bridges hasn't played the role in more than twenty eight years, but as the great actor he is, easily starts out where he left in the original and takes the character into another direction. Kevin Flynn is now older and as such is a wiser, darker, more mysterious character, not the same naive, innocent guy he was in the first movie.

Joseph Kosinki's directorial style is good. He throws a lot of references to the movie and uses a couple of comedy bits, but the movie for the most part has a dark and futuristic look that gives fans a good feel of where exactly the Tron universe has evolved too since the last movie.

The movie is definitely a visual spectacle for the eyes. Everything has been upgraded from the original, and you definitely do get the realism like the original that this guy has been sucked into the movie. The light cycles have been upgraded, and you see programs disassembled and destroyed In more graphic fashion than in the original movie. We also get the cool hand to hand disc battles that were in the original with the exception now that the fights borrow a lot from motion style of fighting. There are added new gadgets like the light jets and light cars.

There's also besides the visual feats as mentioned an incredible music score by French musicians Daft Punk (who have a small cameo in the movie as a couple of digital Dj's). Daft Punk's score is definitely another element that really made the movie quite an experience.

The performances in the movie are good. As talked about Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn has grown from the original movie. He's no longer the that naive hacker with a love for computers, now he's older and seen his great creation once again perverted again. Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn does his role well as the estranged son here. Olivia Wilde as his would be love interest is also pretty good.

Tron Legacy is a good sequel that definitely lives up the hype surrounding it. Studios gave the director a might big budget and it's taking advantage of it. It's true the script and story could have been better but as far as what happens to the main character of Kevin Flynn, they did answer a lot of questions that we had questions since the first movie. If there are plans for further entries in the franchise then they must include a deeper story that takes more advantage of the characters from the original including Tron .

As far as this movie goes, they got right what they were supposed to do which is get news fans interested in the franchise, and get older dedicated fans of the original something to look back on. Hopefully, there will be further entries in the franchise.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Looks promising
This is the very hyped spin-off to NCIS. It was good. More hits than misses. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell play their parts like veterans.

Character wise you'll notice differences and similarities between this and NCIS obviously. There's a computer guru like Abby. There's a psychologist in the show where as in NCIS there isn't one. The main chief, Hetty, is an old woman who seems to treat her agents like their kids. In the first episode when Agent Callen (O'Donnell) arrives for his day back to work, Hetty makes sure he has everything he needs including a new wardrobe!!! She is definitely unlike Gibbs in many ways. Gibbs would never pamper his agents to that level. Gibbs is more direct and impatient. Hetty seems a bit more understanding. Hanna and Callen have a buddy buddy relationship in the tradition of Dinozzo and McGee. I found O'Donnell and LL's chemistry to be right on the money. Perfect casting here. They are creating a spin-off show with a couple of the same formulas from the original with an LA feeling. So far I think they've succeeded.

You'll also notice differences in the way of how the organization deals with cases. For the bulk of the pilot it was Callen and Hanna doing the bulk of the muscle for their investigation. Maybe this will change over time.

Story-wise the show seems to have a couple of stories to pursue. Callen still hasn't gotten his moment of justice for the people that shot him. In the the pilot is about a Navy Officer whose gunned down by people who are working for the drug cartel. There are a couple of twists to make the outcome not seem so obvious. OK sure it's a story that probably has been repeated many times but then again NCIS has plenty of routine stories that have been done to death.

"Identity" introduces the main characters of the show. They establish O'Donnell and LL as the main stars. We get a taste of the supporting characters but not enough obviously to let us know what makes them act the way they do. We also get a few characters making cameos for the show like Director Vance.

Overall, this so far is a nice spin-off. "Identity" was entertaining. There's a lot of possibilities here. As long as the show has character development and make stories interesting this could end up like NCIS having a long run.

The Soloist

The Soloist a great movie not to be missed!!!
Saw this movie at a screening last year, yet this movie stuck with me back then as it still does now (Many spoilers follow below):

Based on a true story and a book The Soloist is a special movie that might end up getting serious Academy Award attention (don't know why it got delayed last year when it easily could have been nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting actor at this year's Oscars). This story takes place in Los Angeles and has a lot to say about LA (Namely dirty politics, the homeless problem specifically in Skid Row but can be attributed to the whole state, and mental illness) it was a must see. The fact that there were two great actors in the lead Jamie Foxx (Ray)and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) was enough for me to see it. The movie is about a homeless musician with schizophrenia. At least that's part of the story, this a movie that has a story within a story. We learn about the brilliance of Nathaniel Ayers Jr. played with stunning excellence by Foxx.

Ayers for whatever reason developed schizophrenia but was a brilliant cello and violin player with a love for Beethoven. LA Times journalist, Steve Lopez (Downey) does something that not many journalists do when he reaches to Ayers for help seeing his brilliant playing (not too mention the circumstances which he lives in which are to say the least inhumane but no one gives a damn about except the homeless shelter Ayers visits.) and hoping that he can fulfill his dreams of sharing his brilliant gift of playing music.

Lopez really doesn't know what he is getting himself into as Ayers schizophrenia often poses numerous problems not just for Ayers health but any potential rewarding job opportunities. Both Foxx and Downey play these parts great. They really are some of the best actors in the business today. Like I said a story within a story, we see the homeless problem in Skid Row (although really all of California like other states has a big homeless problem). We see REALLY NO ASSISTANCE for the homeless. Then the Mayor makes some speech promising to help the homeless but as with most politicians most of their promises are crap as we see a sweep (really a beat down of the homeless by the pigs, I mean cops of LA). This is something that is done in other cities for whatever reason (I guess maybe the mentality is if they get rid of the homeless and move them out of the area no one will realize there is a problem).

Anyhow, I really liked the director's guts (Joe Wright) to show not just Nathaniel's story but the story of other homeless people and poor people of the area. This could have been one of those garbage "Hollywood ending" movies where everybody gets saved but Joe Wright presents the real consequences and results of situations. Anyways, this is a great, great movie that is not to be missed. It's not a Shine ripoff!!! You know they throw around a lot of exaggerated phrases like "this is the Best movie I've seen in years", "This movie is mesmerizing",. " It will tug away at your heart", but really this is a movie that lives up to all that and more.

I've also started reading the real book "The Soloist" by Steve Lopez. I would also highly recommend reading the book as it will give your more details about Ayers and more insight from Lopez himself in learning about his new friend and what others with schizophrenia go through. It's a great book. This movie really is one of the best movies I've seen in a while by two great actors.

My Own Worst Enemy

Great show killed too soon
Well as of now people know the show has been canceled. The how and why can be discussed all day but for me I loved the show. It proved that Slater is an underrated actor. He's done a couple of bad stinkers like "Alone in The Dark" but he has redeemed himself.

This show was fun every week. Yeah a lot of was predictable but it's still done in such an entertaining way that I never missed an episode.

The acting by Slater as he slips into Edward then Henry was great and convincing. The secondary characters from his wife to his buddy or the psychologist are all well developed. Everyone harbors a secret in this show which made it interesting. You don't know whose playing who.

Likewise, Edward/Henry has an actual family to begin with so you do get all the dynamics and drama that comes with living two identities.

Stuff like the experiment or chip in Edward malfunction make the show less predictable as you don't quite know when one personality will take over. There's also a lot of humor with the rivalry that Edward and Henry against one another. They both hate each but also need one another.

It's hilarious to see then where their personality takes them in every episode. Again I will say that Christian Slater provides great acting here. You can tell when an actor is really into his role and that makes all the difference in the world. I will mention the rest of the cast which is great. There is Alfre Woodward who plays Edward's boss, Mavis Heller. She is also great and let's Henry/Edward know that he can be eliminated at any time. Bella Thorne as Henry's wife, Ruthy Spivey, is a capable actress. Omid Atayi as Tony (the technology dude keeping track of the experiment) is also good. Saffron Burrows as Henry's psychologist is great (not too mention beautiful). It's too bad that this died too soon.

Iron Man

Excellent adaptation of the comic book hero!!! Thumbs up!!!!
Wow. Wow. Wow. Talk about a great film forget about the people who say this movie fails. Iron Man the movie is not only a great adaptation of the comic hero but is a great movie in general. It has it all: Special effects, great acting, interesting, realistic characters and a very modern story. Of course this is also attributed to the fact that comic book itself has all these qualities as well. For anyone who wants more of Iron Man after watching the movie, I would highly suggest getting in the comic you won't be disappointed!!! (Spoilers) The comic of course was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, and Don Heck.

The film follows the comic book very well (with a couple of alterations such as it taking place in the West Coast instead of the East Coast for example).

Backstory: Iron Man or should I say Tony Stark (who in my opinion is one of the most underrated comic book heroes who doesn't quite the same publicity as Bob Kane's Batman) is a wealthy socialite who makes his life building and selling weapons. In a way just like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark is a business superhero. Also, unlike Spider-Man, The Hulk and other comic book heroes there isn't a mutant or radioactive, gamma force that gives the hero his power, the power lies in the man's own ability to use his intellect, wits, bravery and judgment to combat the villains and problems he encounters.

Tony Stark, Iron Man fights against a corporation/terrorist group known as Ten Rings in Afghanistan. In the comic book, Iron Man has many adventures fighting groups that have profited and used his own weapon systems from Stark Industries.

Stark is forced to create a replica of one of his Jericho missiles for the group or face death. Worse yet, Stark having felt a blast that has left shrapnel near his heart MUST wear a chest plate to protect his heart. Yinsen (another prisoner) is the man who has kept Stark alive and helps create the prototype of Iron Man with him. Yinsen helps Tony get the necessary time to get Iron Man up and running. This leads to an impressive special effects action sequence that led to a lot of clapping and cheering with the audience I saw it with.

After this recovery from death and from the words of Yinsen who tells him not to waste his life, Stark has a major epiphany. He no longer wants to make weapons of destruction, he wants to save lives. His business partner Obadiah Stone does not share Stark's new vision and this leads to several dramatic scenes and more superb special effects with Iron Man. I will not spoil what else happens except that it's excellent.

Before watching the movie, I saw an interview with Jon Favreau who said he was going to make a movie that would make lovers of the comic book happy but also make a movie simple enough that you didn't have to be an expert in it. What a smart guy he is. Jon is a good director but this was by far his biggest project. I mean Marvel wants to make a franchise of Iron Man just like they did with Spider-Man so a lot was riding on the line and Favreau delivered a home run!!! Speaking of home runs, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man was unbelievable I cannot think now in retrospect a better pick for the role. Jeff Bridges was great and Gwyneth Paltrow were also very good. I'am glad they went with this cast and didn't go for the younger cast which would not have achieved the same results of this very adult oriented comic book hero's life.

Again going back to why this movie is so successful: It's not dumb down, we got a moral dilemma with a guy coming to grips over the destruction that comes from his business but is starting to correct it, we got several shots at the corporate culture putting profit ahead of lives, we get a nice romantic storyline here, we have multidimensional characters, and lastly we got great special effects. On top of all this we have a good attempt to follow the comic book hero.

I don't know what else to say if what I say hasn't convinced you that Iron Man is not just a great comic book movie but a great movie in general then there's nothing I can do. However, you will be missing out on one heck of a great movie. Thumbs way up!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Eye

Very funny show and a breath of fresh air.
Who knew something so good and funny could be on Foxnews? I certainly didn't. Greg, Bill and his gang are a riot. Forget about Bill "I hate Liberals and anyone with a different opinion" O'Reilly, "Red Eye" is the complete opposite of everything on Foxnews.

First off, it's not dull, it's not lame, it's hip, cool, and unpredictable. Greg has numerous guests ranging from Hollywood directors to even wrestlers like Chris Jericho and comedians like Amy Schumer and Andrew Levy.

The format is quite simple (and yet so brilliant) Greg gets together with his buddies and guests into a round table discussion of the day's/week's event. The topic can literally go anywhere from talking about marijuana, to talking about politics, the latest busted celebrity, or even to the panelists themselves.

Greg I don't know how he is off the screen but comes as a very smart guy who knows his stuff as does Bill and the rest.

Like I said when I first watched it, I loved it, then I realized I was actually loving a show that was on Foxnews!!!! Completely blew me away.

If you are fan, you know this show is great. Highly recommended.

Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States

I liked it
Lil' Bush is a cartoon intending to poke fun at our current ignorant President as seen through his eyes in grade school.

I liked the show. Granted, it wasn't perfect but it's far from horrible. Most of the negative reviews are a bit misleading and unfair to say the least. One such review said this show is boring and not funny….let's take a look at some of the jokes from the pilot:

"Tonight's episode where I go to Iraq for some reason"-Lil' Bush

"Bad news on Iraq let's see what else is on"-Lil' Bush

Senior Bush: "You kids know that you aren't supposed to watch anything but Foxnews".

Senior Bush: "The focus on the terrible bad stuff that we're doing like torturing people and killing civilians and funneling millions of tax paying dollars."

There is no way somebody with a straight face (and who knows what the Bush legacy is really about) is going to say that's not funny. Abrasive and direct yes, but not funny? Give me a break.

Anyways, this show was fine. I love the fact that Cheney was made to sound like a damn penguins. The Vice President comes across as a rabid animal in his interviews so I found this representation of him to be right on the money. Condoleeze Rice being made to look like an ugly girl nobody wants is a great representation of the way she comes across in real life including the way that she talks (both in the show and in the news) manipulating details and ignoring facts that would condemn the failure of the President.

Lil' Bush himself is a great replica of our current disgraceful President.

I thought the jokes were decent and they capture the personality of the real life characters well. The only down point for me was the whole "Graduate" spoof with Barbara Bush and Cheney...ugh that was painful. We don't need to see that. The fictional account of Lil' Bush meeting Lil' Clinton and Hilary was also funny.

Other than that though lots of laughs here. The pilot seems to have gotten mixed reactions but I still haven't heard a great reason as to why people hate it other than they are pro-bush supporters or this show took over another show's time slot or comparing it (unfairly) to a show that doesn't even air anymore. Whatever. The second episode was funny too. Bush get sent to camp and by accident stumbles upon an Al-Queda camp. Instead, of eliminating the threat Bush instead becomes friends with the "terrorists" (in controversial fashion as the real wealth of the Bush family comes, if you want to believe it, from connection with Bin Laden's family). Likewise, the music video showing how the President becomes "decisive" (all the while showing the bombings he does all over the earth) was a hoot too. It's a good way of showing in a nutshell what Bush is about.

I can't complain much as a show it's OK and it provides good summer entertainment.

Lucky You

Decent movie about love and poker.
I saw this movie last year during a free screening. It was a decent date movie about love and poker. Despite the title, "Lucky You" is really about an down and out poker play, Huck Cheever, trying to get into a famous poker tournament. A big part of the movie is Huck's rivalry with his dad who beats up in the poker table. We see Huck have a lover Suzanne Offer. However, eventually he falls for her sister who is a singer.

Barrymore hasn't looked she's aged much. Her performance in this is memorable though it's not that different from other roles she's played. Eric Bana is convincing as the woeful Huck Cheever. Likewise, Robert Duvall by this point is a master in playing the stuffy, arrogant, but tough old man role. In a way this is one of those movies where the major character as hard he tries is an underachiever who can't cut a break. Nothing ever seems to work for him including relationships. This movie also has the familiar "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl, then loses her again" plot that audiences will eat up.

I remember the audience though did love it and the movie does manage to blend in comedy and drama and shows you a bit of what's like in the card playing world of poker.

The release of the movie in May just seems totally illogical. With all the summer blockbusters coming up, it seems destined to be a movie that might be forgotten amidst the hype of the other movies. Still it's a decent movie and the acting is fine. The movie may not do huge at the box office but if you want a perfectly decent movie to watch that will leave you satisfied at the end then see it.


Funny and outdated short but it still has merit.
"Gossip" is a rare short from 1950's directed by Homer O'Donnell and Leonard Clairmont Talk about a blast from the past. These shorts from 50's are nowhere to be found nowadays but now with the internet you can track them any of them down. This short is like with the other Propaganda films of its time both an educational documentary and a small movie.

The short begins with a lecture on what is gossip, how it's spread and it's consequences. They use regular actors to portray a scenario. The short focuses on a sweet girl named Jean and her bf named Jack. Jean Gage is the new girl in school. Jack is sort of the playboy that's known for getting girls. When Jean slaps him and rejects his advances, Jack, being the ego, masculine jerk he is, starts spreading rumors about what happened with Jean e.g. he slept with her and yada, yada, yada.

The gossip of course hurts Jean, and she knows who is causing it. The girls in school especially a club she wants to join wants nothing to do with her. Jean cries her eyes out and tells her parents what happened. The parents take their complaint to the principal who in effect straightens out Jack Monroe. The jerk comes clean publicly to the school about what he did. .

Like I said this short is horrendously outdated but the whole theme still has merit if only people actually followed the lessons shorts like this showed then a lot of nonsense could be solved. A more updated version of this short today, no doubt would be more graphic and violent and would have a negative ending but still this one is still entertaining.

The Sex Inspectors

Doesn't cover anything new
Apparently when users go on flaming sprees they conveniently ignore several areas as this user Angel does.

While the program attempts to help young couple, you have to wonder how much research was actually done here. There are literally hundreds self help books on sex, xxx videos and a countless number of sex therapists available why the couple feature claimed to have great sex lives is anyone's (shame, guilt, arrogance). As I watching it, it hit me fast that a few of the blunders unearthed by their "investigations" were easily self-evident. Why would anyone claim this show offers good info is a sign of ignorance of the amount of material available nowadays. Eventually a team of "experts" (really they could anyone of the street to hear the way they talk about satisfying their partner like they do in "Real Sex") and solved the problem right away. Then you figure it's just the culture doing it, because this while I'am sure it helps some stubborn people DOES NOT present anything new that a more pro-active and loving couple would do.

The Lookout

Decent movie that is very enjoyable
Albeit so predictable after the "real" plot is revealed. Still I got to recommend the film because it has great acting , and the movie overall was well polished.

(Spoilers) Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Chris Pratt who was out cruising with his friends. They get into an auto accident and pretty much Chris is the only survivor. He falls into a coma and awakens four years later and is trying painfully to pick up the shattered pieces of his life.

He's pretty much hit rock bottom, he's the janitor of a bank that doesn't appreciate him and his boss Mr. Turdle doesn't want to take a chance on him becoming a real banker.

Anyways, Pratt meets Gary Bargo (Matthew Goode who gives a great performance as the villain). Gary pretty much comes across as Mr. Cool, and Pratt even tries to steal his lines to pick up girls every time failing. Gary comes across as an OK guy but he has an agenda. Gary wants to rob banks and knowing that Pratt works at one wants Chris to help. Yeah it gets predictable after this point, but there are interesting bits in here.

Chris has a great friend named Lewis Canfield (played by Jeff Daniels who is utterly brilliant here) whose blind. Lewis is sort of the guardian for Chris because Chris's dad is really an ahole. The type of guy that says he wants to help out his son but doesn't want to put his money where his mouth and deliver the goods (i.e. shell out the money for him to succeed). Enter, Gary again who realizes this and tells Pratt that his parents are basically sustaining Chris but at the same time not really helping him enough to be independent.

Gary sweetens the plan to rob the bank by introducing him to Luvlee Lemons (played by Isla Fisher who my God is incredibly beautiful and talented). Some people will debate that Luvlee is there to use Pratt but it's obvious by her absence by the end of this movie that she really did not love him.

Anyways, the plan goes but Pratt gets cold feet about carrying out the bank robbery but Gary will make him follow it whether he wants to or not…… Like I said, it becomes predictable when the bank robbery scenario is introduced but this movie has such exceptional performances by everyone involved that I still have to recommend it. I think anyone whose seen this would have to agree. I saw it at a screening a couple of days in California and the audience loved it.

I liked it too, and really have to say that while some of it was predictable I really enjoyed it. Thumbs up!!!!

Clerks II

Great job Kevin!!!
"Clerks II" was awesome, and an incredible joyful experience to sit through.

There are no better words to say how funny the movie is. It took long more than ten years sine the first movie came out and the short lived but lovable "Clerks The Animated series" , Clerks II is finally here.

This was a worthy follow up the original and all the characters are back. "Clerks" fans will not be disappointed, this has all the witty and in your face dialogue along with the lovable Randall (my favorite character) along with Dante, and Jay and Silent Bob. New to the movie is Rosario Dawson They could have killed this flick "Clerks II Randall's Revenge" as Jeff Anderson is in this movie in the most and his character really dominates the movie. The sarcastic, and unapologetic Randall is at his best here when he's let loose and he does so in the movie.

The Quick stop is burned to the ground so Randall , Dante and their friend have to work at a fast food joint called the Mooby's (complete with a Moo sound as customers walk in).

One of my favorite scenes had to be Randall confronting the internet millionaire egotist named as Lance Dowds (played by Smith Jason Lee now experiencing network success with funny "My Name is Earl"). This scene is wonderful and is full of the crude humor , slacker attitude and irony that makes the "Clerk' franchise so memorable. Smith manages to integrate even a little drama in the film taking into the fact that the characters are trying to grow up or least wake up to the reality that time is passing them by and perhaps it's time for them to be responsible.

This is a great funny follow-up to the original. Smith never has lost his audience and he still knows how to bring great comedy to the masses when the time comes.

The Road to Guantanamo

Great, great movie that has to be seen for all Americans
This is a great , great movie showing the paranoia and racial profiling that has been going on in our country for a long time.

The movie as IMDb explains is "Part drama, part documentary" and it revolves around three British Muslims (they weren't terrorists) who were held in Guantanamo Bay without rights or a trail after they made a trip to Afghanistan and it's harbors.

Yes they had awful timing to visit a country engulfed in war but it was part of their expedition and their roots to see the country. It was also awful timing for the US to engage in a war that many of the American public do not support.

Despite what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and other right wingers say there is torture, disrespect, beatings and a host of other shameless things that are in direct violation of the Geneva code at Guantanamo. We all saw what happened in Abu Ghraib and the prisoner abuse there that was LARGELY kept secret until someone reported it this is nothing in the post 9/11 world but tip of the iceberg.

The stuff going on Guantanamo has been well detailed in shows like 60 Minutes and news sources like the Guantanamoble project which has DVD's and interviews with prisoners:

Yet we continue doing the same mistakes over and over in the name of National Security even when Lawyers and Supreme Court itself say the policies there are wrong.. This is what causes the rest of the world which is in poverty and despair to lash out the USA with such rage and passion. Everyone was affected by 9/11 no doubt but there were better ways to rebuild and handle than to jail hundreds of people without due process of law. Sadly the law seems something that is only really executed to the rich and well enough than to the common man or foreigner.

Directors Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross did an amazingly good job. He hired some actors to play the role but we also see interviews with the actual Tipton Three about their terrible ordeal. The movie is beautifully shot as well, and really you just have are in admiration for what the directors are trying to do here which is to end the madness and say "hey this is wrong". The policies are wrong especially when it comes to the military with really no prove whatsoever to try and coerce some of these prisoners to admit that they are Al-Queda or some terrorist organizations without any sufficient proof.

Anyhow see this movie. It's getting great ratings on IMDb as well, and I would urge any real concerned American to watch it and discuss it with their friends.


Pretty decent horror short
I gotta say first of all that this horror short was a lot better than expected and better than what the score on here says. It's about a kid in school whose classmates become zombies.

On the bad side, there is no backstory into how they become zombies. One of them becomes a zombie attacks a teacher, teacher becomes a zombies and process continues. The short also is pretty slow for first minutes.

On positive side, despite the director's webpage that explains all the problems he had for the movie the short really came of being very professional. The editing is very good, the special effects are OK for a low budget and acting is passable. The movie has a pretty scary music track to enliven the dark, and fearful scenes to follow. I would have liked to see more gore, but all in all it was a much better short than I expected it to be.

This is the second zombie flick that I've seen from Ireland. If you know your history you'll be familiar with the other zombie flick known as "Dead Meat" around the same.

"Detained" however is a pretty decent horror short. The director has his own website at and you can view his journals and every tidbit that went into the making of the movie. It's actually very interesting reading especially for anyone that wants to do their own shorts.


Effective horror movie enjoyable for the most part
Just finished watching it, it's like "Carrie" meets "The Craft" meets "I know what you did last summer. This is quite a twisted but enjoyable horror flick. Definitely better than what the low rating suggests. I was pleasantly surprised.

Tamara is a shy, hot girl that is trying to be a powerful witch. She runs a paper on a steroids scandal in the school. The loser jocks plan to teach her lesson by making a prank in which she thinks she is meeting her Professor, Mr. Natolly, for a late night rendezvous.

The losers end up taping this but when she fights back, she gets killed in a freak accident. The losers try to cover up the incident but Tamara shows up the next day in class, apparently coming back from the dead literally (shown nicely through a lot of surreal imagery and effects).

Eventually Tamara is now a powerful witch and plots her revenge on them.....This is a pretty well acted, nasty, gore filled movie with lots of suspense and scary scenes.

I liked it overall. Jenna Dewan as "Tamara" is hot, hot, hot. She does the role like the way Sissy Spacek did "Carrie" many years ago, except she turns herself into a vixen. She gets her revenge in quite vicious ways, often using her victims pin cushions and voodoo dolls. Jenna handles the role very, very well, and she is very convincing and entertaining as the vengeful Tamara.

It's in limited release in the theater but I think it's worth a rental if you seen this on video or DVD, especially if you're into horror.


Charming movie, very intelligent and entertaining.
What a breath of fresh air this movie was compared to crap like "Date Movie" and "Havoc". I really thought this spring season was going to continue the trend of horrible movies. Glady I was contented and surprised when "Shopgirl" came along. It had things these other movies didn't have like "great acting", a story, likable characters and a decent ending.

"Shopgirl" follows a love triangle among three characters: Mirabelle (Claire Danes) who works as a salesperson, Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) whose an artist and slacker and Ray Porter (Steve Martin) a wealthy businessman.

This movie has solid performances all the way around, the characters are very likable, there are some funny jokes all around. There are some themes about love and relationship. When Mirabelle and Jeremy get "together" they look like two frightened virgins afraid to get it on but with Ray and Mirabelle finds a more mature partner and a good mate to be around with.

When she meets Ray, Mirabelle thinks her right man search is over, however Ray doesn't treat women very well. It's a dilemma for the young woman to decide who she should really go after all the while coming out of her shy shell.

Claire Danes is really sensational I'am surprised she didn't get a Golden Globe nod or an Oscar nod. She is really terrific, I can't recall her giving a bad performance. She is amazing and she alone was my motivation watching this.

"Shopgirl" is one of the better movies in 2005. It's funny, intelligent and charming. It's in limited released but if you can't see get the DVD. Go see it now!!!!

Date Movie

So bad it doesn't need the wagging finger of shame.
This movie is too awful to put into words. Yes this movie is that bad, it's at the bottom at IMDb's movie count (bottom 100) , it's got a 2.9 rating, no story or plot and just a list of so much degenerate humor that it can't be taken seriously.

With that said, I knew what I was expecting, it was a comedy, lowbrow humor, it was going to be offensive, it was going to be politically correct, but this movie was just incredibly stupid and a time waster.

(Spoilers) You know when Julia Jones a 300 pd fat woman goes around dancing in the street like some hell possessed demon you know your even for quite a bad movie!!!

Yes that was a spoof of Shallow Hall, a movie that really does not to imitated since it was bad in itself but I saw where the writers were going, let's present some of the most tasteless situations ever: 1) A cat crapping on the toilet, 2) The chopping of body harts as the massive celluloid of Julia Jones is chopped to a trim 150 pds 3) The jokes on gays and homosexuals 4) The vomiting scene with Eddie Griffith (clown)

Directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer just made a messy movie that really isn't that funny and is just nauseating. There were some actually good laughs, the jokes on "Hitch" and Britney Spears were absolutely hilarious. But there's very little else to say about "Date Movie" it's not as funny as the scary movie movies, it's just flat out rude, and plain stupid. What we were are seeing is that there is a right way to spoof movies and a bad way and "Date Movie" does it really bad and idiotic.

The question I'd like to know is what possessed Alyson Hanning to do this crap? She's done some good stuff on "Veronica Mars", "Buffy", "Angel so why would she do this? Your guess is as good as mine.

To top it off the movie was not released to critics to see, so yes it got the wagging finger of shame from Roger Ebert, not that it needs it, "Date Movie" along with movies like "Havoc" are one of the more mediocre and bad movies this year and past year.


I really like this show
Even though the time slot sucks, "Bones" is a great watch for fans of David Boreanaz (Angel) and for fans of the young Emily Deschanel. This is a great show I must firsthand, the dialogue is good, the acting is great , and the story lines are pretty intriguing and interesting. Tonights episode about "The Superhero in The Alley" had it all, interesting suspects, a rather nostalgia story about comic book and superheroes, great chemistry between Booth and Brennana and a great ending.

It's nice to see David back in action after "Angel" ended, "The Crow Wicked Prayer" was an awful, awful mess that really could have messed up his career but David has bounced back and "Bones" is just the project to showcase his skills again as a great actor. Newcomer Emily Deschanel handles her role as a pro and it's a great that she's getting noticed.

I really have liked this show so far and I hope Fox really gives Bones a long life span. It's starting to get more viewers, which is hard to when you're up against "Lost" and "Criminal Minds" but "Bones" is getting it done from my spot. A very great show. I thought "House" was the best thing on Fox as far as drama and the like go but "Bones" is a definite keeper recommended for viewing.

Moral Orel

Surprisingly good ignore the other reviews
After reading some of the reviews on here, it leads me to believe this don't have a clue as to what they are saying or are entirely missing the "Adult" part of Adult Swims lineup. Adult's swim creative and off the wall shows like the popular "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Sealab", "Stroker and Hoop" , "Harvey Birdman" all revolved Adult humor mixed with in with random humor, dark humor, and yes offensive issues. Get a clue!!! If you have a problem with that perhaps you should be watching correct cartoons Pokemon or some garbage like that.

Anyhow this is no different from them, no different from a show like South Park, which takes a subject which might be holy or not, makes fun of it, presents some social commentary, and then leaves you the viewer to decide what exactly the creators were getting at or they were just trying to presented a really demented funny show. Seeing as we are living in an immoral society right now (War in Iraq, greedy governments, bad educational sectors that don't give a damn about training students), then I really don't see what the big deal in presenting a show that shows us all of that.

Anyhow, this show is very funny, the animation reminds me out of those Davey and Goliath cartoons from the 1960's (which we're somewhat politically correct) and adds a new twist on the whole family thing with todays more than obvious issue of the dysfunctional family. The Dad works in some crummy job he detests but puts a brave front for his wife when he gets home. The wife is 50's life "Happy Housewife" of sorts, but the Orel is the brainchild of mischief and fun. Through Orel we are presented with a kid who commits right and wrong, sometimes committing wrong for all the wrong reasons (just because he can). That's pretty evident in today's society where we have people in high places with power doing evil just because they can not because they are serving the community. Anyhow Orel sometimes learns his lesson and sometimes he doesn't the creators blend in a lot of jokes that are both meant to be taken at face value and some that clearly so exaggerated that one has to laugh.

The Christmas episode was a mixed bag, some people didn't know what to expect from the pilot but Duh this is Adult Swim we we're of course going to see some content not appropriate for pc viewers. I found the episode to be funny in some parts and not in others. The new episodes seems to be taken on a family direction, like I said Orel does something he knows is bad, then at the end he learns his lesson. In today's episode, the kid was selling his own urine to make a profit!!! LOL Of course no one knew that and of course this was the major gag. Eventually at the end Orel's father finds out what's going and sets him straight which leads Orel to confess that he knew it was wrong but wanted to prove to his dad that he could try to be successful at something. At which point the Dad gives a reality lesson about how the real world works and the episodes ends on a very positive note. The humor isn't for anybody but if it's on 12 am and you know it's Adult Swim what the heck do you expect? The Care Bears?

It's a pretty funny show, and at least the production values look good as compared to some cheap slop like Squidbillies. Anyhow it ain't that bad, and those people who say it is, and don't have a clue about what the whole purpose of Adult Swim's lineup is shouldn't bother watching or complaining about the content.

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