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La lune à un mètre

Magnificent and far beyond it's time!
I can't believe that no one else has commented on this yet. This amazing film was one of the first "story" films, with sets like a play. It is a wonderment and leaves so much inspiration for the imagination. It is not in popular circulation, but perhaps it should be. If you can get a chance to watch this one do at all costs. If you can't find it then just think of the Tonight Tonight video by the Smashing Pumpkins. It's about the same except they are separated by about one-hundred years and by a whole barrage of special effects. All in all they are both wonderful and interesting to look at.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Uh, it's O.K.
I wasn't really that impressed with this movie. I grew up watching the animated series of "The Hobbit" and reading those beautiful epic books. I thought that the effects we're all right in the movie and the camera work was magnificent, but other than that the movie seems like so many of the remakes that have recently come out. The same idea with a Y2K look. I like the story, but it still leaves a little to be desired.

Moulin Rouge!

Not having enjoyed Baz's Romeo and Juliet I was blown away by how wonderful of a job that he did on this. What a great film and what a great pair for the lead roles. Nicole Kidmann (always timeless and ALWAYS beautiful) and Ewan McGregor do such a great job playing opposite of one another one actually believes that they are totally in love. Being a huge fan of anything with romance and tragedy I was left in awe at the end of the movie. If this doesn't win best picture this year than we know the Oscars are rigged. I also loved the use of music in this movie (though it was obviously cliché). It was so well used to carry the story and not to promote the musicians that it made it interesting to listen to as well as watch. Like I said before... WOW!!


When I heard that this show was going to be made I was excited. I always wanted to see a show about my home. Then I was shocked and disturbed to find that this show was shot in Vancouver B.C. There is just a little contrast in the type of place that the real pasadena is and the Canadian one. What a let down. I wish that the producers of this one would have had a little more insight and not felt the need to insult people this way. I refuse to watch this show or comment on its other values in any way. Just know that the producers think that people are stupid and won't notice the difference.

The Gift

Not the Rami that I remember.
What a disappointment. This film feels more like a bad eighties horror flick instead of something that Our friend Rami would create. It is still worth a look, but don't expect the comedy factor that is normally present in Rami's films.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Leave it to Hollywood execs to ruin a classic...
Well, I went to go see this one out of pure curiosity and a hopefulness that maybe, just maybe, this would be like the original that was actually very good. Don't misunderstand me here, the acting was great, and the set design was awesome, but it is missing that certain feeling that makes the Grinch, the Grinch. I do suggest that you go and see this one, especially if by some chance you have not seen the original, or you just want to do something fun for an afternoon.

The Silencer

Slow action... bad lines.
This is yet another bad movie that you should probably avoid watching. The plot could be a lot "thicker" than it actually is and would be better made as a blockbuster type movie.

The acting leaves something to be desired, though you can not quite place your finger on what it is.

This is one of those that you watch on late night TV, perhaps on USA, simply because you can not get to sleep. Watch it if you want but do not expect too much from it.

Mission to Mars

What a piece of SPACE garbage
This movie simply was lacking in the area of story. It would have been much better and more interesting if there hadn't been the horrible dialogue and I think for some reason that they at some point may have gone over budget for lack of a better ending. Needless to say it is just another one of those Hollywood cliche movies made strictly for $$$ and not for love of the biz.

Can't Be Heaven

Can't believe they found funding for this!
I truly don't know how or why they made this movie. I suppose to see if they could get away with it. Let's just say that the acting and editing are horrible in this movie. Not to mention the writing. The story is a good idea, but probably would have worked better with children of an older age (instead of 12). This is more of a movie for younger (I mean really younger) adults and shouldn't be watched by anyone who has passed puberty. The only thing that made this watchable was the performance by Ralph Macchio, who plays a dead sax player. Even he can't pull this thing out of the muck though. I strongly recommend that you don't waste the money on this garbage.

Beetle Juice

A masterpiece as always... Thank God for Tim Burton
As always with Mr. Burton this movie leaves you with an eerie, yet warm feeling in your stomach. A more average than usual couple who find themselves dead unexpectedly and going through the confusing steps to living (I mean existing) in the realm of the dead. Wynona Ryder is perfect in her role as Lydia, the disconnected and dark teenager. Micheal Keaton in his role as Beetleguse (the bio-exorcist), also shows once again how versatile of an actor he really is. I would urge anyone to go out and add this one to your home library now!!!

Down to You

How bad can this be?
Let me start off by saying that I feel like I've lost about 12 IQ points from watching this movie! Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles have absolutely no chemistry together. Also if you were looking for another one of those teeny-bopper movies, this it is not. It seems that they were trying to make it seem like a teen movie, but at the same time make them act like they wanted to be adults. This movie dulls the senses and numbs the mind. Please do not watch this movie.

Dancer in the Dark

A beautiful peice of artwork
What a mind blower. I was not expecting the movie to turn out the way that it did. Bjork's performance as Selma was nothing less than spectaculor. This is a must see for those who like movies where the characters have depth and show powerful emotions, mixed with the lighthearted musical numbers. See this movie... You won't regret it.

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