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  • Just got done watching this average but decent science fiction horror flick. Im quite hammered on rum and cannabis and was looking for a cheesy scifi b movie and got what I bargained for. The story is reminiscent of alien/dead space and lots of other spaceship in distress films. The film has OK actors average special effects but the sets and claustrophobic atmosphere is what's cool about this flick. I wouldn't go out of my way to see this but if you see it in a bargain bin or on Netflix pick it up. It's not a bad way to kill some time. Personally I thought the villain could've been better and found the ending to be odd.

    Rated R for violence, brief nudity and some strong language
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an excellent documentary about a controversial current topic that is not discussed nearly enough. There are billions of dollars being spent on the war on drugs each year and what is the outcome of all that funding? The American Prison system. There are hundreds of thousands of mostly non-violent pot smokers being locked up for harming no one. This documentary shows how companies like the partnership for a drug free America show commercials on television that are used as scare tactics to make us think that if someone buys a dimebag of grass to unwind that they are now a "terrorist" because they are supporting drugs. How are they supporting the war on drugs when the majority of marijuana in the country is grown in the United States. It also shows how the CIA sold tons of cocaine to Freeway Ricky Ross to distribute within the United States. Why is our country cracking down on marijuana smokers when we have a horrible crystal meth epidemic in the Midwest, which does lots of harm to communities and families. And is prison the right answer? Many times when a addict gets out of jail they will get right back on drugs. Drug addiction is a disease and needs to be treated like one, if the person is not treated for the disease, how can they be cured?

    And why has our government not decriminalized and out and out legalized marijuana. Whether it is legal or not people are going to continue to smoke marijuana. marijuana is a cash crop that brings in billions of dollars every year in the US alone, why not keep prices the same and use all of that profit for taxes? Marijuana can also be used for ethanol to make gasoline (and it makes it much more efficiently than corn). Hemp also can yield 4 times as much paper as normal lumber and hemp doesn't harm the environment.

    The war on drugs is ridiculous and this DVD shows how the United States' position on drug use is ridiculous.

    Please watch this film and show it to others. The message needs to get out and the tyranny needs to end.
  • One of the most influential skateboarding films of all time This is a great skateboarding film that shows off many of the talents of some of street skatings best. Rodney Mullen is shown doing many of his flip tricks which he actually invented in the 1980's. Daewon song isn't bad either showing off his high ollies and amazing table grinds. The film isn't too long but it has a cool soundtrack. Skaters from Blind, World Industries, and A-Team are all present displaying their finest moves. If you are a skater or even just a fan of the culture, i highly recommend this movie. Rodney Vs Daewon Round one isn't too shabby either, but it has nothing on round two. This is simply just one of those skate videos that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it. The DVD version of the film also contains a half an hour interview with Rodney and Daewon explaining the making of the film and their comments on how the film turned out.
  • 11 April 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the best and most interesting films I have seen in the past year! (along with Eraserhead and Naked Lunch). The film is about a gunmen who rides through the desert with his son. He goes around shooting lots of bad guys and abandons his son. He then falls in love with a woman and he fights down 3 great warriors of the land to achieve his enlightenment through violence. One leader is a blind man who is served by a man with no legs on top of a man with no arms (weird stuff, folks). He eventually gets shot and left for dead by his lesbian wife, where he wakes up enlightened and worshiped in a lotus pose. A bunch of freaks in a mountain take care of him. He eventually digs a tunnel so all the freaks can escape. However, the mean and violent townspeople kill the freaks and El Topo sets himself aflame after he kills the townspeople. His wife and son walk away.

    Its a great movie and i find there is so much to learn about and lots of symbolism every time i see it.
  • Last House On The Left is Wes Cravens feature length directorial debut, and he did a good job as far as making a campy, low-budget slasher film. The film is about two teenagers looking for dope one night before a concert, and lets just say they end up in the wrong hands, and all hell breaks loose. Whats good about this film is that the plot isn't too heavy, but it seems like it gets you involved in the picture. You actually feel bad for the two girls, and you want to get the bad guys killed. I also think that the parents and police officers are portrayed as bumbling fools throughout most of the film anyway. Warning: The film contains a few sequences of strong bloody violence, and a rape scene. Unrated, and not for the squeamish.
  • 7 December 2005
    Saw this movie a few years ago, and watched it many times over again, and have come to the conclusion that it is about average. There aren't too many memorable moments, but what can you expect from a cheesy low-budget Italian movie that has terrible dubbing? Story= There is a party in an apartment complex, when people watch a horror movie on TV, demons start coming out of the screen and attacking people. Fairly decent gore effects, but the movie is TOO dark, and not as entertaining as the first "Demons". I would personally recommend seeing the first Demons first, which has a little more substance. The DVD is easily available in most malls and on the internet at Unrated: Contains strong gory violence
  • I was first introduced to John Waters films by seeing "Female trouble" on IFC. I was disgusted but for some sick reason i enjoyed it. Then, i picked up the Pink Flamingos DVD in the John Waters Boxed Set. The movie is about Babs Johnson "The Filthiest Person Alive" who lives in a trailer in Maryland with her obese egg obsessed mother,and her deranged son "Crackers". In the movie you will see such sick sights as sex with chickens, drag-queens, people eating feces, torture, and all other sorts of random humiliation. The film has a soundtrack from 60's rock and roll artists. The only problem is that some parts of the film seem to drag on and can get a little boring. I found "Female Trouble" a little more fun. Rated NC-17 for Explicit sex, violence, and disturbing images. Enjoy.
  • I have heard of this movie before from Clive Barkers "A to Z Book of Horror", and thought that it sounded interesting. Last Week I was wandering around the mall and found it on DVD from Tartan DVD's and picked it up. The film was stunning. It looked a lot like David Lynch's "Eraserhead" (Which needs to be released in the US). The film is very bizarre and contains a lot of surrealistic images. There aren't too many characters, and there are a lot of crazy-looking scenes. If you're into foreign films and are looking for something very original i'd pick this one up. Oh yeah, check out the "drilling" scene.

    The film is unrated but contains bizarre violence and sexual situations.
  • This is one of the better friday the 13th movies. This films plot basically revolves around a bunch of teenagers who stay up in a cabin by a lake in the woods, and get killed one by one by the hockey-masked Jason Vorhees.

    Look for Corey Feldman in the movie. Rated R: For Gory Violence and Sexual Content.
  • This is the short film from the filmakers that made "The Evil Dead". The film is kind of rough, and it doesn't come in that great, and about the only place to find it, is bootlegged on the internet.

    The story involves college students who take a picnic on an indian burial ground. One of them becomes possessed by a spirit and goes on a murder spree.

    Very dark and gory.

    Contains Strong Violence, no nudity though
  • Saw this movie a couple of years back , and it was so bad, I literally threw it out. There is NO story some guy fights some bad guys, chases a girl, and fights men in gorilla suits. YUCK!! The movie sucks!! Its worth a rent only if you want to laugh AT it! Contains:Nudity, and mild violence.
  • Very cool independant film about a girl who roams new york city gets drunk and meets characters similar to alice in wonderland.

    The camera used in the film can make you dizzy,,, it looks like an acid trip.

    There is nothing really offensive in the film... i guess the drinking scenes are a little rough though.
  • One of the better friday the 13th movies. Some Counselors hang out at a summer camp until tommy jarvis (corey feldman in part 4), says that jason is alive. No one believes him, not even the police. There are also some funny parts in the movie.

    Rated R: for strong violence, and language.
  • Really cook video game , not that much plot though. All you do is fly around, and collect crystals. But you have to hurry before you run out of time or else , the happy world will turn into a freaky nightmare world.


    Rated E: for Everyone
  • This film is pretty good. STORY: A teenaged boy that doesnt know his name lives in a correctional facility for teenagers. They each meet their fates one by one in odd ways.. There are some cool special FX , and you gotta love Freddy's one-liners.

    Rated R: For Violence, and strong language.
  • NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The BEST horror/fantasy series... The first film is very good, and gory too. STORY= A girl lives on elm street , and her and her friends are all having similar nightmares about freddy krueger. But when they are asleep they fall into the hands of the sinister Freddy , and can be killed. I believe that this and all of the other elm street films are very good, I reccomend buying the boxed set.

    Rated R
  • This is the worst of the series, but its still not that bad either,,, I believe the elm street series is the best film series out.

    STORY: More teenagers are suffering from the demonic dreams of Freddy. Very cool special effects... pretty gory too.

    Rated R: for Strong Violence, and brief nudity.
  • This game is so great.

    You play a guy, where you are involved in the mafia. On the side, you can work as a cop, a cab driver, even in the fire department. But the mafia bosses seem nice and all , but deep down they all are brutal. This game is so damn good, it almost seems like it puts you into another world.

    Rated M for : Violence, Blood, and strong language.
  • Very odd adult film, that I found out was shown in "taxi driver" ( the adult film in the theatre).

    This movie is about a woman who explains her childhood, and adulthood expireances with sex.

    X rated
  • Warning: Spoilers
    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. This movie is about a couple of guys in the future that get in fights, rape, and cause all sorts of havoc. Then, one guy in the gang (Alex), his friends betray him and he gets sent to prison, and goes through an odd sort of rehabilitation.

    Rated R: for Strong violence, Rape scenes, and strong language.
  • Story: Decker (Harrison Ford) lives in the future where lights are lit up in neon bright colors, cars fly, and androids roam the city. Decker is a "blade runner" ( a cop that destroys androids), and runs into some problems of his own. The Directors Cut version is a little better than the original. Overall, I give this a 9 out of 9, good storyline, special effects , and action!
  • This is THE best anime film series ever. Heads exploding in a blade runner, mad max era, kung fu, betrayal, and other elements are in this exotically brilliant series.

    Contains lots of gore though. Would be rated R
  • This is the biggest movie farce in history. First of all, The special effects make the adults go wild, and the little kiddies that dont even read the books, and look at the picture on the front cover, and try to be cool, see this movie because they are to lazy to read. This is the same exact story as the book. Harry lives with a mean aunt and uncle, he goes to hogwarts, he plays quidditch.

    Hmmmm... JK Rowling.... WHATS SHE SMOKIN'!!!!

    Rated PG- For some "scary" sequences
  • Well, Ive always been a sequel person, and I think this is equal with the original.

    The doc goes to the woods, meets a beaver and tries to save the forest from guys cutting it down. Another highlight in this movie is th Bear and the dog trying to fall in love.

    Rated PG- for mild language
  • Ok, this is your standard cute family movie.

    Its about a stuttering little girl (the pepsi girl), that loses her parrot that can actually talk , not just repeat words.

    A man that is a janitor finds the parrot in the basement that he works in, the parrot talks about his life, and the man tries to get the parrot back to the girl.

    Rated PG- Theres nothing really objectionable in this film , just some mild language use.

    Jay Mohr (from the opie and anthony , and ron and fez show) appears , and so does Cheech Marin!
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