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Trouble Every Day

a rare horror gem
Aficionados of the horror genre seem to find it amusing that practically each and every one of these films recycles arcane symbols of good and evil that have lost their function and relevance. Inevitably a lot of horror films like "From Dusk till Dawn" are more like spoofs, making fun of the conventions and cliches of the genre. The best horror films however - like "Don't look now" and "Les Diaboliques" reinvent the genre by depicting plausible contemporary situations that are truly scary. "Trouble Every day" is one of those rare gems. It's a bit like Kubrick's "The Shining" ... but the characters are more convincing. The camera work and the acting are sublimely evocative. Discover the fabulous Tricia Vessey and the unique Vincent Gallo, two of the best actors of our time.


Ark of Noah in a frozen world
I honestly don't understand the poor ratings and harsh criticism this film has received, for I enjoyed it immensely. As a matter of fact I think ICE is better than the big budget "meteor"-films that were made in the nineties. In a pleasantly predictable way, the straightforward plot captures the struggle of the survivors in a frozen world. I did find it a bit too concise... but great fun nonetheless!

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