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On the Beach

Bloody shocker!
If this movie had been done in the US, with different actors, it may have been worth seeing, but as usual Bryan Brown and his wife, Rachel Ward, overplay their parts. Would someone please tell Brown to stop ready the script! As well, Ward is loud and obnoxious, which seems to be her core part since the unforgettable 'Thornbirds'.

Bowler plays his part well, as does MacKenzie. Nice to see Bud Tingwell again, but his bit part was unimportant enough as to be cut from the movie entirely.

A regular heart string puller. The final scenes even had my wife teary.

Out of 10 ... 2 for a partially good storyline.

Catch Me If You Can

Good viewing, but mostly tame ...
LdC wasn't too bad in this movie. Great having a face that can either be 16, or 29, depending upon the scene/era.

I was at a bit of a loss though ... when Hanks went to France, it was in December 1967, however, he and Leonardo were on the plane home in December 1969. Did Hanks stay in France for two years, or was that a bad continuity call?

Lastly, in 1961, Tony Curtis did a similar job to LdC in 'The Great Impoostor'. At least in that movie, he was good at what he did, no matter whether it was as a doctor, or a prison shrink! LdC's role seemed to more of a case of "I wanna be a doctor, even though I'm totally clueless!'


Broadcast News

Ego movie
Mr Hurt's role ... A know nothing, egotist

Mr Brooks's role ... A know all repressive

Ms Hunter's role ... An accident that already happened


The Majestic

Jim Carrey shines!
I've never been a big fan of Jim Carrey's larickinisn, however, he could not have found a better vehicle than 'The Majestic' to move form the idiot funny man to serious actor.

The storyline is excellent and the supporting cast, notably Martin Landau (Space 1999) David Ogden-Stiers (M*A*S*H), old timer James Whitmore (50's Navy man) and newcomer, Laurie Holden make the movie a dream to watch.

10/10 for Jim and I hope to see him in other serious roles in the future!

Miles from Home

Gere overdone
I felt the story started rambling after the farm fire with no real cohesive storyline. Richard Gere tried too hard and over-acted. Maverick, lone gun, come to mind. Save the farm for these jokers? I think not!

Murphy's Romance

Garner and Field rule!
Jim and Sally are brilliant in this easy yarn of a couple falling in love, even though he is a good 15 years old than her. Proves age doesn't mean a cracker. The ex-husband sub-plot is a waste of movie time, but it has no effect on the final outcome. Bravo for an excellent story and outstanding acting!

Die Another Day

SPOILER! Do not proceed without a blind fold ...

As middle aged fans of JB, we were disappointed with much of the double entendre, which was scattered throughout the movie. Some of the lines were so corny as to be otright embarrassing!

Sure, PC's will probably be making movies starring Brosnan in the year 2375, but do we need the PC's doing it now?

Everyone else has pretty well said what we thought, although, we felt that the Director/Writers had a laugh on us when Moneypenny was only fantacising the kiss at the end. We applauded Moneypenny/Bond, thinking bravo! 40 years and he finally shows his appreciation of her devotion and caring, the whammo! Back in reality, it was all a dream! ZERO marks for taking the mickey out of your viewers!

If this is the new Bond, then it's goodnight from him and it's goodnight from me! (Sorry Ronnies) :-)

Souvenir d'Italie

Sunday afternoon popcorn
Fairly enjoyable yarn about 2 hitch hiking girls (1 German, 1 French) who catch a ride with a pompous Britisher (June Laverick). Their car runs out of fuel and they wind up pushing it to a service station. The car gets away on them and winds up in the sea. British girl hitch hikes along with her newfound friends for the rest of the movie.

The three girls meet various voice overed Italian gigilos along the way, finally ending up with respective boyfriends/fiance's and they all live happily ever after.

Cinematograpgy is not wasted. The director makes full use of the magnificent panoramic scenery of the Mediterranean.

I wouldn't call the movie a comedy by any stretch, but it's a light hearted, non-serious, easy on the eye look at a group of girls and their travels through Europe of the late 50's.

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