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Welcome to the Rileys

p e r f e c t movie
Realistic, hard-core, weepy, funny, stark! Tennessee Williams lives again in Ken Hixon! Perfect cast: James Gandolfini is fantastic as this big oaf sentimentalist who doesn't want to see his tombstone while he's still alive and so he lives every moment. Then there is his wife played by Melissa Leo, what she does in the driveway is laugh-out-loud funny. And finally, the great trio includes Kristen Stewart who is amazing (and whoever did her whore make-up--kudos!) as this worn-out sexual fighter who plays the lowest of the low with such warped dignity that I just want to hand her an Oscar now. And finally, New Orleans is the fourth character as a city that is also beat-up and striving for a rebirth, so I guess you could say she plays herself.

Ken Hixon, I pledge to watch every thing you create 'cause you are the snake's suspenders!

Young People's Specials: My Father the Clown
Episode 5, Season 2

My Father the Clown starred "Flippo the King of Clowns"
This made-for-TV movie features the relationship of a clown and his daughter. It starred real-life clown "Flippo" of Central Ohio fame. The plot is predictable afternoon special fare: daughter who is ashamed/embarrassed by her father's profession but eventually overcomes the estrangement through her father's love.

This would have been much better if Bob Marvin had contributed his real life experiences with his own children. I believe he did it as a favor to Gene the producer.

To find out more about Flippo aka Bob Marvin aka Marvin Fishman, please go to his official site: flippotheclown.com Thank you, Frank Cromer The Clown's last manager and producer

Happy, Texas

Happy, Texas left me unhappy
Good premise, forced Zahn comedy, forced love stories, GREAT MACY as always. When I watched the 2nd time (yesteday), I found it even harder to get through. The Director/Writer special feature on the DVD was enlightening and will encourage any wannabee filmmaker.

The hard part to believe is that in 1999 this film made it to Sundance and was picked up by Miramax. This just needed a better script and less forced plot to be an interesting character film. Seems like everyone wants to make a quirky FARGO but ends up with broad, contrived, unfunny small-town characters.

I am currently in pre-production on my first feature film called "PIGS" and I base my own comedy on 2 things: real situations, fresh characters who are complex to the point that their inadequacies prompt conflict with other characters. Plus I've got a killer Amish sub-plot that is a twisted WITNESS tale. (Am I talking about my own film too much? It's only because I have to fill these 10 stupid lines and I've said everything about Happy.)

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