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The Man Who Haunted Himself

Great mysterious film!
I'm a big Roger Moore fan (the REAL 007) but I only heard about this film recently. I finally got a copy and I think it's a dynamite film. Not because I'm a big Moore fan - if a film sucks, I turn it off. But this movie is far better than all the reviews Ive ever read on it.

I don't believe it drags at all - the pacing is great, especially where Moore keeps on discovering more and more people have seen "him" when it really was his double. Seeing hoe much deeper and deeper Moores double intergrates himself into Moore's life - his work, his liesure, his wife and home - is done extremely well. The inevitable confrontation between the two Pelhams is also done very well, and the ending is a kicker.

Moore is great as usual and plays both roles with style and class.

Race with the Devil

Underrated horror actioner!
You don't hear too much about Race With The Devil, too bad because this is a great film. Now "classic film" great, but great as in extremely entertaining and fun.

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates (excellent jobs) are best pals who take their wives on a vacation in their massive motorhome. They stumble upon a devil-worship session in a remote area they parked in, and witness a human sacrafice. From then on in, the devil worshippers/witches chase down the two couples to kill them.

As the couples go on the run, it becomes more apparent that they are in the middle of what seems to be a massive conspiracy where everyone seemingly has a connection to the devil worshippers. Fonda's wife has some good creepy scenes especially as she realizes there's definitely something not right with the people they encounter.

If all that weren't enough, the film explodes into a series of fantastic car chases and crashes as the devil worshippers try to stop the couples with vehicular muscle. Among the chase highlights are a head-on collision, a pickup flying off the road into the river, and one car forced off the road that seemingly does a hundred flips.

The ending is a surprise, and only when you see it for the first tme do you realize it was probably inevitable. All in all an excellent fun flick!

Freebie and the Bean

Classic 70's actioner!
A mainstay on cable in the 70's, Freebie and the Bean is by no means "great" but it certainly is thoroughly entertaining to anyone who doesn't let political correctness stand in their way.

This is no doubt a film that can offend; the two cops (especially Caan) use muscle whenever they can; a crossdresser is treated horribly and insulted; there's some racial humor. But hey, this was made in 1974 when people simply weren't as uptight as they are now.

It's a goofy movie, it has goofy music, goofy comedy and a goofy script. The goofiness, violence and non-political correctness of this flick make for an odd mix, but it's an entertaining mix. Cann and Arkin are great in their roles, and show geniune affection and friendship for each other as they try to keep a criminal alive to break a case.

Car chase fans especially like this movie, and there are some classic chases here! The highlight chase shows the duo chasing after a blue car with some truly amazing stuntwork.

All in all if you aren't the easily offended type, and like some goofy comedy mixed with action, it's worth a spin, if only to see how movies were made when not under a watchdog's microscope.


Good fun film!
If you are a "serious" sci-fi lover, you'll hate this movie. But if you don't mind a light-hearted funny romp full of crazy situations and pretty wild FX, "Starcrash" will definitely make your day!

Sure, some stuff is REALLY silly, like the cowboy droid and some of the script ("what's your problem, ship's computer?"). But the film is FUN. The awesome Caroline Munroe stars, as well as a bevy of other beauties. Even David Hasselhoff gets into the act. There's a bunch of fun-as-hell FX sequences like the space fight at the end, a very cool laser battle on the villian's spaceship (which the good guys infiltrate by blasting through the walls in fake torpedos!) and even some "lightsaber" action where Marjoe Gortner battles two stop-motion robots. There are a LOT of cool FX and visuals, especially for the low budget. If fun is your main concern, you can't go wrong with this one.


Moon Runners for some reason is almost NEVER mentioned as far as good decent 70's schlock and action movies, despite the "Dukes of Hazzard" connection. It's pretty rare - while it was shown on cable in the late 70's, it almost never shows up on TV at all nowadays. I caught it for the first time in many years early this year on cable (TNT I believe).

Grady and Bobby Lee (later to become Bo and Luke Duke) run moonshine for Uncle Jesse, who prides himself on his old-school moonshining methods, and refuses to buckle in to the 'big business moonshine' of Jake, who controls these parts for New York mobsters. Fast-paced and entertaining, as the boys continue to get their moonshine through. Some excellent car chase action, and while the chase scenes aren't on par with say "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" and also aren't as numerous as I thought I remembered, still decent enough and forgivable since the film is just fun to begin with. Definitely a film to be seen!

Xing xing wang

Excellent giant monster film!
Mighty Peking Man was done in the seventies after the last Godzilla film of the original Godzilla series (Terror of Mechagodzilla, 1975) and this totally takes up the slack. It's even at least as entertaining as the last Godzilla films easy. It's a rip-off of King Kong and Godzilla but never tries to be anything more than it is, and that's what makes it honest and fun.

The miniatures is this film are fantastic, especially near the end where the giant is walking around the city and elevated roadways. The action even starts early, no waiting an hour for the monster's first appearance. This is one of my personal fave giant monster films, definitely gonna buy it on DVD! This even had a recent successful midnight run here in New York City. Don't miss it!

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase

Bottom line, even as a 'good' bad film, this sucks
Whatever legend this film has that is positive definitely is not deserved. Thing is, this movie just blows. It fails to even be an entertaining bad movie. It's just a boring, horribly acted bad flick.

Sure, it's got Claudia Jennings, and she's probably the only reason this film hasn't been completely forgotten about. But if you haven't seen this film in a while, you may have forgotten that even she doesn't look too hot in it - even when she's wearing her Daisy Dukes, she just looks like basic unattractive white trash from the backwoods, not sexy at all. Same with her partner. The film has no sex appeal.

There's no big 'chase' either. You never see the effort to track down the girls (and their male friend who joins up). There's not even a decent car chase - the one chase in the film doesn't stand up at all to other 70's schlock film chases. Even "Bobby Jo and The Outlaw" had a much better car chase (and it was a far more entertaining film).

Poor acting, poor action, almost no story, virtual complete boredom here. The only reason I can suggest for someone to seek this film out, is if they have a Claudia fetish, and don't mind looking at her even though she dosn't look too good here.


Not great even for a 'bad' film
Nowhere near as good as "Mighty Peking Man" as far as King Kong rip-offs, "Ape" is good to look at just to see the fair miniatures and little else. The best "bad" hilarious movies are those that never intended to be that; in "Ape", the Ape gets mad gives the finger in one scene, obviously in a deliberate attempt for laughs, which in turn, makes it pretty unfunny.

The sound effects are BAD, there's a decent 'bad' fight with a giant shark which couldn't look much more fake if they tried, plus the Ape trashes a few buildings. If you are a giant monster film fan, this probably won't get more than a few viewings in your entire lifetime but it's good to watch and take off your list of films to see, plus to examine how badly this one was made. All in all, some fun, but pretty bad.

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