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Saving Christmas

Cameron isn't so much saving Christmas as he's saving the economy for his pay masters
Ultimately if Christmas returned to its more simple religious roots ("reason for the season"), the vast economic pump that enriches, oh, Koch Industries and everyone else who keeps the religious right in power would be gone and they would, gasp, lose vast sums of money. Even if Christmas became more of an Easter level of commercialism, the effects on the economy would be ruinous. One wonders why Cameron has made such a film when most Christians scream about the commercialism (which technically is keeping most of them in jobs). I suppose Cameron isn't so much saving Christmas as he's saving the economy for his pay masters.


Nice enough people help debunked scammer
The subject of the film has failed two DNA tests and a fingerprint test. He can't speak English although he speaks fluent french (who was teaching him french in communist-era Vietnam?). He can't remember the names of his own children. Yet, the director thinks he's an MIA American. All we need to hear is he's a Nigerian prince with $22 million in gold. C'mon.

The director fails to do some basic fact checking and instead blames a long series of failed tests and problems with the man's claims on some shadowy conspiracy.

A movie short on facts and long on 1980s Hollywood-style conspiracy stories about MIAs. Don't waste your time.

Palwolui Keuriseumaseu

One of the saddest movies I've ever seen
I saw this movie a number of years ago at the Toronto Film Festival. It ranks right up there as one of my all time top five movies. The ending is so sad, one almost wants to burst into tears every time you even think of the ending. It's a shame there are so many great Korean films out there (Christmas in August, Barking Dogs Never Bite, A Girl's Night Out, et al) and yet they're generally unavailable in subtitled format. Oh well, DVD I guess will help change that.

Born American

This Yankee Pride Chest Thumper makes Red Dawn look like Apocalypse Now.
The movie was directed by Renny Harlin who has never done anything good and it's a wonder why people keep letting him make films... such as: Deep Blue Sea (1999), Long Kiss Goodnight, The (1996), Cutthroat Island (1995), Cliffhanger (1993), Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The (1990), and Die Hard 2 (1990).

This is the only movie I've ever walked out on. Basically three red-blooded American boys are deer hunting in Finland. They ignore HUGE signs in English warning them not to wily nilly cross over the border into the USSR. They happen on a town where there's been a murder. Borrowing from most Doctor Who plots, it's assumed the new comers committed the murder. With their shotguns they proceed to level the town and slaughter most of the paratrooper garrison stationed there.

In one classic scene, as the characters discuss the virtues of America and why it has won them the battle this day, a flaming man casually runs by.

Alas their brave fight is in vain for they're captured and promptly handed over to the KGB. For reasons not explained, their release is negotiated by a British diplomat. Ostensibly the USSR and the USA do not have diplomatic relations so the Brits are asked to help. This Brit is as evil as the KGB. Over vodka and comely sex slaves recruited from a nearby Gulag, the boys' fate is decided. They're to disappear... this little matter of 3 American boys wiping out a regiment of the USSR's finest troops would be an embarrassment to all concerned.

After having their nipples wired to car batteries and some torture, they're thrown into the Gulag.

We're now forced to endure scene after dreary scene of them cold, damp, sick, and suffering in a recycled set from Hogan's Heroes.

For more reasons not explained, there exists a labyrinth under this gulag where guards force prisoners to play a form of living chess. Prisoners battle each other to the death with crude knives, maces, and trash can lids for shields.

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