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Nurses Who Kill

Not enough footage
While very interesting and informative, the series suffers from not enough footage. The same scenes - even dramatic reconstructions - are being repeated five and more times throughout the episode, with some scenes taken from previous episodes. As a result - each episode feels like dragging on and if we cut out all repetitions, it would shrink to 15 minutes.

1000 Ways to Die

While mildly entertaining (if you close your eyes and cover your ears before the terrible pun at the end of every segment), it started to feel like very simplistic Bible teaching against any form of "sin". Let's take a look at victims of bizarre deaths: killers, murderers, drug dealers, drug lords... so far, so good. But the list goes on: bullies, drug users, fake priests, peeping toms, cheerleaders, feminists, fetishists, horny housewives, people watching porn, people that have piercings, eco-friendly people... And the commentary mocks them mercilessly. It looks like some religious nut-job was running this show, hell-bent on killing off everyone who is not another religious nut-job.

Johanka z Arku

Pretty good work
Although this title may seem as another piece of "musical fever" in Czech republic started at 90's, but actually it is much better. Small company, small stage, but great work done.

First, touching libretto by Jiri Hubac. Then original music by Ondrej Soukup and lyrics by Gabriela Osvaldová, one of the best nowadays lyricist in Czech rep. Also director Jozef Bednárik was at his best.

But what makes this musical unforgettable are actors/singers. Especially Lucie Bílá in title role is fascinating, proving not only she is great singer but good actress as well. Also Vladimír Marek (Narrator), Martin Posta (multiple characters) and Jan Apolenár (King) did good acting and singing job. Petr Muk (Raimond) and Petr Kolár (La Hire) are a bit wooden actors, but their singing skills are really great.

What takes my breath away is supporting cast. They all could be stars! Marcel Jakubovie (a bit too sexy for an angel, but with really angelic voice!), Karina Tomsová, Jan Gajdos, Petr Opava and Lukas Kumpricht are all excellent. But my real heroine is Renáta Podlipská - strong voice and with only one expression she can tell whole story about her multiple characters. You go, girl!

If you want to hear some good music and see moving story about Joan of Arc, see this.


Not THAT bad...
Although some viewers want to "laugh it up", this is really not that bad. OK, some scenes may be silly, but some are really like a shot right into head... I really had to stop the movie at the beginning of the scene with Krysa. His family around, children, while in the bedroom he is filming two boys having sex. Well, thank you, I must take a deep breath first... Our young hero is not well acted, he is too naive, um, too stupid... Actually I didn't like him and I didn't care for him... Until that scene with Krysa. It really is memorable scene. OK, this is not very good good movie, but not bad either. And is really special, especially for Czech movies.

Skazka stranstviy

Not a fairytale...
This movie is supposed to be a fairytale. Is not. I saw it some years ago and I tell you: it's really dark, dark fantasy. The plague, personalized as a female beggar or beautiful lady brought me several nightmares. Well, this movie is really good! But don't allow your children watch it!


It does not work...
Another Czech movie trying to show the life during the socialism. It does not have plot line, just the row of scenes or pictures. It may work in some other movies (e. g. Pelísky) but this is not that case. I'm sorry to say that, but this movie was just boring.

Kocár do Vídne

Kocár do Vídne is really the masterpiece of Czech movie school. The movie shows the common people in the war, not heros. Enemy soldiers are not animals. Warriors of freedom can also rape women.

Iva Janzurová acts amazingly, she proved she is one of the greatest Czech actresses ever. Although she is known and great in comedies, this was maybe her first drama role. And it worked pretty good!

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