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Finally Costner has a Winner.
I didn't go in expecting much, as Kevin Costner's quality of movies has really dwindled in the past 10 years or so, but this movie reminded me a lot of Field of Dreams. Its a little unbelieveable at times, but if you go in to the movie to be entertained rather than to nitpick and scrutinize, you will be pleasantly surprised. The ending was an unexpected tearjerker. Go see it!

Going to California

I love this show.
Its like Swingers mixed with High Fidelity. The first time I watched it, I caught only a couple of minutes and thought it was boring, but since then I've watched 3 full episodes and they were great. Really good actors who aren't well known, but should be. They're all so real and make it easy to watch. So far, I like the Memphis episode with Lawrence Taylor (the football player) as a drag queen and the episode with Vince Vaughn guest-starring as a sleazy model photographer. Excellent writing. This show rocks!

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