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Wrong Turn

one of the funniest movies I have ever seen!
watch out and don't take any WRONG TURNS this movie was wicked funny. nothing like inbread killer mountain men on a friday night! go see this movie, and have fun. I didn't want to see this movie, but my friends did and it was great. the gore was really messed up though.

Muppets from Space

a overlooked muppet movie that is really funny!
"Muppets from Space" is a really funny movie. When I first saw it in the theater I was some what unhappy that the muppets didn't have to many original songs. After seeing this movie a few years later I found it to be much funnier then I had remembered. I disagree with others who say this movie doesn't have all the funny elements of past Muppet movies. This one has just as many and more and I enjoyed the route they went with in this film by using a lot of classic songs that are fun and full of energy because thats what the muppets are all about, a lot of zany energy. All in all this movie is like the fourth movie in the muppet movies I don't count a Muppet Christmas carol or Muppet Treasure Island those were theme movies that didnt have the muppets really playing themselves as they did in "the muppet movie", "the great muppet caper" and "muppets take Manhattan". Well I think I have just over analyzed the muppet franchise so I'm going to stop writing.

Watching Ellie

A fun show i enjoy
"Watching Ellie" has a lot of potential i hope it stays on TV. The guy who plays the vet is hilarious as is most of the cast. I think the show would be way better if they got ride of Ellie's British boyfriend he's not funny and takes away from the shows' fast pace humor. He should be off the show and let the other characters have more time to show their stuff and make every one laugh.

Harriet the Spy

This film was super!
This film is super! I can't get enough of it don't over look it as a movie just for kids. I thought it was well directed and the child actors give great performances. Rosie was good too she played a very calm person a role I think she should do more often. the music in the movie is also fun and well put together so go buy or rent this movie right now. Or later I guess it doesn't really matter when you get it.

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