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The Last House on the Street

The title made the movie sound cool.
Beautiful college students were advertised. Where? The 2 female leads were maybe cute. We see too much of the chunky male lead without his shirt. I guess he was what the director considered horror. The movie is not scary. Nothing happens most of the movie.

Woman in Car

A former athlete has regrets and develops a mid-life crisis when her step son returns for a visit with his girlfriend. Main character is uninteresting and I developed no sympathy for her. I wished woman in car drove into a wall 5 minutes into the movie so I can get my 1 hour and 45 minutes back. Recommended for insomniacs. This movie would put you to sleep.

The Rules of Attraction

This is your kids in college.
Enjoyable movie about a bunch of college student screwups. None of the characters have redeeming qualities except Ian and Shannyn.

No One Would Tell

Made for the Lifetime Channel
Predictable campy movie for the Lifetime Channel crowd. They will love it. Everybody else ...


Awake will make you go to sleep.
The movie had potential. What we received was garbage. None of the characters were likable except the Black convict. Nobody could figure out the problem except an elementary school age girl. My recommendation is skip this movie. It is too bad I cannot give a half star.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Nice addition to the MCU
The series features Falcon and Bucky. I enjoyed the series. We find out more about these supporting characters in the MCU as they take the center stage. There is decent action and some buddy buddy moments between Falcon and Bucky. I loved Netflix "Daredevil" and "Punisher", but this show is superior. The Disney Plus shows are 10 minutes shorter per episode, have some funny moments and more action than the Netflix Marvel shows.


Bargain Basement Version of "Scream"
Why did some studio greenlight this bargain basement inferior version of "Scream "? Watch "Scream" instead. Avoid this crap.

Escape Room

Entertaining Low Budget Movie
The movie is a solid thriller. People have to solve puzzles to get out each room before time runs out. If you participate in Escape Room challenges with friends or co-workers, there is a good chance you would appreciate this movie.

The Turning

Waste of Time
The movie was slow moving. The nanny needs her head examined for staying with those 2 spoiled brats. The end leaves you scratching your head.

The Danger of Positive Thinking

This movie should be on Lifetime.
Some might wonder why I gave this movie such a "high score". The movie is for a certain genre who watch the Lifetime channel. The men are clueless and the women have a brain. Typical story: woman wants revenge since her mother followed the main character self-help book for advice with disastrous consequences. So she insulates herself into the author's life and causes trouble. Of course, nobody believes the author. Though I cannot blame the "teenage" son for following the Ashley Rickard character around like a love deprived puppy. The idea with casting an actor who looked like a grad student as a 17 year old was mind boggling. Most of the cast looked like they stepped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. Watch it only if you like the movies on Lifetime.


Good for Action fans.
If you are looking for Shakespeare or drama, you are at the wrong place. Vin stars as a resurrected soldier with super human powers. It is your standard action fare. You watch it and forget it. Enjoy, action fans.


When I read the summary of the move on Amazon Prime and Jesse Eisenberg was in it, i thought it had potential. I was thinking "Twilight Zone". Sadly, I was wrong. Movie was a snooze fest. Nothing happened on the screen. Skip it if you value your time.

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

DC fans stay away.
If you are DC comic fan purist, avoid like the plague. "The Birds of Prey" movie takes a different direction for the comic book. In the comic, the Birds of Prey team consist of Batgirl, (Caucasian) Black Canary and Huntress. In the movie, Huntress, Detective Montaya and multi-ethic Black Canary were the team. Victor Zsaaz is bald in the comic. He had short blond/ white hair in the movie. The movie tries to take a different direction from "Suicide Squad" and make it an action comedy. Gotham looks like sunny LA. Story is just mediocre. Harley has to work for Black Mask to get a diamond back. If you have some time on a lazy Saturday, it is ok to watch on a streaming service provided you are not a DC fan.


The tagline says it all.
The basic concept is "What if Superboy was evil?" The acting is decent. There is nothing special about the story. It shows how the boy is evil. That is the whole story. Thus, the low rating.

The Bay

For Soap Fans only
This serial is geared for soap opera aficionados only. Soaps are practically extinct now. This show bring back memories by including many soap vets from :"Days of Our Lives" - Kayla, Jack, Shawn Brady and Belle, "General Hospital" - Bobbie Spencer and Robert Scorpio, "Bold and the Beautiful " - the original Ridge and "Santa Barbara " - Mason Capwell and Lionel Lockridge. Episodes are 30 minutes. Acting is what you expect from a soap. This is not a Scorese film. Recommended for soap fans only.

Every Time I Die

The movie has potential. 30 minutes in there are too many flashbacks and main character Papi is unlikable. Skip it. There are better things on Netflix.

Last Night

Standard Lifetime movie fare
Movie is typical what you find on Lifetime except I saw it on Netflix. Repressed married woman has an affair then regrets it. Throw in a murder and a memory blackout. Did she do it or not? Recommended only for Lifetime movie fans.


Not worth your time
1st 10 minutes had Sam Neill which gave it promise. The rest of the movie was a stinker. Boring and confusing with flashbacks. Watch "The Matrix" instead.

Girl on the Third Floor

The problem is the main character is very unlikable so this makes a very uninteresting story unbearable. Snoozefest. Trieste has done better work on "Blindspot" and "Banshee".

Bulletproof 2

Watch Bullet Proof 1 instead.
I enjoyed the 1st "Bullet Proof" . I did not care for the new main characters. Wayans and Sandler were far superior to the new characters bearing their names. I cannot buy Faizon Love as the real Jack Carter. Skip this sequel and watch the original

The Super

Snoozefest. Dick Wolf should stick to cops and robbers. I did not care for any characters. It is not very believable. When the killer is stalking his victims, the hapless victims runs through large open spaces in the basement with no people. Nothing was resolved at the end of the movie. Too bad the Ghostbusters could not have an appearance at the end of the movie.


Skip it.
I watched it on Netflix. It looks like they spent some money on this movie. However, the movie dragged and was uninteresting. I fast forwarded half of the movie. The ending also sucked. My recommendation is skip it.

Angel Has Fallen

Standard Action Flick
For action junkies, a rating of 9(heavy on action). For people looking for a logical coherent plot, 2 (non existant ). Recommended for action fans only.

Into the Ashes

Very Slow Moving
The acting is okay. The problem is none of the characters are likeable. The movie moves at a snail's pace. I did not care if the main character got his wife's murderer. There are better Frank Grillo movies out there like "Point Blank" and "the Purge Election Year".


Skip it.
I watched it on Netflix. The movie does not explain who killed Bobby and who is killing the characters in the film. Skip it. Waste of time

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