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Un coeur en hiver

A True Masterpiece
Marvelous actors. Wonderful music. Subtle dialogues. A true masterpiece with 2 (may be 3 with Andre Dussolier) outstanding performances by Emmanuelle Beart et Daniel Auteuil. Finally a credible analysis of love - meaning not the stupid usual fare from Hollywood - with all its meanders, its non-linearities.

Part of my all times top 10 list.

Note : you need to watch it at least 3 times to grasp all the subtleties, the finesse of the dialogues. Also as so often the case with French movies the ending is open to the viewer's interpretation which makes the movie that more moving and special.

Note 2 : Fans of Hollywood type action movies please abstain.

A Gentleman's Game

All over the place
There is no storyline. There is not one story but many and none of them is taken to a satisfying conclusion.

Frustrating : many good ideas potentially. The end result is a mess (ie not a documentary, not a film about golf, not a film about the relationship between the 2 main characters, not a father and son story...).

My vote : 5 / 10.

The Bourne Identity

Few surprises ; typical of its kind
It is not a bad movie ; actually it is quite enjoyable and certainly you will have a good evening watching it with friends .

But don't expect much more : it is a classic variation of a chidren's story except that children get fairies and we get Matt Damon (CIA), an assassin, instead because we're grown ups.

Sweet dreams !

My vote : 7 / 10.

Capricorn One

Entertaining. Good suspense
Don't read more into it than there is to read. It is not some philosophical discussion about the NASA or the success of the space programs. May be only about how much can our government lie to us...

But despite some obvious flaws it is entertaining. The pursuit in the desert is good. A pleasant alternative to Rambo 19...

My vote : 8 / 10.


Elegant and touching
Charlotte Rampling was really beautiful... A subtle film on a subject treated so many times in the movie history. But this one is elegant and interesting not the least because of the very good actors. The characters have depth. Dialogues are good. Marvellous spots for the film shooting on the French Riviera. Definitely worth seeing.

My vote : 8 / 10.

Belle de jour

Non ! Skip.
Yes, Deneuve and Piccoli give great performances. Yes it is Bunuel. But I did not like it. The story is weird. The film seems very old, almost obsolete. Deneuve's husband character is not credible.

It is definitely not a must see.

My vote : 7 / 10.

The Quiller Memorandum

A good spy movie
Other viewers have said it all: it is a good movie and more interestingly it is a different kind of spy movie. It is credible. The shooting on location in Berlin makes it that much more thrilling.

Good acting. Fantastic last 30 minutes where I have rarely felt so tense so the suspense was intense: great chase in the streets of Berlin but in a different way from James Bond...

Definitely worth seeing. You won't be disappointed.

Final note: there is no stupid romance to spoil the film. The ending in itself contributes to the film's value (you will see).

My vote: 8 / 10.


A simple story which rings true
A love triangle.

A strong, courageous young girl who works hard as a maid and loves a young soldier. She saves all what she earns to marry him and get started in life. She is innocent with strong morals yet not stupid. She is a typical figure of SPain 50 years ago.

A young soldier. A weak character. Lazy, no clear morals. He is looking for good deals in life. He is influencable and selfish. His relationship with other minor characters (the commanding officer) suggests that he is a coward.

A mature woman who takes part in shady deals as a way of life. She has known many men before. She is lonely and looking for sexual experiences.

The film is fairly sensual. The characters are plausible. The acting is good.

My vote: 8 / 10.

Le mari de la coiffeuse

A sensual, subtle and beautiful movie.
A simple story. Like a fairy tale. Two main characters. Great acting with special applause to Jean ROCHEFORT. It is about love and senses (smells, odors, music, strokes...). It is also very funny. Most of the film takes place in the salon: we get an increased intimacy with the characters.

I recommend this movie as a must see.

My vote: 9 / 10.

L'amour, l'après-midi

Subtle, enjoyable
As all other Rohmer films Chloe is about feelings, emotions, dialogues, testing moral taboos.... Although I did not like all the acting - some minor characters are not very good and their acting looks artificial - the film keeps you intrigued till the end.

It is not a movie for the "masses" : there is no sex, no guns, no fights, no cops.

If this your idea of movies like it seems to be the norm in some countries west of Europe go instead to your local Blockbuster or Video Update and get the latest of Rambo, Lethal...,blah, blah, blah...

If instead you want to think then it is definitely worth seeing.

Embrassez qui vous voudrez

As with "Grosse Fatigue" the pair Michel Blanc / Carole Bouquet is at the center of the film. Lots of laughs. Subtle. Interesting characters even if sometimes it could be more subtle (eg : Michel Blanc's character is really extreme).

Pour passer une bonne soiree.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Truly entertaining
It is a simple film with everyday characters - except Greek and non-Greek. The clash between cultures is expected. One laughs frequently during the film. But it is a very likeable movie because all the characters are likeable.

If one wants to step back and reflect for a minute there is something to be said about the American culture and its tendency to try to absorb everything else.

Obviously here is a good counter example with different and refreshing values. One cannot help desire to move some place in the Mediterranean after seeing the film.

A welcome change from mainstream Americana (eg: Cruise / Pitt / Cage...).

Relative Values

Sparkling !
Brilliant acting from a superb cast. Dialogues are great and subtle. Stephen Fry is a marvelous butler. Fans of "Mad Max 12" and "Lethal Weapon 123" pass your way ; it is not for you.... For the rest of the world, it is a good movie with a charming - though predictable sometimes - opposition between British and American values -and way of life...

Proof of Life

A good movie - great acting
Good actors - especially Russell Crowe. Good suspense. Interesting change of pace during the various parts of the movie - including the "war movie" part in the end. Certainly worth seeing: a cut above most new movies in the last 6 months. A fair sense of reality and "it could happen to you".

Le maître de musique

A movie for music lovers...
It is a rare feat to have a movie plot and music so complementary and interwoven. Great actors. Outstanding choice of music pieces. Great performers. It is difficult not to be fascinated by this movie. A must see and see again. Mahler's lieders will become forever unforgettable.

Kind Hearts and Coronets

One of the 10 best movies ever
Intelligence and genius rather than special effects and huge budgets. Outstanding acting (Guiness, Price, Greenwood). Awesome script and plot.

There is a finesse in this movie that leaves me breathless.

The British sense of humour.

I have seen it may be ten times and still marvel at its cleverness.

A must see - goes without saying.

Arlington Road

A great and well constructed movie.
As good as and very similar in its message and tone to Pakula's "Parallax View". All the more stronger because of the disturbing end.

Except for a few incoherences - as most great hits the plots relies entirely on ordinary characters. May be your neighbor.

A must see.

Hadaka no shima

The best drama of all times ?
Probably one of the most moving movies in the history ; the more so because of the simplicity of the movie: no dialogs, B&W, a very slow pace and non professional actors. But from the first to the last minute it is about fate and courage and man. Do see it. You'll understand.

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