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The Persuaders!

British TV series at its best!
This 1971-1972 British TV series starring Roger Moore & Tony Curtis had it all: A great duo, great wit & humor, fast cars, fast girls & great exotic locals! What more can you possibly ask for?! I grow up on this series and loved it dearly and I just can't wait for the up-coming DVD release from A&E which I hear will have great transfers & 2 audio commentaries by/including Roger Moore! I remember vividly that I'd arrive at my afternoon classes late, just so I could watch the episode of the week in its entirety! No way that I would miss a single episode (too bad however that only 24 were ever made). "The Persuaders!" in my humble opinion, courtesy of the great maestro John Barry (who also did the James Bond Theme), has one of the greatest themes for a TV series ever recorded. Where I grow up (in the middle east), the series was titled "The Searchers" and it was one of the most popular TV series of its time along with Gerry Anderson's "UFO". Thank you A&E for finally releasing this gem on DVD!

Le clan des Siciliens

A Near Classic, Top Notch Crime Drama
Summary: A Near Classic, Top Notch Crime Drama

It might sound cliché, but I'm just going to use it and say it: "They just don't like that anymore". The Sicilian Clan truly deserves it and every second of the film is tightly acted and directed. We also have an absolutely magnificent soundtrack here courtesy of the Italian master composer Ennio Morricone which perfectly matches the mood and look of the film. Alain Delon, in one of his best performances, plays a master thief who gets hired by Jean Gabin for the occasion of pulling off a 50 million dollar jewel robbery. The jewelry is being shipped to a museum in New York by a passenger airplane and The Sicilian Clan want them all. The best way: hijack the plane! There is also a very good subplot involving Delon and the wife of the one of the Clan boys that runs along the way which is ultimately responsible for the film's very very satisfying finale. Beautifully shot in Panavision, the imagery is also great with lots of on location photography of the late 60's Paris. Sadly, this movie is not currently available on home video. It was theatrically released in North America by the 20th Century Fox and it grossed over $1 million dollars at the time which quite respectable. I don't know who currently has the rights to it but hopefully Anchor Bay will license and release it now that they have released another great one "Un Flic". Until then, I'm glad that at least I have a pan & scan copy I made from the cable.

One Good Turn

Good Old Fashioned Family Movie
Norman Wisdom may not be a household name in North America, but he certainly was one in Europe & Asia during the height of his career in the '50s & the '60s. "One Good Turn" is a funny, clean cut family comedy that you can watch with your kids without having to have the remote handy to press the forward button during the inappropriate sections which nowadays is all over so called family movies. Norman is charming, honest & utterly funny in his movies. A likable character that kids and adults alike can relate to. "One Good Turn" is a funny movie with many clever slapstick sequences (check out the orchestra conductor sequence for just one example) that have not lost their charms. Norman Wisdom movies have been hard to find here in North America but recently WHAM! USA label has put out a whole bunch of them out (sadly on VHS only so far). Get them while they're still around. You won't be disappointed!


Great escapist fun!
A passenger train is runaway (the brakes have frozen) on a winding, mountainous snow covered railway! Despite the fact that this is a made for TV movie, it movie was theatrically released overseas under the title "The Frozen Passage" and deservedly was a hit. It's unfortunate that it's not currently available on any format since it's an exciting suspenseful film that you can see with your family. the finale it also very satisfying. Come on Universal and release this one at least on VHS (DVD is ideal!).

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