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Rush Hour

I loved it. Chris Tucker has to be one of the funniest comedians in movies of all time. Jackie Chan knows how to get laughs himself, so I was very glad to get comdy relief from all the action. The action was great, the plot thickening was cool and how the two stars got along was even better. I think the funniest thing was when 'Mr. Lee' took out the entire F.B.I. at the house and then 'Carter' rolled up in the tow truck with his stingray dragging behind. Chris Tucker trying to do martial arts and Jackie Chan trying to get down with some beats was great as well. This is a definate rent to see, or if you have already seen it, buy it!!

What Women Want

RE: Too bad the female characters
I too saw this movie. If you are a chick, you can't expect a movie, who's star is a man, to have women who rule and dominate men. If you are a guy, you can't expect a movie with the title of "What Women Want" to tell you the secrets of women when the leading female star is Helen Hunt(who in my opinion is a very head strong actress). So to Mr. & Mrs. "Lissandra", don't go see a movie if you don't like the theme. Maybe you too should try "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". It might be more up your ally. ACTUAL COMMENTS: I loved the movie. To see Mel Gibson in tights, nose strip and eye make-up was great. The thing that topped it off was him sing "Bitch". A definate go see when in need of a laugh.

WCW Monday Nitro

Terrible, Nasty Things
I watch this show for entertainment. Of course the show doesn't have the best acting, which is due to the fact of when you are trying to do fast moves, combinations and kickin butt, it's kinda hard to keep the best acting in mind. It is very hard for the wrestlers to do the moves they do, keep up their character and try to be the best actor in the world. The funniest thing in the comment made by "JesusHBK" was that he tries to flip to other shows while watching NITRO. What makes the comment so funny is, considering his opinion, he still watches the show. The only other thing I would have to add at this time is "FREE SCOTT HALL"!!!!

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