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The Magnificent Seven

wow,what a western!
Every actor gave his all to his character. Robert Vaughn, though briefly on-screen,is magnificent; especially when releasing the villagers at the end. Yul Brenner is magnificent; his presence throughout the movie is commanding,larger than life. Steve McQueen does not need to speak to give a magnificent performance; Clint Eastwood had to have studied Steve McQueen 101 to learn that a western character can speak few lines and be effective. Charles Bronson and James Coburn-magnifique! Words cannot describe the utter perfection that they brought to the movie; I couldn't wait to see their next scene. Eli Wallach-when I first saw this movie, I was teenager back in the sixties. I thought he was the most magnificent villian; it took me a long time to like him in other roles, he was so convincing. It took me a while to understand the Horst Bucholtz character, it wasn't until I saw the 'Seven Samuai' in the nineties that I realized why he was slightly un-magnificent. The villagers,especially the three boys who befriend the Charles Bronson character, give the story its heart. The bandits are effective challengers to our heroes. The movie's only flaw is that it is the magnificent six. The character portrayed by Brad Dexter only only in the movie so that Steve McQueen could count to seven.

The Quick and the Dead

First rate western mystery
Not your average western,but great actors,good character developement,and good use of flashbacks. Could be classified as a mystery. Russell Crowe really seems as if he had not bathed throughout the movie,giving some realism to the movie. The gun tournaments reminds one of medievel contests, though one could guess who would win up until the last round. One unanswered question in this movie was the reason for the lack of love between father and son played by Gene Hackman and Leonardo DiCaprio.


excellent acting,despite fair screenplay
The acting makes the movie. Some scenes were too long and meaningless. The movie tried to be a documentary. I would like the Olympic Gold Medal at least mentioned in the movie. Will Smith,Jon Voight and Mario Van Peeples were excellent playing people familiar to most of us. The fight sequences were well staged.

The Mummy Returns

great special effects,highly entertaining
This movie had an uneven,highly improbable plot but it was great to watch, never a dull moment. The special effects were first class. The action sequences which Brendan Frasier was in,it was difficult to determine if it was him or a double or stunt man. Unlike most blockbuster movies,this movie did cast many minorities.

Gold of the Seven Saints

How far will men go to pursue gold.
This movie is about two partners who encounter trouble as the try to take their gold to town to cash it in. They endure several hardships and their friendship is tested several times. I enjoyed the chemistry between Clint Walker and Roger Moore. Both actors showed their versatility in moving from light situations to more serious situations;their charisma made the movie. The plot was unlikely,an Irish cowboy traps furs with a westerner,they find gold,the Irish cowboy goes into town to steal two horses to carry the sacks of gold,he gets caught,is forced to buy one horse with a gold nugget and a chase is on.

Custer of the West

Surprisingly good account of General Custer
I was hesitant to watch this movie, but found it very good. It grabbed my attention with the camera shots during many action sequences. When two miners are tied-up on a run-away wagon, I could see what they saw as the wagon aimlessly traveled along a narrow road on a cliff;again when a calvary officer was escaping along a log down a canal,and when passengers were on a run-away train. Although this movie was about General Custer, we also became familiar with many of the other characters. Jeffrey Hunter always steals a scene, even as an older man and he again portrays a socially conscious character as he did in "From Hell to Eternity". this movie not have been historically accurate, but as movies go, I thought it did a good job of portraying the events that led up to the "Battle".


Well acted,spellbinding,classic film-noir
Even after watching this movie numerous times ,I still must view it again and again because the portrait of Laura and the plot and the acting are so good, and the music is just right, a flawless story,a good mystery, a good love story,and Clifton Webb again plays an elderly,rich,snobbish,gentleman to the hilt,see his performance in "The Dark Corner" ,he falls jealously in love with a younger woman which leads him to-----well,I will not give up the plot.

The Command

Good calvary movie
The good thing about this movie is the sympathy toward Native Americans. The Native Americans had no immunity to smallpox or chicken pox and no medicine to treat diseases. The main character played by Guy Madison constantly showed concern toward the Native Americans although he had to fight them. Although this movie had this social issue,it still had all the rousing entertainment of most calvary movies. The movie had a lot of saluting, which sometimes became a distraction. James Whitmore was great as the seasoned veteran just as he was in "Battleground". This movie had me wanting both sides to win.

Stagecoach Kid

One of the best Tim Holt westerns
Has a similar theme as "West of the Pecos" where a lady disguises herself briefly as a boy. This movie was fun to watch. Different from many Tim Holt westerns-he goes by another name in this movie,his character and Chito are not mending fences,and surprise, surprise-he gets the girl at the end. The ending is typical with a lady chasing Chito.

West of the Pecos

I enjoy this western every time I see it.
This movie follows basically the same theme as "Stagecoach Kid". where a lady dresses as a boy and tries to pass as a boy briefly. Also, this movie has Richard Martin playing the character of Chito Rafferty. Unlike "Stagecoach Kid",Pecos doesn't realize that the "boy" is really a lady for a while, whereas the character played by Tim Holt in "Stagecoach Kid" plays along with the act. This movie has no surprises, the good guys win and the hero gets the girl at the end,but the characters are likeable,the story flows well.


Western lover's dream movie
This movie has every thing a western lover wants-shoot-out,cattle drive,Native American conflict,Calvarymen,strong leading lady character who is independent,but falls for the hero. and a hero who takes a supporting role,but grabs my attention every time he is on the screen. Different from most characters that William Holden plays, not cynical. The suspense at the end was so real; I could feel the same emotions as the character played by Jean Arthur.

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