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Noah's Ark

So many people were injured in shooting the biblical sequences for this film that star Delores Costello always referred to it as "FLOOD, MUD AND BLOOD"

This film was made in the transitional period between silent and sound film so talking sequences were added to keep the film contemporary.

This Is Cinerama

Print Quality
While John Harvey's Dayton, Ohio print of THIS IS CINERAMA certainly showed its age in terms of wear and tear, the color on that print (in dye-transfer process from a 1961 re-print) showed no age at all, and is superior to the newly printed Cinerama Dome print (off the aging and somewhat faded camera negative).


The film process CLEOPATRA was shot in was NOT 70MM Panavision, as stated by some here, but Todd-AO, the original 65/70MM film process that Super Panavision 70 is a copy of.

If all 6 hours of CLEOPATRA is located and restored, FOX should re-release it theatrically in its original 70MM Todd-AO format.

A Star Is Born

The first movie to really USE widescreen!
Perhaps the first film to use the widescreen in an innovative, purely cinematic manner. Warner's decision not to "Roadshow"(reserved seats with intermission) this picture at its original 3hr and 2 minute length is most likely the reason why it was cut by about 45 minutes within a month after its release, did not win many Oscars and did not return its cost.

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