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deeply touching tearjerker
I found this movie while channel surfing the other night and since I'm a huge fan of Molly Ringwald, I decided to watch it. Well I was hooked instantly. It dealt with the very serious issue of teen suicide and how the families of the victims are affected. I found this movie absolutely fascinating and it wasn't over the top at all. Everyone in this film gave outstanding performances especially Molly and Paul Sorvino. By the last half hour of this movie I was crying hysterically and continued to for almost half an hour after it ended. It brought back so many of the feelings I had experienced in my early teens and found it very relateable. I highly reccomend this movie to anyone and can't wait until I can see it again!

The Lost Boys

Oh my god this movie had so many fine looking mullets! But they were kinda scary looking! Well I thought this movie was totally ridiculous and cheesy but I liked it for some reason. Jason Patric got me very annoyed and I have to say Keifer Sutherland does such a good job playing the bad guy roles. He totally scared the hell out of me in that movie "Eye For An Eye". Wasn't Corey Haim soo adorable though? So although it was totally a cheesy 80's movie, I would have to recomend it for all the stellar mullets!!

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

This has got to be one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen! It totally creeped me out. I think I must have missed the point they were trying to get across because it went right over my head. It didn't really make sense and it seemed like the scenes were just pasted together in any random order. I only watched it because I enjoy Diane Keaton and she was good in it I guess but her character was so annoying!I have to say the only parts of the movie I liked were when she was teaching the kids! They were so cute! So there was just something about it that made it very confusing. It just seemed that all of a sudden she was this huge drug addict. And what was with the ending? It ended so abruptly. That was the most disturbing part of the whole movie though. I have to say Richard Gere did look pretty hot in this too! And how cute was LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow??? So I would not recomend this to anyone unless you want to be totally confused .

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