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  • Just finished watching this what must surely be one of the most endearing and heartfelt emotional ride of a film I've seen in a long time. Very rarely do we ever get to see a friendship of this nature between 2 girls growing up together until their adulthood depicted in this way. But this is not a straightforward story and a huge credit must go to how the film was edited and put together to lure into thinking the story is one thing and then turned out to be completely different and really hit you right into your heart. The only reason I decided to watch this movie was because of Ma Sichun who reminds me of my favourite Korean actress Son Ye-Jin, but I was glad I watched this film, and you will do too. I would urge you to spend a couple of hours of your day to make time for this wonderfully told story of love and friendship.
  • I was lucky to catch this film at Berlinale Film Festival and when the film ended, there was a sudden eruption of applause that went on for about a minute. Half the crowd stayed behind until the credits rolled and again another round of applause when the final curtain came down. It was THAT good.

    The film was shocking at times of the brutality, heart warming, some really laugh-out loud moments mixed with gut wrenching sadness. All 3 leads playing Long, Jun and Lily were excellent in their portrayal of the characters and you do feel for each of their struggles.

    When a movie really touches you it stays in your mind and I'm still thinking about the film even now after I saw the movie several days ago.