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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Riddle me this!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was released into theatre's in 2002 just one year after the first movie introduced the world to what would later become a world wide phonomianom. The Harry Potter books are some of the best works of modern day fiction and in the past twenty years have become classics that will undoubtedly go down in history and be read by both children and adults for years to come.

Chamber of Secrets is a very faithful adaptation of the original book and is a perfect follow up to the first movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone which were both directed by Christopher Columbus. The unique visual style and cinematography used by Columbus helped create a very unique and memorable world for the Harry Potter universe some things were changed in future installments of the franchise but many of qualitys that made the first two movies so memorable remained present in future installments.

Chamber of Secrets was also the last Harry Potter movie to star Richard Harris as Professor Albus Dumbledore this was also Harris's final film role before his sad passing later that same year.

I remember going to seeing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the cinema on opening day when I was eleven years old with my family it became a tradition to see the Harry Potter movie's together those are some of the best memories I have with my family.

This is a movie that can be enjoyed by both children and adults it's story is both engaging and interesting a perfect story for anyone who enjoys reading fantasy novels.

Jason X

In space only Jason can hear you scream!
The tenth movie in the long running Friday the 13th series, Jason X took the series in a very different direction by putting Jason Voorhees into space aswell as four hundred years into the future where humanity now lives on earth 2 where the teenagers are still just horny idiots just waiting for Jason to kill them.

Jason X is exactly the movie you expect it to be an over the top slasher movie that doesn't take itself too seriously giving it's audience exactly what they asked for an entertaining slasher movie that's just an hour and a half of Jason Voorhees killing various people in bloody entertaining ways. The special effects while dated by today's standards were actually pretty decent for a low budget slasher movie made in the early 2000s.

The idea of putting Jason Voorhees in space is as crazy and silly as it sounds. This is probably the least serious entry in the Friday the 13th series to date and that's in a movie series that has had some very odd entry's which have included a copycat Jason Voorhees killer, followed by the resurrection of Jason that essentially made him an unkillable zombie, then a movie where Jason fights a girl with telekinetic powers, then Jason went to Manhattan where toxic waste turned him back into a child which was ignored in the next movie where Jason dies but comes back once again as a body snatcher creature which ends with him being sent to hell with Freddy Kreuger, after all that it's no surprise Jason went to space it's the next logical step in a series as crazy as this one.

Jason X was released in 2001 but was actually filmed in 1999 and was first released in Germany in the year 2000 before it was finally released in the US in 2001. The movie was made during the Matrix craze era of the early 2000s when every movie was trying to get in on the science fiction craze brought about by the success of The Matrix.

I recommend Jason X if your a fan of old school slasher movies that focus more on the death scenes and special effects it's fun, bloody and entertaining like a Jason movie should be.

Jane Eyre

Perfectly Cast
I really enjoyed Jane Eyre (2011) I have never read the classic book by Charlotte Bronte I have read many other literary classics however ramance novels have never really interested me in the past.

I came across Jane Eyre on Netflix and decided to give it a chance to see if the story would interest me and if I'm completely honest I'm glad I gave this movie a chance. I honestly can't say if this movie is a good interpretation of the book or not but what I will say is for a period drama it is very well written, directed with solid acting from everyone involved especially by (Mia Wasikowska) who plays Jane Eyre aswell as (Michael Fassbender) who plays Mr Edward Rochester and an amazing performance by (Judi Dench) who plays Mrs. Fairfax.

I highly recommend watching Jane Eyre (2011) even if you have never read the book the movie does a great job at providing proper character backgrounds aswell as detailed character development that makes this classic story easy to follow for people who are new to the story and it's characters.

This classic tale of love and tragedy is one that has withstood the test of time with it's elegant writing and sophisticated dialogue that will leave you wanted more. I came away from this movie honestly wanting to read the original classic aswell as other classic romance novels which is something I didn't expect I hope others have the same experience watching Jane Eyre (2011).

Kimi no na wa.

Surprisingly good!
Your Name isn't the kind of Anime I usually watch. I have always been into the more violent and adult style Anime movies most of which are from the 80s and 90s. I came across Your Name while scrolling through Netflix looking for something calming to watch. I am glad I gave this movie a chance because after a bit of rocky start the story picked up and it ended up catching my interest the rest of way through.

Your Name tells the story of two high-school students. The first is a girl named Mitsuha who lives in a quiet mountain town. Mitsuha dreams of one day leaving her quiet boring town and moving to Tokyo where she can explore and eat at all the best Cafés. The second is boy named Taki who lives in Tokyo he works at a restaurant part time after school he dreams of one day becoming an architect. One morning they wake up inside each others bodies with no explanation to how or why it happened but they soon discover that it's not just some crazy dream and that it will keep on happening so they decide to make some rules to stop them both causing trouble in each others lives until they find a way to stop it once and for all.

The first thirty minutes or so of the movie aren't very interesting or original if your an older viewer the first thirty minutes of the movie can end up coming across as just another typical high-school romance anime with fan service at least that was my initial assessment of the movie. Then to my surprise the story picked up and suddenly went from what I thought was going to be a predictable storyline to one that ended up changing my opinion of the entire movie. There's really not a whole lot you can say about the movies storyline without spoiling it but what I will say is that the movie does have some genuinely heart warming moments of friendship and romance.

The animation style is breathtaking with scenes that use a unique blending of colours to create something that's beautiful to look at throughout the entire movie.

The English voice acting is surprisingly good the voices match the characters well and the ADR work is very well done. The original Japanese audio always sounds better so I recommend watching it with the Japanese audio and English subtitles for the best experience.

I recommend giving Your Name a chance it's a surprisingly good anime movie that appeals to both an older generation of anime fans and a new generation.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

"I'll take a Voorhees burger and a side of Jason fingers"
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday was released into theatre's in 1993 four years after the previous entry (Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) which was the final Friday the 13th movie to be released by Paramount. The rights to the series were eventually sold and bought by New Line Cinema after a lengthy dispute over the series rights between New Line Cinema and Paramount studios that ended on the agreement that New Line Cinema would own the rights to the series on the condition that they couldn't use the Friday the 13th name which led to this movie being named Jason Goes to Hell!.

The four year gap between Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell was originally the longest gap between Jason movies until the later eight year gap between the movies Jason Goes to Hell and (Jason X) which was released in 2001.

Jason Goes to Hell is a very different kind of Jason movie while the previous movies always focused more on the Jason Voorhees character stalking and killing every horny, pot smoking teenager he can find often in bloody and inventive ways. Jason Goes to Hell takes the series in a different direction with Jason being killed off within the first five minutes of the movie with his body being blown up leaving him quite literally in pieces at this point you can't help but think to yourself how is this a Jason movie if the title character dies in the first five minutes of the movie?. The story this time around has Jason become a kind of parasitic creature that takes over people's body's by transferring itself between body's via mouth to mouth transfer that kills the host body upon transference. The Jason parasite can only survive inside a person's body for limited amount of time before the body starts to weaken and degrade. The story involves Jason swapping between people's body's as he tries to find the only person who can revive him back to his original form the only way he can do that is by entering the body of another Voorhees. This movie introduces the idea of Jason having a sister and a neice who also has a daughter which would be his great neice which needless to say is just a ridiculous idea for a Jason movie.

This is the one Jason movie that pretty much every fan agrees is the weirdest one by far some claim it's the worst movie in the entire Friday the 13th series but me personally I enjoyed it because it was at least something different for once. This movie has some great looking make up effects that make the body switching scene's look very gruesome with the dead hosts body melting and falling apart in slow and detailed shots that end on the body looking like a pile of mush and bones. The deaths in this movie are also pretty gory and detailed there's people being impaled, stabbed, heads crushed, faces punched in, shot, spines broken. Jason may not be on screen for very long but when he's in someone else's body he's still strong enough to crush someones head in aswell being able to kill people with a single punch to the face.

There's one last thing to say about this movie and that's about the infamous ending to this movie that teased a Freddy Vs Jason movie which didn't get made until 2003 a full ten years after it was teased. This was the most talked about ending credit scene in slasher movie history for a long time so in a weird way Jason Goes to Hell left it's mark in slasher movie history.

Jason Bourne

"Matt Damon is" Getting to old for this crud!
(Jason Bourne 2016) is meant to be a continuation of the original Bourne movie trilogy which starred (Matt Damon) as Jason Bourne. The trilogy ended with (The Bourne Ultimatum) back in 2007 which was meant to be the end of Bourne's story with the final movie ending on a high note that surpassed the expectations of both fans and critics. Then in 2014 came a new Bourne movie (The Bourne Legacy) which stared (Jeremy Renner) as a completely new character who has little to no connection to the original Bourne movies. The movie was a complete letdown which failed to capture the complex characters, smart storyline and memorable action sequences of the original Bourne trilogy.

This movie was clearly made to try and revive the series by bringing (Matt Damon) back as Jason Bourne and by continuing the original storyline in an effort to try and create a new Bourne trilogy which would see the Jason Bourne character in similar situations as before trying to discover more about his past aswell as fighting a younger generation of the CIA while killing off the old bosses. The problem with this "new storyline" is that it's all been done before we have already seen Bourne tackle the CIA go into hiding then come out of hiding and go after the CIA again it's been done to death. The storyline is very predictable and boring there's nothing really new or original in this movie even the chase scenes that were a big part of the original movies have now become so easy to predict that you never really feel like Borne is any real danger. The original Bourne trilogy was fantastic it was smart, fast, action packed with interesting and likable characters aswell as having a thought provoking storyline with cleverly written dialogue that's both smart and sophisticated.

(Jason Bourne 2016) is an unnecessary sequal to an already awsome trilogy. The only reason this movie exists is the same reason most movie sequels exist because producer's in Hollywood got greedy and decided to just make more of the same product in order to sell tickets no more no less.

The movie isn't terrible by any means it still has plenty of enjoyable action scenes aswell as great acting by (Matt Damon) who even after nine years since playing the Jason Bourne character jumps right back into the action that he's known for in the series he may be a bit older and greyer than he was nine years ago but he's still a badass in this movie. The movie also stars (Tommy Lee Jones) who gives a solid performance as one of the older CIA directors who will do anything to take down Bourne even if it means sacrificing his own people.

I am a huge fan of the original books by Robert Ludlum and I am also a big fan of the original movie trilogy and while I found this movie to be a bit of a disappointment it's still worth watching at least once it has some decent action scenes and some new backstory to the Bourne character which is somewhat interesting.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday the 13th part VIII: Cruise Control
Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan is one of the worst entries in the Friday the 13th series not due to a lack of gore or the lack of anything original but due to the fact that the movies title as well as the advertising made to promote the movie are a complete lie.

This Friday the 13th sequel was meant to shake the series up a bit by having Jason Voorhees leave Camp Crystal Lake so he can cause death and chaos somewhere new and exciting thus the idea of Jason Takes Manhattan was born that was supposed to be a movie that takes place primarily in New York City but what we got instead however wasn't so much Jason in New York City so much as Jason takes a long boat ride to New York City.

The budget for the movie was only 5 million dollars (USD) this would have been more than enough money to make another Jason movie set in Crystal Lake but due to (Part VII: The New Blood) underperforming at the box office Part VIII was a last chance to breath some new life into the already old and dated slasher movie formula. The bulk of (Jason Takes Manhattan) takes place on a low rent cruise ship where Jason stalks and kills more teenagers with most of the deaths taking place off screen. Then after around one hour and fifteen minutes they finally make it to New York City but not really as the next twenty minutes of the movie takes place on the slum town docks of New York City where the only thing waiting for the survivors is muggers and of course Jason Voorhees. The scenes that take place on the docks were actually filmed in Vancover (Canada) which is made more obvious by the movies unconvincing backgrounds. Only the last ten minutes of the movie actually takes place in New York City that's only around 4% of entire movie and honestly in the last ten minutes Jason barely does anything interesting. Jason kills only one person and just walks away from anyone who doesn't stand up to him but even when they do all he does is shove them aside not so different from any other New Yorker in a rush.

The kills aren't anything special most take place off screen. The only decent kill is one where Jason literally punches a guys head off and it flys into a nearby dumpster other than that pretty standard stuff for a Friday the 13th movie. The only reason this sequel is watched by fans of the series is because of Kane Hodder's badass performance as Jason Voorhees.

Gerald's Game

Another disappointing ending to a Stephen King movie adaptation
Gerald's Game is a nightmare come true for a lot of people the idea of being handcuffed to the bed by a trusted partner then the unthinkable happens they have a fatal heart attack leaving you trapped alone and afraid with no-one around to hear your desperate cries for help. In Gerald's Game that nightmare becomes a reality for one unlucky wife who finds herself handcuffed to a bed with no food and water with no-one around for miles while being trapped in a room with the body of her dead husband. Time slowly passes bye as she begins her slow decent into madness alone and afraid she retreats inside herself where she discovers repressed memories of abuse and it's not long before her mind begins playing tricks on her as she's forced to confront her past emotional conflicts aswell as the very real ones in front of her.

Gerald's Game is the movie adaptation of the 1992 book of the same name written by famous horror writer Stephen King. I originally read Gerald's Game back in 2002 I enjoyed the book a great deal and have read the book several times over the years. My only criticism of the book is that it sadly suffers from the same issue as many of Stephen King's other books, the ending is a huge letdown. I was looking forward to seeing this classic King story in a modern day movie adaptation with the hope that maybe King would rewrite the ending although sadly that wasn't the case.

There is a fair amount of blood, gore and injury detail in this movie just a heads up for people who are squeamish about blood and realistic injury detail.

I would have given the movie a higher rating but again the ending was a big disappointment I thought but in a positive way I suppose the movie remains pretty faithful to original book.

Under Siege

Co star's Gary Busey in Drag
Under Siege is probably the only decent and memorable (Steven Seagal) movie although he did many movies after this was released it was his performance in Under Siege that helped him get many of his roles in future movies. Seagal never really reached the same level of fame as other more notable action movie stars like (Jean-Claude Van Damme), (Arnold Schwarzenegger), (Bruce Willis) and of course (Sylvester Stallone). This was mainly due to the fact that Seagal has always been a difficult person to work with due to him being a bit of an on set diva aswell as his very arrogant personality both on and off the camera. On the set of Under Seige he had frequent arguments with Co Star (Tommy Lee Jones) because Jones had nicknamed him Seagull as a joke which Seagal took as insult. Seagal also designed the costume for his character himself as he didn't like the designs put together by actual professionals just one of several instances of Seagal acting like an on set diva. Seagal has gone on to star in many action films over the years although most of them end up being straight to video releases most of which are just over the top action B movies and not the so bad their good kind.

Under Siege is a fairly decent action movie that manages to stay entertaining and enjoyable throughout with it's enjoyably funny characters aswell having some entertaining action scenes that include a fair amount of blood and violence that involve several explosions, guns, hand to hand fighting, impalements aswell as a pretty cool knife fight scene. The story itself isn't anything we haven't already seen before in other action movies but it still manages to entertain. A group of terrorists lead by (Tommy Lee Jones) character sneak aboard a battle ship taking control by force while they attempt to steal some nuclear weapons with plans to sell them to waring countries in an attempt to cause a revolution war. Seagal plays an chef who is also an ex navy seal and when the ship gets taken over he decides to fight back against the terrorists and break the siege on the ship.

The best characters in this movie are definitely (Tommy Lee Jones) who plays the lead terrorist and main antagonist Stranix a professional hijacker who dresses like a 1970s rock star Jones plays this role similar to the way he played Two Face a role he played years later in Batman Forever (1995) he plays his character in a way only he can with a lot of energetic movement while spouting out snappy one liners. Jones' performance works well when sharing the screen with fellow Co Star (Gary Busey) who plays Krill a navel commander turned terrorist who helps Stranix and his crew take control of the ship Busey's performance is very similar to Jones' they both play off of each others reactions well both playing the comedy relief characters who are just insane and fun to watch. In my personal opinion Seagal's performance isn't anything all that special in this movie really it's the supporting cast that make Under Siege so memorable.

I recommend watching Under Siege if your a fan of classic 80s and 90s action movies it's fun to watch with plenty of action and violence to keep you entertained.


A high quality B movie
I never saw Outlander in theatre's or even when it was released on DVD & Blu Ray back in 2008 I had little to no interest in watching it. Then after over a decade of forgetting this movie even existed I came across Outlander on Blu Ray brand new for only 50p so I thought I'd give it a watch it can't be all that bad I thought to myself.

Outlanders story is just bizarre it's about a man named Kainan (Jim Caviezel) who's ship crash lands on earth in the Nortic Viking era. The ship he arrived on was unknowingly carrying a dragon/beast type creature from another planet called a Moorwen. Kainan discovers that the Moorwen is now carving it's way through villages killing and eating it's occupants leaving no bodies only destruction in it's wake. Kainan is captured by a tribe of Viking settlers who think he is the one behind the attacks on the villages but soon after his capture the Moorwen attacks the Viking settlement killing many of the settlers. Kainan is soon freed and offers to help the Vikings hunt the Moorwen down with them before it kills and eats everyone and everything in it's path but this proves to be easier said than done when the only weapons they have are swords, spears, shields and bows & arrows not enough to kill the Moorwen.

The story is loosely based and say that generously on the 19th-century epic poem Beowulf. This movie "Interpretation" tries to make an old story more modern by basically adding a clique science fiction element to the story. The mash up of Science Fiction in the Viking era is certainly an interesting mix that stands out from other movies in the Science Fiction genre but it's hard to take a movie with such a ridiculous storyline and concept seriously.

Outlander is basically a high quality science fiction B movie that's clearly not meant to be taken seriously it's just an hour and a half of swords, made up creatures and unintentional comedy moments. The only reason Outlander had a cinematic release was because it boasts a few famous names attached to it like (Jim Caviezel), (John Hurt) and (Ron Perlman) if they weren't in this movie then it would of simply been laughed off as a B movie and would have been released straight to video like every other science fiction B movie. The movie is now over a decade old and you can find it in every discount bargain bin at every movie store where it was destined to end up.

The special effects are somewhat decent the Moorwen creature doesn't look terrible and there are some pretty gory scenes that show the creature taking bites out of dead bodies aswell as a few beheadings one which is a scene of (Ron Perlman) character getting his head sliced off which is arguably the best scene in the entire movie. There is also a scene that shows a man's stomach being ripped open while the creature feasts on his innards. The only thing that really let's this movie down are some of the obviously fake backgrounds that are used in some of the outside dialogue scenes.

I recommend giving Outlander a watch if you've got a couple of friends over and need a so bad it's good movie to laugh and make fun of over beer and chips.

Terror Train

All Aboard!
After the huge success of (Halloween 1980) every slasher movie director wanted (Jamie Lee Curtis) for a starring role in their new slasher movies which led to Curtis taking part in numerous films in a very short span of time. In 1980 several influential slasher movies were released that started the slasher movie craze that dominated the 1980s which continued into the 90s and early 2000s. (Jamie Lee Curtis) stared in three slasher movies that were all released in the same year of 1980 (The Fog 1980) followed by the slasher movie classic (Prom Night 1980) and of course (Terror Train 1980) in the two years since Halloween was released Curtis had gone from one starring role to another earning her the title of scream queen.

Terror Train is one of the earliest examples of a classic 1980s slasher movie that takes the simple idea of a group of rebellious and horny teenagers and placing them in a unique environment where they are killed off one at a time usually by a deranged masked killer. The idea of taking something usually seen as safe and innocent and making it scary by having a killer on the loose has always been the easiest and simplest recipe for a successful slasher movie. (Terror Train) is one of the small number of slasher movies to take place entirely on a train or even on any mode of transportation in general which makes it a pretty unique slasher movie. The idea of a slasher movie on a train doesn't sound very interesting but the director uses the lack of space and lighting to his advantage by putting the victims in a small confined space with no escape from a psychotic killer who only has a limited number of places to hide himself and the bodies of his victims.

The story follows a group of college graduates who hire a train to throw a masquerade graduation party on but as the train leaves the station with everyone on board one of the students is murdered by a mysterious killer who takes the students mask taking his place on the train. The party begins as the killer begins killing off the college teenagers one by one as he blends into the crowd of the unsuspecting drunk teenagers but who is really hiding behind the mask.

The deaths in this movie sadly aren't very violent or even very inventive with most of the deaths taking place off screen with very little in way of blood or even noise as the killer tries to be as quiet as possible throughout most of the movie. The last twenty five minutes of movie during the finale is where most of the violence takes place with (Jamie Lee Curtis) character running away from the killer as she tries fighting him off there's a fair amount of blood shown but admittedly a lot of it is on the characters clothing rather than from any wounds they sustain. The scenes that contain the most blood and gore detail come from the reveal of the bodies after they have already been killed which does include a severed head falling from an overhead compartment but still it would of been nice to see the actual death scene in a movie that's rated R.

(Jamie Lee Curtis) is without a doubt the best thing about the movie playing a strong and capable female lead character who is both mature and intelligent who in the movies climax always ends up screaming and running followed by her being a badass with her fending off the killer in a way only Curtis could. The other interesting thing about this movie is that it also stars real life magician (David Copperfield) who's character is a magician hired for the party it's a little weird seeing him perform magic tricks in a slasher movie but he plays his part well and also has one the of the best deaths in the entire movie admittedly it's a predictable one but it's still gory and unique.

I highly recommend watching (Terror Train) if your a fan of classic slasher movies from the 1980s. The movie now has a Blu Ray release making much easier for hardcore fans aswell as new fans to find and watch without having to pay over the odds for it on DVD or VHS.

The Family Man

"This isn't my life!"
The Family Man is one of my all time favourite Christmas movies and is also one my favourite Nicholas Cage movies. This is definitely one of Cage's best performances in his very long and busy career as a serious actor. In the last twelve years or so Cage's career has gone from over the top awsome Nicholas Cage to just plain old will take any role for any amount of money Nicholas Cage. I have always been a big fan of Cage's early work as an actor in movies like (Face Off), (8mm), (Snake Eyes) and of course (The Family Man) this movie is a prime example of just how good of an actor Cage can be when he takes on a serious role.

The Family Man tells the story of Jack Campbell (Cage) who lives for only one thing his high paying job as a company president on Wall Street. Jack claims to be happy and that he has everything he wants in life until one Christmas Eve when he receives a surprise message from his ex girlfriend Kate (Tea Leoni) of over thirteen years leaving him feeling Nostalgic and wondering about the life he could of had with her if he hadn't moved away for work. Jack falls asleep on Christmas Eve night in his expensive New York apartment but the next morning finds himself waking up in New Jersey next to his ex girlfriend Kate who claims that they are married with two children. Jack soon discovers from his guardian angel that he is living in a glimpse of a life he could of had with Kate and it won't end until he finds what he's missing in his life which leaves Jack in a life he doesn't know as he struggles to fit into his own suburban nightmare.

The movie definitely takes inspiration from other Christmas movies like the 1946 classic (It's a wonderful life). The writing admittedly isn't the greatest as many of the characters that start out as important to the story are quickly forgotten about some of the story's plot points don't go anywhere but the great acting from everyone involved makes up for these problems.

(Nicholas Cage) and (Tea Leoni) have great on screen chemistry together really selling their performances. The cast also includes (Don Cheadle) as Jack's guardian angel and (Saul Rubeneck) as Jack's business rival who in Jack's reality is very passive and unassertive but in his glimpse reality is a very assertive business man who is the president of the company in this reality instead of Jack. The cast all work well together each giving strong and memorable performances.

The Family Man is a great Christmas movie that's both a serious drama and a light hearted comedy it's heart-warming story will leave you feeling happy about the life you have.

Revolutionary Road

The Wolf of Revolutionary Road
Revolutionary Road is a relationship drama set in the mid 1950s and follows a young couple Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his wife April (Kate Winslet). The couple live in a quiet suburban neighbourhood on Revolutionary Road with their two children. On the outside this couple seems to have it all a beautiful home, friends who live on the same street aswell as two beautiful children. Frank has a well paid job so his wife and children are provided for in every way, but behind closed doors Frank and April are anything but happy. The life that they imagined having years ago has been replaced by the so called "American Dream" neither one of them is happy with their life, consequently leading the couple to fight and argue about how their lives have become dull, unfulfilling and down right miserable. The two blame each other for their unfulfilling lives and after a particularly bad fight things start to unravel and they both have to make a decision to either continue as they are never fulfilling their hopes and dreams suffering and slowly ageing in their suburban hell or they can make a change move to France and start a new and exciting life.

This isn't a romance story about love and happy endings this is a serious drama that tells the story of a young couple who become trapped in a life neither of them want. (DiCaprio's) character Frank works a ten hour a day job that he absolutely hates but does the responsible thing a man in 1950s would be expected to do work hard and provide for his family even though the life he is living is slowly killing him inside. (Kate Winslet's) character April is a stay at home housewife who cooks, cleans and takes care of the children while her husband works and provides for the family. She does what's expected of her as a housewife in the 1950s but begins to resent her husband and even her children for trapping her in a life she never wanted so she decides to confront her husband and hopefully convince him that they should move to France like they always dreamed or doing so they can be happy as a family again but it's never as simple as it seems as their miserable life in Suburban hell is harder to let go of than they realised.

The movie has an interesting story that shows the serious and more depressing side of the 1950s American dream and that the pursuit of happiness doesn't always end in happiness and bliss. Revolutionary Road is a sad story that tackles important issues such as serious depression aswell as the stress and pressure of having a family and the responsibilities that come with getting married and having children such as providing for your family aswell as other issues like unplanned pregnancy's and abortions in the 1950s.

I recommend watching Revolutionary Road if you enjoy watching serious relationship dramas that aren't afraid to take a real look at serious issues that while this movie takes place in the 1950s many of these issues are still relevant in the modern day.

Pride & Prejudice

I do declare this movie to be most adequate
I first watched Pride & Prejudice upon it's release back in (2005) having not read the original novel by Jane Austen I had nothing to compare it to at the time so my initial thoughts were purely based on the movie. I didn't really enjoy the movie the first time I saw it as again I had no knowledge of it's story, characters and being a teenager at the time I wasn't really interested in romance movies but was happy to watch them with my then girlfriend. The most positive thing I could say about the movie at that time was that it sparked my interest in reading the novel it's based upon as I do remember thinking that the story and social commentary of the time period was something that interested me making want to learn more about it from the original book.

I read the book a few years later and I can honestly say that it has become a personal favourite of mine so much so that I purchased a collectors first edition print of the book that is now displayed proudly on my bookshelf at home. I personally found the book to be so much better than any of the plays or movie adaptations of this classic love story including this one.

I recently took a second viewing of this movie to see if it was worthy of all the praise it received by fans and critics upon it's initial release. I personally would say that ignorance is bliss and that the younger version of me who was bored by this movie was actually lucky to see it without any knowledge of the original books contents as anyone who has actually read the book and studied classic English literature will find this movie interpretation to be historically inaccurate and rushed with characters that differ from the classic characters portrayed in the book.

I'm not saying that this is a bad movie because on the contrary it's actually quite well done especially considering it was released in (2005) when there was an overabundance of romance films being released at that time most of which were cheesy romantic comedy's. The problem with this movie however is that it fails to capture the thought provoking social commentary of the time era, instead focusing more on the Bennet sisters giggling at every man with two legs and a penny in his pocket who happens to walk bye. The first half of the movie feels so rushed and fails to properly introduce our main characters if you hadn't already read the book you would have no idea who is who and with most of the woman dressed so similarly in white gowns with fair brown hair you lose track of which Bennet is which. The story does become much more focused on the romance between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy in the second half of the movie but we still don't learn very much about them as separate individuals as most of the screen time is focused on Elizabeth's blank expressionless face as she broods over Mr Darcy.

The acting is very good from everyone involved you can definitely see that every actor and actress involved is giving it their all even the extras do a great job. (Keira Knightley) does a great job playing Elizabeth she was definitely a good choice for the role sadly the on screen chemistry between her and (Mathew Mcfadyen) Mr Darcy isn't very believable but as separate characters they both play their parts very well. The only character I didn't like was Mr Bingley who in this interpretation has absolutely no grace or admirable qualities about him whatsoever and instead just comes across as a simple minded idiot who couldn't manage to tie his own shoes without Mr Darcy there to help him let alone propose to Jane. I don't blame the actor who portrayed Mr Bingley though I believe he was simply playing the character the way he was asked to play him.

Overall while this certainly isn't the best interpretation of this classic story I still recommend giving this movie a watch it has it's moments that make it an enjoyable romance movie to watch.

The Pleasure of Your Company

Weird and Wonderful
I'm not usually one for romantic comedies but one quiet Friday night I happened to catch this movie on late night TV and to my surprise it actually made me laugh and made my night a little happier.

Wedding Daze stars (Jason Biggs) and (Isla Fisher) two random strangers who meet in a diner and decide to get married in the first minute of them meeting. The story follows the newly engaged couple as they both rush into this wild new relationship that sees them move in together on day one of meeting and within just a few days end up meeting each others parents and friends while they slowly and awkwardly get to know each other and discover each others weird past relationships with a few hidden secrets.

This movie definitely sets itself apart from the more typical romantic comedy's that usually focus more on the dating aspect of a new relationship that sees a new couple as they slowly begin to get to know one another often under unusual circumstances leading to some over the top escapades.

The relationship between (Jason Biggs) character Anderson and (Isla Fisher) character Katie is one I found to be a lot more down to earth with some genuinely romantic moments that capture the real feelings of a love at first sight romance. Their relationship begins as an engaged couple they look at each other and decide right then and there to marry each other putting aside the usual worries people have when meeting a partner like looks, money, jobs, religious beliefs, expectations, past relationships, sex, housing status and their compatibility as a couple. Instead of playing it safe they take a chance one another and decide they have the rest of their lives to get to know each other so why not get married.

This isn't by any means a serious love story this is primarily a comedy movie so it can often be a little silly with it's jokes and physical comedy but there are actually a lot of jokes and sexual references that are really meant for a more mature audience aswell as more than a few swear words.

I highly recommend giving this movie a chance it may not be Oscar worthy but it's definitely an interesting and unique take on modern day romances.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Wahlberg Explosions!
I was a huge fan of Transformers growing up in the late 80s and early 90s watching the cartoon series and collecting almost all of the action figures. Then years later as an adult it was announced Transformers was getting a live action movie so naturally I was excited to finally see my favourite Autobots and Decepticons on the big screen fighting and transforming into awsome vehicles and weapons. I went to see Transformers (2007) on opening day and it was a load of rubbish and it only got worse with each sequel. Then when the awful Shia LaBeouf trilogy finally ended I was looking forward to the franchise going in a new direction thus Transformers: Age of Extinction was made.

I have only recently gotten around to watching Transformers: Age of Extinction due to the fact that upon release it got bad reviews and quickly ended up in on the bargain shelf at my local movie store.

I surprising enjoyed this Transformers movie I mean it's by no means a masterpeice of cinema or anything but compared to the previous Transformer movies it's certainly a step in the right direction for the franchise.

The main parts of the movie I enjoyed were of course the action scenes which look amazing and show off the much better CGI effects than in the previous movies. This being a Michael Bay film though there are a few too many explosions throughout the movie but considering the fact that it's a Transformers movie it's to be expected at this point. The fights between the Transformers are actually pretty cool and are full of swords, guns, grenades and of course metal fists. There's also some pretty cool looking dinobots in this movie which have some interesting designs the only downside to the dinobots however is now the Autobots look like the Power Rangers going into battle with their Megazords.

The list of things I didn't like about this movie is sadly at lot longer than the things I did like. The first issue I have with this movie are the human characters Mark Wahlberg's character is enjoyable and has some genuinely funny and badass moments however he is followed around by his teenage daughter and her boyfriend throughout the entire movie. The teenage daughter is the most annoying and unnecessary character in the entire film her only purpose in this movie is to be eye candy for teenager boys all she does is get captured and complain. The teenage daughters boyfriend is also a completely pointless character I guess he was added in mainly so Mark Wahlberg's character isn't alone in the action scenes till the other side characters show up but other than that he serves no real purpose in this movie other than to annoy people with his fake Irish accent.

The second issue I have with this movie is just how ridiculously implausible some scenes are I get that this is supposed to be just a science fiction action movie about robots from outer space but it's the small things that often ruin what could of been a great scene. The two things I kept noticing consistently throughout the movie is no matter what happens to the characters they manage to keep perfect hair and makeup aswell as not having an inch of sweat on them dispite the fact that they wear the same clothes for days and get into ridiculously over the top battles and spend most of the movie physically running at full speed. Mark Wahlberg's character is meant to be a scrap inventor who collects old junk but he looks like the most jacked up, clean and well dressed hillbilly in existence same with his daughter she puts on lipstick at the start of the movie and by the end it's still on her lips without so much as a smudge.

I lost count of how many times the main characters should have died throughout the entire movie. They survive everything from explosions, car crashes, fire, gun fire, being inside a Transformer while he transforms, falling into a Transformers hand from fifty foot drops like it's a safety net. They just walk away from every battle without so much as a scratch on them if you took a shot of alcohol everytime Mark Wahlberg should of died you'd die from alcohol poisoning.

The movie also has way too many plots and side plots going on all at once this movie is over two and a half hours long and it manages to cram in three different main story plot lines aswell as ton of pointless side plots that are unnecessary and boring.

The last thing I will say about this movie is that I personally felt that it is just too long after two and a half hours of explosions and Mark Wahlberg you can't wait for the movie to end they could of done us all a favour and cut out all the filler and the pointless side characters and made this movie an hour and forty minutes of action that would of been more than enough.

I recommend watching this Transformers movie at least once it definitely has it's flaws but compared to the previous movies it's at least an enjoyable action movie that manages to deliver on it's promise of explosions and robot fights.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The Walking Melodrama
I usually don't review new TV shows after watching only two episodes but I don't see myself watching this show any further. The Walking Dead is now on it's ninth season and has slowly been declining in quality since season seven. The show has gone on just a bit too long at this point and really needs to wrap things up but I would rather watch a declining Walking Dead TV show than one that started only two weeks ago and is already as low as it can go in terms of story and quality.

The Walking Dead has always been a franchise that's aimed primarily towards adults weither it's the TV shows or the Comics The Walking Dead has always been filled with high levels of violence, gore, zombies, harsh language with interesting and likable characters and storylines that have always been serious and thought provoking.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is what can only be described as the "Teenage" version of The Walking Dead this may sound like a bit of rush to judgement after watching only two episodes but there's a big difference between a TV show that begins with a slow start and one that can't even get the basics right.

The first issue I have with this show is that the main characters are all teenagers which would be fine if they had any kind of personality or interesting character development. Instead each character in this "New world" is given one trait that defines their entire personality you get the typical cast of clique characters. The serious and moody main girl, the rebellious girl who breaks the rules, the nerdy guy who dresses funny, the fat kid who gets picked on and a handful of side characters who's only reason for existing is for the main characters to interact with and spout out exposition dialogue to explain how the world works and advance the plot.

My second issue with this show is that almost every character is written to fit some kind of diversity quota for example. Three of the main characters are gay and not just gay but are in some way persecuted for being gay or "different" There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay but that doesn't mean there needs to be a gay character in every single scene. In the two episodes that have been released there's been more scenes of characters discussing who their partners are or what sexual orientation they are than scenes that explain plot points, world building, or even scenes with ZOMBIES! In a TV show about zombies!.

My third issue goes back to the main characters being teenagers again this can be done right when the characters are interesting and have actual character development. The story centres around these characters and their journey through a world infested with Zombies as well things like water, food and medicine shortages while also having to traverse a broken world where nowhere is safe and the over abundance of plants and nature has man made structures dangerously unstable leaving cracks and holes where zombies may lurk where one wrong step could lead to you falling down a hole. Sadly that's not what is focused on in this journey instead the characters just discuss their individual teenage melodramatic problems while showing us flashbacks of uninteresting past events.

My forth issue is the laughable excuse for Zombies and violence in this show there's one particular scene where a mother and daughter walk through a crashed airplane and come across a zombie tangled up in the planes electrical wires while around him are the bodies of people he has killed and eaten. Now on paper that sounds like it would be a blood filled scene but it just looks incredibly silly like a scene out of a low budget horror movie with bad special effects and makeup also we never get to see how they make it out of the plane alive they just jump cut to the other side like it was a minor inconvenience to a scared mother and child.

The Walking Dead TV show has some of the best looking zombies ever put to screen complete with blood, guts and decapitations in most episodes. There's also some scenes that were very controversial for the time including a scene that showed characters getting their throats cut execution style without cutting away from the gore. Another famous scene from The Walking Dead was one of Negan smashing in Glenn's head with a baseball bat until his head was split open again without cutting away from the gore.

To go from an adult TV show filled with such violence and gore aswell as likable characters and thought provoking storylines to a TV show that even a fifteen year old would call boring is such a massive step down from such a memorable and genre defining TV show like The Walking Dead.

I don't recommend watching this show even the current generation of teenagers would find this show tedious and boring.


"Take the world!"
The idea of a supervillain movie is nothing new typically these kinds of movies are origin stories of already well established supervillains from comic books or movies. Brightburn however goes in a bit of a different direction instead of creating a new supervillain with a crazy personality or yet another story about a good guy turned bad due to their tragic past that has left them cold and bitter Brightburn attempts something a little different.

Brightburns story is essentially the same as Supermans origin story. An asteroid carrying a pod space craft crashes in the small Kansis town of Brightburn. A man and a woman unable to have children find a young baby boy inside the pod ship and decide to adopt him as their own son naming him Brandon. They raise him in a happy home treating him as they would their own child teaching him good values and raising him as best they can but on his twelfth birthday he his awoken in the night by a strange voice beckoning him to the barn where the craft that brought him to earth is locked away that night something evil awakens within him. Brandon's behaviour begins to change from a sweet young boy into a manipulative and violent young boy who is willing to hurt anyone who gets in his way even those closest to him.

Brightburn is essentially a horror movie version of the Superman TV series Smallville the only difference is instead of it being a story about a young superhero discoving his powers and helping those around him. This story is about a young boy discoving his powers and using them to hurt people, get his own way and essentially become an evil superman. Brandon's powers are almost identical to Supermans he has super strength, heat vision and is impervious to bullets and man made weapons and just like Superman the only thing that can harm him is metal from his own planet much like Superman and kryptonite.

Brightburn is meant to be a horror movie that shows us what it would be like if a powerful Superhero like Superman was evil now when I first heard the idea I initially thought of a character like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers but with superpowers a Slasher movie supervillain if you will. The movie does have a couple of cool and gory death scenes in it but so much more could of been done with this idea a supervillain who is pure evil with no morals destroying the world and killing people in new and inventive ways would of made for an awesome horror movie. Brightburn is still a good movie it has an interesting storyline, great special effects, blood and gore, and great acting throughout it's definitely worth watching it's just a little underwhelming for such an ambitious horror movie.


"This is a Zoo not Jurassic Park!"
I came across Zoombies on Amazon Prime and after a quick look at the movies poster and plot summary I just knew it was gunna be one of those movies that unintentionally makes you laugh.

The movie takes place in a Zoo/Animal sanctuary that's still undergoing renovations before it opens to the public. The story follows a group of new interns and zoo staff as they try to survive against a zoo full of zombie animals that originally starts out as just a few zombie monkeys but the monkeys quickly spread the virus to the other animals and it's not long before the zoo is overun with Zombie Apes, lions, Giraffes and even Koala bears. The group struggle to survive as they try to keep the virus from spreading to the bird aviary and infecting the birds which could potentially infect the outside world.

The idea of a zombie virus infecting a bunch of zoo animals sounds like the recipe for a wacky horror movie that sees a bunch of people get killed and eaten in some weird and interesting ways. That's the idea I think the director Glenn Miller was going for but sadly this a very low budget movie so what we actually get is a movie filled with horrible acting, cheap looking CGI, a couple of action scenes and about fifteen minutes of pointless dialogue placed throughout the film just to get the movie to an hour and twenty minutes.

The movie uses CGI for almost all of the animals and looks incredibly cheap and ugly. The practical "effects" aren't much better you've got a man in a fake looking gorilla costume with padded slippers on. The zombie giraffes are CGI in some scenes but when they attack are replaced by hand puppets where you can actually see the guys arm in the shots. There's actually a scene where three of the characters ride CGI elephants the camera only shows the top half of the actors bodies but you can see in the backgrounds that they are just standing on the ground pretending to ride the elephants it's hilarious. The scenes where the zombie animals attack are just hilarious one scene shows two giraffes ripping a guys arms off but there's no blood they just green screen his arm off while he's floating in mid air.

There are only two interesting facts about this movie number one is that the movie is meant to be a kind of fan sequel to Jurassic Park which the director Glenn Miller was a huge fan of. The second is that the man who's hand and arm can be seen operating the giraffe hand puppet the guy operating the puppet is actually Matthew Lillard who was on set visiting the director Glenn Miller who is a close friend of Lillards.

The Meg

Shut up Meg!
The Meg is just another laughably bad horror movie that takes the idea of a massive killer animal in this case a prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon and try to make the idea of it eating people scary by basically ripping off other more successful movies of it's kind like (Jaws) 1975 and (Deep Blue Sea) 1998.

I wasn't expecting a lot from this movie going in but I thought to myself "Hey the movie has Jason Statham in it so it can't be that bad right?" I was very wrong. The dialogue is terribly written and uninteresting. The movie takes it sweet time getting to the action scenes and when it does eventually get to the action you know exactly what's going to happen before it happens. Every shark movie clique that exists is in this movie which wouldn't be so bad in a self aware movie or a parody but this movie takes itself so seriously as if it's a modern day (Jaws) when really it's actually worse than (Sharknado 2).

The acting is truly awful throughout this movie not one actor looks interested in what's meant to be going on around them even Jason Statham looks like he's just on auto pilot mode in this movie.

There isn't much violence or blood in this movie which is surprising as pretty much the only reason people went to see this movie is to see people get torn in half by a massive shark. A lot of the blood shown in this movie is CGI blood from either the shark itself or from other sea creatures that the shark eats like whales and fish chum. Only a few people actually get eaten by the shark and in most cases the shark just swallows them whole leaving no blood or body parts sometimes they don't even get the chance to scream the CGI just swallows them whole.

The CGI isn't terrible the shark looks more believable than most modern day shark movies. The CGI blood however looks terrible and unrealistic.

Interestingly the rights for this movie were originally sold back in 1997 after the book (The Meg) was released. Originally a movie based on the book was going to be made and released in 1998 but producers were worried about the movie having to compete with the other major shark movie due to be released that year (Deep Blue Sea) 1998 so the movie was pushed back and was ultimately axed until 2017 when The Meg was announced as officially in production. The funny thing is this movie is actually very similar to (Deep Blue Sea) and it actually takes a lot of inspiration from (Deep Blue Sea).

I recommend watching The Meg if you have nothing better to watch and are just looking for something to pass the time with it's not worth owning on Blu Ray or UHD/4K at least in my opinion it's not.

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

Captures your imagination
I have only recently started watching Studio Ghibli movies so I am new to this particular style of animation and storytelling. I have always been a huge fan of animated movies that are intended for a more mature audience like (Ghost In the Shell), (Vampire Hunter D) and (Akira) so Studio Ghibli movies were never really on my radar due to there age rating mainly being (U) or (PG) . That being said though over the years whenever I have discussed animated movies with friends or acquaintances two names are always mentioned Studio Ghibli and (Hayao Miyazaki) so finally after almost twenty years of recommendations I finally sat down and watched a few Studio Ghibli movies. Spirted Away was the third movie I watched in the Studio Ghibli collection the first two being (My Neighbour Totoro) and (Ponyo).

Spirted Away absolutely blew me away with it's incredible animation sure I've seen some great looking animated movies over the years but Spirted Aways' unique style just feels so timeless and beautiful a true testament to the golden age of animated movies before CGI came along and became the new craze.

The story follows a young girl named Chihiro who accidentally wanders into the spirit realm along with her parents who are turned into pigs as punishment for eating food meant for the spirits. Chihiro is saved by a spirit named Haku who saves her from suffering the same fate as her parents he tells her that the only way to survive in the spirit realm is for her to work in a bath house runned by an overlord/witch named Yu-Baaba. Chihiro does her best to fit into this new world with the hopes that she can save her parents and return to human world. She is given the worst jobs in the bath house that involve cleaning the worst tubs meant for the most unclean spirits. She ends up accidentally inviting a faceless spirit into the bath house which ends up devouring all the food and even some of the bath house workers.

Spirted Away really captures your imagination with it's unique visuals, imaginative storytelling, and unique cast of characters. I went in blind watching this movie for the first time with no idea what the movie was even about. My experience ended up being one of pure enjoyment I felt like I had discovered a whole new world that everyone else could see but I was just too stubborn to give it a chance. I am glad I gave this movie and other Studio Ghibli movies a chance because now I get to enjoy these creative worlds for the first time with so many to choose from and hopefully more to come in the future.

I highly recommend watching Spirted Away especially if you have never seen a Studio Ghibli movie before. Spirted Away is a great movie to start with it may be rated as a (PG) movie but it's story is more mature than any Disney movie and if you enjoy Japanese animation then this movie will blow you away.

Gake no ue no Ponyo

Stunning Animation
I personally have never really had any interest in these kinds of animated movies mainly due to the fact that they are typically family friendly movies that are not really aimed at an adult audience. The Studio Ghibli movies especially the ones directed by (Hayao Miyazaki) have been recommended to me so many times now by friends and acquaintances that I recently gave in and decided to actually give one of them a watch. The movie I chose to watch was you guessed it (Ponyo) I chose this movie out of all the Studio Ghibli movies for one reason it was the cheapest one on Blu Ray. This was my experience watching my first Studio Ghibli movie (Ponyo).

I instantly fell in love with the movies incredible animation style within just the first ten minutes of the movie I felt drawn into this new beautiful world filled with rich, vibrant colours that as the movie progressed continued to take my breath away. The animation really brings the movies characters to life and is so well done that you can see the expressions and emotions from each individual character. A lot of modern animated movies rely heavily on the voice acting as a way of giving animated characters personalitys and while this movie does have great voice acting and great voice over work put into it what really makes these characters feel so much more human are the emotions expressed by such detailed facial expressions and body language.

The story is a bit more whimsical and child like than I'm used to but it's not all that different from classic Disney movies like (The Little Mermaid) the only difference here is that (Ponyo) is actually slightly more mature in that it doesn't treat it's audience like children. This is certainly a family friendly movie and it is rated (U) meaning it's suitable for all ages but it's still more mature than you might expect in terms of storytelling and imagination.

Overall I am glad I gave this movie a chance because it led to me watching even more Studio Ghibli movies which I am now a big fan of thanks to my first experience watching (Ponyo)

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

The only thing that can destroy Jason Voorhees now is poor box office returns
I am a huge fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and of Slasher movies in general both the good movies and the bottom of the barrel slasher movies. Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood was released into theatre's two year after the previous movie Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives was released.

The movie opened to negative reviews from both fans and critics. Fans of the series were upset with the lack of violence and blood throughout the movie as the film was heavily edited cutting out a lot of the blood and gore from all the death scenes leaving very little for fans to enjoy. Even though this movie was hated by both fans and critics upon release it still made a big profit at the box office making 19.1 million dollars (USD) against a 3.5 million dollar (USD) budget all but guaranteeing another sequel.

I personally think Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood is arguably the worst entry in the Friday the 13th franchise and heres why. The first and most obvious reason is because most of the blood and gore is cut out from all the movies death scenes making this "Slasher" movie more of a horror comedy.

The second reason is the movies plot which follows a young girl who gets psychic visions of Jason Voorhees killing people before they happen. She also has telekinetic powers which she uses to fight Jason in the movies climax in which she end ups electrocuting Jason, hanging him from an electrical cord, setting him on fire, making a roof fall on him and throwing various objects at him including a very fake looking severed head that we never actually see get chopped off. This is the same franchise that began with the story of a vengeful mother who after the death of her son goes on a killing spree taking her sons death out on innocent people who in the end gets her head chopped off with machete going from that to what is essentially Jason Voorhees Vs Carrie White is a massive step down.

The characters are all just watered down cliques from every slasher movie ever made you've got the misunderstood lead girl, the handsome hero, the spoiled rich girl, the cute in the right light nerdy girl, the stoner guy and the quiet girl who has a crush on him, the weird guy who's socially awkward and a handful of throwaway characters with hardly any lines who only exist to get the movies death count up.

The only redeeming feature in this movie is Kane Hodders first appearance as Jason Voorhees. Kane Hodder is without a doubt the definitive Jason Voorhees his performance is the best part of this movie he is the only reason fans of the series even watch Part VII. Kane Hodder would go on to play Jason in three more Friday the 13th movies again being the best part about them.

I recommend watching Part VII at least once. I recently watched it on Blu Ray the picture and sound quality was definitely worth the price also the deaths scenes that were cut from the movie are included in the special features which is nice to see if your a fan of Friday the 13th then the Blu Ray collection is definitely worth the money.


I was really looking forward to seeing this movie especially after watching the awesome Korean Zombie movie (Train to Busan) which is arguably one of the best zombie movies to be released in the past few years.

#Alive is very similar to another Netflix Zombie movie. The French made Zombie movie (The Night Eats The World) in which both movies follow the same storyline. A man wakes up in an apartment complex which is overrun by Zombies. He looks over his balcony and finds the streets overflowing with Zombies so he does the only thing he can do get comfy in his apartment and try to survive on what limited resources he can find as he slowly goes crazy thinking he's now alone in the world.

I personally enjoyed (The Night Eats The World) it's a very unique and interesting Zombie movie that had a lot of new ideas. #Alive while still a decent and entertaining movie just isn't as good as the trailer suggests and after having seen (The Night Eats The World) just a few months before watching this movie it just ruined it's surprise a little.

I enjoyed #Alive makeup effects and overall visual style which make it a beautiful movie to watch especially if you enjoy zombie movies with high levels of blood, gore and injury detail.

#Alive is definitely worth watching and since it's already on Netflix it's easy to find and watch just don't expect it to be as good as (Train to Busan) because you might feel let down by it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Produced by Michael Bay
I am a huge fan of Freddy Kreuger and the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise. The first time I saw A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) was on VHS in the late 90s and it seriously scared the living hell out of me so much so that I didn't sleep for two nights straight. That first experience was the reason I fell in love with horror and slasher movies growing up.

I first saw A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) in theatre's on the first day of it's release. I was looking forward to seeing Freddy Kreuger on the big screen again the only other time I got to see Freddy on the big screen was back in (2003) when (Freddy Vs Jason) was first released into theatre's. I sadly didn't enjoy this movie very much even on the big screen it was a huge let down I was at least hoping for some half decent kills but it even failed to provide that much entertainment.

There are only two things about this movie I like the first being (Jackie Earl Haley) performance as Freddy Kreuger his performance is definitely the best thing about this movie he's no (Robert England) but he was definitely the best choice to play Freddy Kreuger in this remake. The other thing I liked about this remake is that it at least attempted to be scary and atmospheric instead of going the Friday the 13th (2009) route of being a crappy Slasher/Comedy movie.

My main complaint with this movie is that it's basically just a copy and paste remake of the (1984) original. There are no original ideas and no creativity put into the movies storyline just an hour and a half of jump scares and fake screams. The characters are bland and forgettable with little to no character development or personality.

I was seriously let down by the death scenes in this movie. The Nightmare on Elm Street series has some of the most memorable and creative death scenes in Horror movie history even back when Freddy Kreuger was cracking jokes about the Nintendo Power Glove he still exploded some heads "Literally" giving us some fun, unique and bloody kills that make even the later Nightmare movies so entertainingly fun to watch even to this day.

I don't recommend owning this movie on Blu Ray or UHD/4K unless you want to complete your horror movie collection.

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