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The Man

If You Just Want to be Entertained!
I found this movie when I began searching for movies starring Samuel L. Jackson because I happen to think he's a great actor ever since he did The Matrix - LOL (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Seriously though, he is one of a handful of actors I truly enjoy in anything in which he's a participant.

Pairing him with Eugene Levy to make a comedic cop drama was priceless as both men did a more than passable job of both making me laugh aloud and appreciating their acting talent. I mean seriously, they even made the "fart joke" funny and I have been known to turn off anything that involves that kind of humour.

If you want to simply be entertained and not want to have to think too seriously about plot intricacies or contemplate the validity of a movie as a topic for your next dinner party conversation, this movie is for you.

All in all, watch it and enjoy.

The Curse of Civil War Gold

They found Gold Bricks!!!
Yeah, literally, they found gold coloured bricks! Somehow I KNEW this before the season finale. This show reminds of a good old fashioned carny game where you're DEFINITELY going to win if you take one more shot or throw or whatever but somehow, you can never get it just right.

The ONLY thing that rings true in the show is that these "gold bricks" were dropped down onto the lake bed relatively recently because the paint would have been worn away with the water and sand. Now, like a good old crime show, we have to look at who is most likely to have committed this crime? In other words, who would gain the most from dropping fake gold bricks at the bottom of lake Michigan? Personally, I have my own suspicions which I shall keep to myself and allow, you, dear reader, to ponder your own ideas.

The ONLY reason to continue watching this show IF it gets renewed is for mild entertainment or if you ENJOY playing those carny games that you can never win. Personally, I'd suggest giving it a pass.

The Guard of Auschwitz

It could have been...
I actually could not even finish the movie, and there are less than a handful of movies with that distinction.

The concept that not ALL the men who worked in the death camps were as evil as were made out to be, however, this movie needed something to elevate it to greatness.

I'm still not sure if it was the writing or the acting that brought this production down to the level of being compared to a grade three level play. It might have been the forced accents they used or the actors simply negated to get into character for their scenes.

Portraying Rachel as being strong and willful was ridiculous because if she began her stay in Auschwitz like that, she wouldn't have survived for more than 30 seconds. The main actor (the guard) basically reminded me of a person who was trying very hard to ACT as if he were compassionate. Therein lies the problem. When actors are seen as acting a part it means they don't believe the things they're saying and doing and if they don't believe it, there is no way to convince the audience.

One of the most ridiculous scenes in the movie is when Rachel gave birth to a child. A woman giving birth to her first child would not deliver it so quickly or as quietly as they tried to portray in the movie. There would have been some major distraction by many people in order to keep the birthing of a child a secret from the guards.

Overall, if you want to watch a good movie about life in the camps, I would suggest you watch Schindler's List.

The Enemy Within

I Have a Couple of Questions.
As more than a few people have said, it looks a lot like The Black List. However, that being said, the first episode brought up a couple of questions that I have to ask.

So, Tal is this incredible terrorist with hundreds or thousands of agents EVERYWHERE and at the beginning, we're led to believe there's over 100,000 "agents" in the U.S. everywhere. But here's the first trick. TAL is responsible for killing a lot of people and was trying to kill TONS of people which makes me wonder why our super smart FBI agent hasn't bothered to ask WHY the CIA analyst was kidnapped and is STILL alive? What was so important about her to keep her alive? The second question comes out as a result of Episode two. IF it is so almighty important for the FBI to provide protection for the traitor's daughter because TAL would exact revenge if he found out that she was helping the FBI, why is she fine with EVERYBODY knowing that she's working WITH the FBI? Surely she can't believe that a couple of agents can keep TAL from killing her daughter if he wanted her dead?

Plot holes are looking bigger and bigger. I may be back as the series progresses to add a few more.

Robin Hood

Somewhere out there is a historian that gouged his or her own eyes out.
Let's begin by checking out the weapons and armour. We have crossbows that are the equivalent of sub-machine guns and then we have a two-man crossbow that is the equivalent of a heavy machine gun. Instead of medieval armour or chain mail, we have what appears to be modern body armour.

Not to mention the arrows must be made with some kind of new metal that is capable of penetrating heavy oak boards or blowing pieces out of stone buildings.

As for the costuming department. Remember when costumers used to take pride in their work and even do mega research on fabrics, colours and even patterns? Yeah, keep that memory because the costumer for this ...movie?...not only failed their history classes, they must have thought it was a spare period all through their schooling years. They used fabrics and materials that never existed, in addition with footwear that must have come from someone who wanted a sponsorship role in the movie.

But once we get past anything that might REMOTELY connect this movie to it's medieval roots, we end up getting scenes that remind us of a lot of other action movies we've seen in the past.

Those scenes include, Batman, Zorro, The Lone Ranger (The good version), Ben Hur, Star Wars, and ANY OTHER action movie except Robin Hood.

The only thing I can think of is that the writer for this movie only ever watched the cartoon version of Robin Hood called Rocket Robin Hood.

Bottom line is that Mel Brooks's movie "Men in Tights" was a better movie depiction of Robin Hood.

Lost in the Pacific

Lost? No, more like thrown away.
This movie makes it appear that Asylum has set up an office in Asia.

Firstly, if the movie was going to be based on a mega upgrade of an existing airframe for an authentic aircraft manufacturer it might have been worthwhile to at least talk to them and determine a few details so that some technical specifications would be correct.

For not a whole lot of dollars they could have hired a pilot to act as a technical adviser and maybe then they wouldn't have been doing things like making miracle landings on tiny airfields in the middle of the Pacific and most definitely not being foolish enough to try and land on an aircraft carrier. Oh, and by the way, when take-off has started, there is no way two people could run fast enough to run up to some kind of escape hatch without being blown away by the exhaust from the engines.

I'm not even going to discuss the CGI other than to say I believe I've seen better cartoons on Saturday mornings than those "cats" they were using.

I'm sure in the Chinese languages a lot of what was in the script made perfect sense and was very dramatic but when it got translated to English it sounded very stilted and cheesy. IF you're going to make a picture primarily for an English speaking audience, please use English screenwriters and perhaps you will have a much better go of it.

Whether it was the script, the direction or simply the actors, much of what appeared on screen bordered on some high-school play. Sorry, but this movie is really not worth the time to view it.

Cutthroat Kitchen

It IS Evilicious
A lot of people are complaining about how this show brings out the worst in people who are competing. It's like those people believe all Chefs and cooks are somehow superior and should never behave like that. Ridiculous! The show is entertaining and nobody forces the contestants to play the game. They do it simply to try and win some money and exercise their culinary skill.

The dishes that Alton makes them create are not rocket science, they're ordinary foods that most of the viewers are familiar with and probably many of us have made at one time or another.

MOST of the fun in the show is seeing some of the ways the chefs actually get around the sabotages because it does show their creativity and in some instances, absolute culinary genius.

I have YET to watch a single episode where I have not laughed out loud and with this show already going for 12 seasons, I only hope it goes for another 12.


What's not to like?
I felt I needed to add a review for this movie based on the semi-negative review given by another reviewer. He stated that if you're looking for a good movie about football, you should look elsewhere. In essence he's right, but therein lies his problem.

Saying "Believe" is about football is about as right as saying Americans play football and everyone else plays soccer.

*****There will be spoilers here*****

Yes, there are a lot of clichés in the movie but take them with a grain of salt and move on.

Of course "our team" wins, of course our star player makes it to the field and of course there's a life lesson in it for EVERYONE but that's what makes it such a great movie.

This is one of those movies that you're going to smile, you're going to cry and you're going to laugh but in the end you're going to walk away thinking that maybe there's hope for this world.

Sir Matt Busby DID in fact work with kids and although there was never something as dramatic as this happen that we know about does not mean it never could have happened.

Some of the acting was brilliant especially from the young ones.

All in all, this is one of those movies that you can sit back, relax and enjoy it with your entire family, knowing that you'll be happier for having watched it!

The Leftovers

I think I figured it out.
I think I figured out what all the actors are doing with this series.

*****I'm not sure if below is a spoiler because I'm sure you've read about this or if you have watched at least one of the episodes, you know what I'm talking about*****

They all think the parts played by the smoking cult are the parts they REALLY want so they're doing their very best to downplay their abilities as actors so they can eventually end up playing as a cult member. (Just think, you don't need to remember lines, you don't need to show any emotion and you get to smoke on camera as much as you want.) I've tried to figure out this show, I really have, but I'm ready to give up now.

Firstly, we have this great big "culling of the herd" with 2% of the world's population going away. Er, in case you missed it, check out how many people died in WW I and WW II on a per capita basis with nobody going as bonkers as the people in this small town.

Now, three years after this "event" takes place we have a totally new society. We have a new religious? cult that doesn't speak, smokes continually and STALKS people - why they aren't the subjects of some major youtube outing, I don't know.

Our town sheriff seems to have lost his mind but that's to be expected since dear old dad lost his when HE was the sheriff.

Now, back to this cult for a moment. I could understand if say people joined this thing because they had lost someone close, like one character who lost her whole family, husband and three kids, but ONE of the main characters who joined up, didn't lose ANYONE and she had a really good job as a therapist who should have stuck around to help those poor people who DID lose people. Oh, and incidentally, the one who did lose ALL her family, she didn't join the cult - in fact she hates them.

I also wouldn't mind this show so much if they spent even a SMIDGE of time on trying to determine what happened, but they don't. It's like "Oh, we have to fill out a bunch of missing person reports now." and that's it. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE you might want to try and figure out what this whole thing was in case it comes back for MORE? Even if you label it as just trying to find CLOSURE for the other people.

I've seen five episodes of this thing now and instead of answering any questions or even giving me a reason to actually CARE for some of the characters all it gives me is a headache from shaking my head wondering why I even bother. Bottom line, give it a pass.


Happily Shocked
Firstly, I am not a member of the crew, cast or production team before anyone attempts to try that angle. Just check out how many reviews I have done, and that perhaps might give you a clue.

This movie shocked me because I never even heard of it or had it on my radar and to be blunt, I chose to watch it just to pass a little time before going to watch a "blockbuster" movie.

The quality of all aspects of this movie are superb. I know that we have some talent in this country and this movie illustrates that.

As I watched it, I recognized rather early on that this was obviously a pilot for a series and the ending really locked that theory into place. Additionally, it left me with a desire to see the next episode, so I truly hope that this will get picked up and broadcast prime time.

If you haven't heard about it or seen it, please do give it a view and ENJOY.

The 100

Okay, I've watched five episodes and I want to know....
I really had hope for the show but it seems the scriptwriters are a team of 14 year old honour students that skipped their science classes.

*****Spoilers Here****** Here's what I want to know.

1. Let's send 100 prisoners down to check out the planet and see if it's inhabitable because we don't have any probes that can check things out. Let's hook them all up with these nifty wristbands that will tell us their vital signs but WHY did they not give them ONE single radio or some device to simply TEXT something like, "We made it and we're still breathing?"

2. EVERY living creature was supposedly destroyed through radiation but miraculously we have animals and even humans "re-spawning" on the planet within 100 years? Did I miss something that showed us how evolution re-booted and somehow sped up so things that took hundreds of thousands of years could happen overnight?

3. When astronauts and cosmonauts go onto the ISS and stay for more than a month they have to take time to adapt to our gravity on their return to simply be able to walk again. How, after 100 years in space with minimal gravity, these kids are able to deal with Earth's gravity as though it was nothing?

4. When ever crime is a supposed death sentence, why would you even have a prison system? 5. Obviously there are multiple drop ships to enable the full 4000 people to return to Earth so why not do your "culling" of the herd by sending them back to a planet that MAY or MAY NOT allow them to live? "Floating" them or killing them off with gas means they definitely die.

6. Why are the "4000" people being the "best hope for humanity" all from North America?

To say those are just a few of the questions I have is an understatement, however, I really don't hold a lot of hope in seeing some rational answers to this. Oh, and BTW, we have now exchanged one love triangle for another.

Strategic Command

I Have a Theory
My theory is that there are several production companies in Hollywood that specialize in making movies to LOSE money and claim a tax write-off from the production. Mind you, because they KNOW they're going to be losing that money, they have to make sure the numbers aren't too big so, you end up with a really poor low-budget movie.

Now, these production companies have scripts already put together, probably written by nephews or in-laws or in some cases, I think the family pet wrote a few of them, but they ALL follow the same criteria. Do a remake of a very good movie but make sure the actors and the script are so below par that NOBODY will go to see it. In fact, make sure that there is no possible way that somebody could MISS how the production plagiarized the real thing.

**********HERE THERE BE SPOILERS*********** Strategic Command is one of those movies. It copied the main story from Executive Decision, tossed in the opening from The Rock and ended with Executive Decision down to the SALUTE at the end.

The Differences? Executive Decision cost 55 Million to make and used some pretty good actors who knew how to actually show different emotions depending on what was called for in the scene. Strategic Command probably had a budget that may have broke 6 figures, but I doubt it and I suspect SOME of the actors in this flick worked for food.

One of the tell-tale signs that the movie was probably a tax write-off? Usage of stock footage from other movies although I will give them credit for using ONLY the footage of the F-16's from Iron Eagle instead of having the aircraft change from F-16's to F-15's to F-14's like some other movies have done.

If you want to watch a good movie, re-watch Executive Decision because you will be glad you did instead of wasting your time on this thing.


I had to go and see how real it was...
One of the main criteria that I judge movies by is how they motivate or don't motivate me to go check out more about them and this movie definitely motivated me.

I grew up through the 70's and I was surprised when the movie stated in the beginning that Britain was going through a period of strife with a 3 day work week and blackouts because they were rationing power. Now mind you, I was in High School and needless to say World News was not at the top of my list of things to keep informed about but I was shocked that I had somehow missed that bit of recent history.

In any case, onto the movie. I loved the acting, the grittiness of the characters and the downright humanity of it all. I didn't feel like I was watching a movie as much as I was watching a story being told about real people and real events. Kudos to everyone who had a part in this from the best boy up to the Executive Producer.

If you want to watch a good movie made on what would today be considered a shoestring budget, you need to watch "Harrigan"


Do You Like Scratching Your Head?
If you like scratching your head and asking questions like:

1. Why did I decide to watch this movie all the way through?

2. I'm sure there was a story in there somewhere, but where?

3. Did they run out of budget and couldn't finish it?

4. It's a masterpiece, but I'm just too dumb to understand it?

5. What would a film look like that was made by a mentally challenged individual(s)?

then this is the film for you!

Maybe I'm too old school but as I recall, a story is supposed to have a beginning, a middle and an ending.

Typical stories will have a hero or heroine who is introduced to us somewhere during the beginning and then placed in some kind of situation to get us involved and perhaps identify with them during the middle and usually have something interesting happen to draw us in, and finally have an ending with some kind of resolution.

I think we had a beginning and the middle was a little weak but the ending was atrocious because nothing really made sense.

Unless you really like scratching your head, give it a pass.


They struggled for an ending...
This is one of those movies that you continue to watch because you're curious about what is going to happen next.

*********Spoilers Ahead (Don't say you weren't warned ********** Dave and Jessica are starting their vacation in California and on day one they are tranquilized and taken away to some unknown facility.

Firstly, the acting was solid and thankfully the director decided to fore-go the typical "females must scream for no apparent reason other than to let everyone know they're afraid" style of thriller schlock.

Clues and twists keep coming into play mostly through the introduction of new characters to the movie and finally we get to realize that one of the pair of young couples that were abducted were on the right path.

The ending leaves the watcher wondering more about what they THINK they have determined and wondering what happens next rather than tying it all up with a pretty ribbon and leaving the viewer satisfied.

As the previous reviewer has stated, they did a lot better with their obvious low budget than many of the big budget studio flicks have done lately and hopefully these talented people will put some more out there.

If you haven't seen it yet, please enjoy because it is worth the watch.

Bunker of Blood

I understand the concept of low budget, BUT...
I understand the concept of low budget but there are certain things that can be done within the constraints of a low to non-existent budget to make a film something worthwhile, unfortunately this is not one of those.

I'm not sure where to begin with this review.

Did ANYONE in this movie actually study acting or were they recruited simply because they were willing to do it for food? The script must have been written by an 8th grader because the dialogue was lame and when it wasn't cheesy it was just unbelievable.

If you don't have the budget to do proper special effects, write around them. I honestly believe that the special effects in this movie were done poorly on purpose because I refuse to believe that the scene in the chopper could be that poorly crafted by accident.

Half the time I was watching this my mouth was hanging open in shock and the other half I was laughing because it was so bad.

As a potential viewer, I challenge you to get more than 10 minutes into thing before you turn it off and when you DO turn it off please say, "He warned me, I can't say he didn't warn me."

Iron Sky

Fantastic Satire
This movie is so tongue in cheek that it forces you to laugh.

I find it difficult to believe that some of the other reviewers seemed to want to try and make this into some kind of action film as evidenced from their negative reviews.

All of the characters were over the top with their portrayals and if you honestly think that they were portraying real Americans, Germans, Indians, Brits or any other nation accurately, you need a reality check.

Special effects were excellent and even the model makers went overboard with some of their homages to 1940's technology. The only reason I dropped a point from this movie being a 10 is because they should have created the Nazi saucer from the blueprints of the one they supposedly were really trying to create.

The final battle scenes were out of this world (literally) and were a lot of fun to see including the scene where the Japanese spaceship pulled a kamikaze move on the U.S. spaceship.

Only if you buy into the conspiracy theory that WW II Nazis created some kind of secret base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon should you avoid this film, otherwise, see it and enjoy it for what it is, a fantastic satire.


Good, Solid Movie with a TWIST
I enjoy the horror and thriller genre and this movie was well put together with enough twists to keep you guessing as to what was really happening.

Firstly, I signed in so I could give a positive review because I feel that many of the other reviewers didn't understand what they had seen.

*****SPOILERS HERE***** All throughout the movie you're piecing things together beginning with discovering that the wife was dead and for awhile at least you're not quite sure if the husband didn't in fact kill her. We discover early on that the husband and father is a doctor but we're not quite sure what kind of doctor until near the very end.

This movie makes you wonder if the cabin is haunted by the ghost of the mother or by some other presence. It makes you wonder if perhaps some strange force of nature has taken over or if there's something in the air around this winter home aka cabin. Finally, it all gets wrapped up in the end through a series of flashbacks. My favourite part of this movie is realizing that you should NEVER mix booze and drugs ESPECIALLY when the bottle tells you NOT to do it! LOL

All in all, if you enjoy watching a movie that makes you think instead of spoon-feeding you the plot, give this movie a watch and enjoy.

Storage 24

Surprisingly Good.
While I was watching this movie I decided to check over here and read some of the reviews. I am glad that I didn't accept the word of some of the poor reviews because this movie was actually quite good. It had some very FUNNY moments near the end to the point where I'm still wondering if the producers were making a Sci-fi flick or they were making a spoof for Sci-fi. Either way, it was a good movie.

*****SPOILERS AHEAD***** The ONE thing that I kept questioning throughout the entire movie was WHERE the hell were the guys that were sent in to deal with the "Problem?" Early on, we see a whole bunch of BLACK SUV's come screaming into the site of the plane crash but that was it! They never went anywhere with this. It was like it was part of the movie but someone forgot about this special clean-up or retrieval team or whatever you want to call them.

The acting was good and to be blunt, the main actors reacted in much the way I would expect someone to react in reality. Once you get over the initial shock of realizing what you're dealing with, you get down to business and try to figure out ways to stay alive and escape from the threat. The one thing that kept coming back to me was a line from another alien movie..."Predator". "If it bleeds, it can be killed." Either way, this movie is worth a watch simply because it does show that a reasonably good movie can be made on a tight budget if you have good writing and some solid acting. I recommend it if for nothing else to enjoy the serious LAUGH you're going to have near the end. I'm not going to tell you about what it is, I'm sure you'll recognize what I'm talking about when you see it. ENJOY!

Paranormal Activity 4

OBVIOUSLY there is going to be a "Paranormal Activity 5"
...or at least I hope there is because this movie left so many unanswered questions that I feel like a Crime Scene Investigator called out to do a job without benefit of training. In other words, I've looked it over and I don't have a clue what happened! You would think that with the fourth in a series they could connect just a FEW of the dots for us so we might be able to say, "Aha, that makes sense," but alas, they do not.

I like horror movies, in fact, I quite enjoy the jumps and scares and all that but I don't like horror movies that seem to abandon rhyme or reason just so they can use the usual stuff to make you jump.

****SPOILERS**** This movie doesn't answer any of the questions about the series such as "Who or what is Toby?" "Who or what is this strange coven and what are they trying to do?" "How did Hunter get away and be put up for adoption?" "Why do teenagers in this movie seem to walk around with cameras or webcams rolling for everything they do?" "What magical laptops stay on forever with a webcam rolling and WHY have the parents decided to IGNORE webcams constantly on?" "Is Katie possessed by a Demon and if so, what is the invisible demon doing in the movie?" All in all, there are just so many questions that are left unanswered that I believe the writers simply haven't been able to come up with something to explain it. They're just throwing "cool" stuff at us for NO REASON.

Bottom line; if you like watching a scary movie that really doesn't make sense in the end, enjoy. If you're like me and you want to walk out of a movie saying, "Yeah, it works, that makes sense," give it a wide berth.

No Tell Motel

Deserves a better rating
This movie is a pretty straightforward horror flick but does tell a pretty good story about a dysfunctional family of ghosts.

Once the thing stops rolling you have ample opportunity to be able to pick apart a couple of plot holes but there are not as many as one might think.

Firstly, the acting in this movie was actually better than I anticipated which was refreshing for a change. Usually horror flicks with teenage actors or actors purporting to be teenagers tends to be over the top, but that was not the case and the lead actress in this movie improved as the movie progressed. Although some of the others died early in the movie, they were credible and in a way I wish they had a little more screen time. They managed to do what I think good actors in this genre strive for; that is they made us feel for them when they got killed.

The writing was pretty strong for this and did manage to tie the whole thing together by the end with a couple of pretty interesting plot twists although I'm pretty sure that most people will figure out a few of them before they are revealed.

Overall, this is an entertaining movie but it won't make you jump out of your skin nor will it have you sleeping with the lights on. I honestly think it deserves at least a solid 6 but to try and elevate it a little, I'm giving it an 8 because it surely doesn't deserve as low a rating as 3.5.

Finally, in other words, if you like this particular type of movie, I recommend you watch it and enjoy because it will be worth your time.

Crooked Arrows

It Follows "The Formula" ...BUT
"Crooked Arrows" is one of those movies that even if you know almost nothing about the sport of Lacrosse you get involved in the game so much so that you might just find yourself yelling at the screen and that is part of "The Formula" that works so very well for movies about sports.


If you start watching this movie thinking that "The Formula" is all there is to it, get prepared for a BIG Wake-up call.

This movie has managed to twist Native culture, Traditions, History and even Language all together so expertly that you are not only being entertained but being educated at the same time.

Saying that this movie is an emotional roller coaster would be akin to saying that Tecumseh was a great warrior. Both are major understatements.

I'm not going to give anything away here because I really believe that potential viewers should just watch and ENJOY this movie from start to finish without knowing more than what is in the synopsis.

Probably the biggest compliment I can pay the movie is by saying, "I'm Dave Furlotte and I'm a Crooked Arrow."

Grave Encounters 2

They say sequels are never as good!
Guess what? They're right. The original movie started out with a great premise. Television Paranormal Investigative team that really doesn't believe in the paranormal go into a haunted insane asylum ready to do whatever it takes to get their TV series off the ground. Alas for them, they find out that there really is something to all those stories. GRAVE ENCOUNTER was a good movie, I highly recommend it, this one however needed a little more editing of the script and development of the main character because the premise fell flat when it finally got underway.

****Here there be BIG spoilers***** We never really got a sense of WHY the main character and cast decided they needed to go INTO the building.

1. If the MAIN character really DID believe that the first movie was totally real there is NO WAY he would go into that building unless he was bereft of a functioning brain. (Let's remember, he is a budding HORROR movie mogul so he SHOULD know about all the horror movie TWISTS)

2. There really WAS NOT a believable reason for the kids to WANT to go into that place AND stay IN that place. They waffled with "Need to prove that the first movie was REAL." "Need to gather evidence that the Executive Producer covered up the real thing." AND "Doing a Paranormal Investigation." Oh, and let's not forget, "It was ONLY a movie and we're going to prove it." Bottom line, four reasons instead of PICKING one and developing it to make the whole thing believable.

The other problem with this particular sequel is that it tossed in a whole bunch of twists but just let them die in the wind. It was almost as if they were HUNTING for some kind of way to tie the whole movie together for the ending but simply couldn't come up with anything credible.

Finally, I'm not sure if the acting or the script was to blame for a poor performance but the cast of this movie was definitely not in the same calibre of the first movie.

All in all, enjoy the first movie because it truly is very good, but this one, have fun with the atypical sequel where they throw in MORE of the SCARY stuff just to show that they can GO ONE BETTER but inevitably fail miserably because they lose the sense of a story. Don't say you weren't warned.

A Few Best Men

Maybe I saw a different movie?
I just finished watching this movie and was not going to put a review up here but after reading some of the more vitriolic reviews I decided this movie needed a counter to the nastier reviews posted on here about it.

***** Oh Yes, there will be spoilers ***** Where to begin? Firstly the premise of the movie is great. Guy meets girl while on vacation, falls madly in love and by the end of it decides to propose. She of course, accepts, otherwise the movie would not have been made.

THEN, We meet the "family" of the groom to be who happens to be probably the most immature but lovable group of friends that anyone could have.

Now we have a clash of cultures and a clash of class when the friends and groom meet the family. Old world England meets New world ex-colony Australia and working class meets the very rich and powerful. If that alone is not enough to cause some consternation we simply add to the mix by having the boys get into circumstances that albeit might have been in their control at first, quickly get out of control.

To the one reviewer that was upset because there was a sheep being "violated" in the movie, get a grip, it's a movie, I'm PRETTY sure that the actor did NOT truly have his arm up some sheep's behind and they didn't really feed the sheep any laxatives.

What makes this movie funny and crazy at the same time is that you can actually think that the various "fixes" to the problems the boys are coming up with are bona fide and you sit there watching it thinking that it's not such a crazy idea. i.e. lowering a sheep out of a 2nd story window with a harness of bedsheets so the guests at the front of the house don't get a chance to see it.

All in all, the movie didn't get me laughing so hard that tears were flowing but it did make me chuckle aloud more than a few times and I did truly feel sorry for poor David who was just trying to get through his wedding day unscathed.

Other than telegraphing a few of the punchlines, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have a few laughs.

On a final note, I personally did not see anything in this movie that could be considered "racist" in any way, shape or form. I do not think any less of my British or Australian friends after watching this movie so I really don't understand what you are trying to allude to with your comment that this movie was racist.

Super Cyclone

I Thought I saw the WORST Asylum movie awhile ago...
I was wrong! I'm not even 15 minutes into this movie and I decided to stop it and come here to warn others before it's too late.

Not very long ago I saw an Asylum movie and reviewed it here and it was SURPRISINGLY good. This actually made me reconsider my original ideas about anything made by Asylum that I previously watched so much so that I decided to give this movie a chance.

Now, I checked the Spoiler tab but I don't think I could possibly spoil this movie for anyone unless I told them to go see it. That would spoil their day or evening.

I'm not even sure where to begin. To say the acting is terrible in this movie is insulting to the word "terrible" because it so far beyond that it's uncanny. Continuity is incredibly missing from this movie so much so that if they have anyone on the crew that is responsible for that area they should either get out of the business or request that they do NOT receive a credit so they may get a job again.

I have seen cartoons that do not insult my intelligence in belief as much as this movie has done so far. I am going to watch the total movie just so nobody can say "Obviously you never gave it a chance." I'm going to leave this alone right now and come back at the end to let you know if my opinion changes.

Well, I really didn't think it could get much worse but once again I was wrong. Our heroine manages to survive having the helicopter she was flying in the middle of a storm, being twirled around like it was a top and having her stabilizing rotor fail, having the ship she was on being picked up out of the water and twirled around like it was in the middle of a tornado, having the truck she was in catch on fire, running through flaming hail (yeah, you read that right, flaming hail), oh and can't forget running across a tree while the earth opens up like it was some kind of earthquake. I should probably mention that these are the MORE believable events that happen in this movie.

I understand the suspension of belief theory just to get through a movie but when the ENTIRE movie asks you to suspend belief that's when it really goes awry. Not to mention that one moment it's hailing, raining, blowing and the next it's a calm, beautiful sunny day. I'm sorry, but if you don't have the budget to put together a movie that is at least going to look semi-realistic, either get some more funding or change the script to accommodate the budget you have.

In all honesty, I thought "Ice Age: 2012" was the worst Asylum film I ever saw, this one pulls into the lead or at best, matches it for badness. If you watch this, don't say you weren't warned.

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