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The Rockford Files

The most loved Private Eye
Jim Rockford aka James Garner, the 1 main reason that I can think of that made this show outclass any others, also would be the sincerity of the actors in their roles, and most undoubtedly off screen. From Noah Berry Jr(Dad), to Stuart Margolin(Angel), and Joe Santos(Dennis Becker), and lets not forget our favorite character of all James Luisi(Lt.Chapman), with this type of cast, how can you go wrong! Jimmy is the kind of guy that anyone would want for a friend, someone who goes beyond the boundaries of friendship, he sees each person independently, each with their own flaws and strengths, the same way he sees himself, thus having the ability to laugh at himself, it is these traits that Mr Garner brought to the role, I'm afraid being yourself is the one thing they cannot teach you in acting school. Bravo to James Garner and to the entire ensemble of actors, writers and directors, for giving us some of the most memorable characters we will ever have the chance of witnessing on TV ever again, because they sure don't make them like that anymore!

Miami Vice

Miami Vice originally the Gold Coast
The Gold Coast if I am correct was the original title for the show, prior to renaming it "Miami Vice" and I think what made this show an original, far beyond what is even made today was the quality of the writing(Michael Mann)plus the quality of the Music(Jan Hammer)and most importantly the chemistry between the cast, professionalism at it's best. Even though Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas were in a sense the attraction of the show, everyones characters played a major influence as to how the show was perceived, from Marty Costillo backing Sonny in a crisis, to Tubbs complimenting Gina or Trudy, then there was Larry and Switek or Lee Harvey Oswald and Bluto as Sonny once called them(Pilot). Prior to Miami Vice, TV was simply a medium of hardly little value, not to mention hardly any budgets, Miami Vice would change all that from the Armani suits to the sports cars, their influence identified with more like movie making than TV, and it's filming angles were spectacular, from Calderon falling head back into the pool after being shot, to Switek finding Larry all alone in the shower after Larry refused to sign over his boxer to the mob!. The production of Maimi Vice was then and is still now ahead of it's time! and will be forever enshrined as the show that changed television as we knew it. And lets not forget the ultimate in "Cool". Thank you James.

Hell Town

Bobby Blake
I've had the pleasure of watching Robert Blake work over the years, and In my opinion, he is probably one of the most underrated actors in the business. He not only brings presence to the screen, but unbelievable believability to his roles, from Tony Baretta to Father Hardstep, you can't help but love this guy. From the beginning as little Mickey, with the Our gang series to Electra Glide in Blue, Mr Blake has always been an actor of admiration. One can just look at him and see his humbleness shine through, and his eagerness to please the audience. It is this mans opinion that Mr Blake be given the respect and honor that comes with the diligence, and the expertise of his craft. And more importantly the creativity it has taken for him to remain a man of all times. Thank You Sincerely James Damaso Carbajal-Denver

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