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A Robocop for the modern world
I really don't know which movie you all saw, because i saw a very entertaining retelling of a classic movie that was not even as close to being bad as some of you claim. There is absolutely no reason to compare this movie to the original, in fact by doing so you are completely undermining your own critique of the film, because you are not seeing this as the stand-alone film it is. In fact, Robocop has not had a good film since the original more than 25 years ago. This new, updated version touches on different subjects than the original one did. This film focuses on the modern themes of privacy, drones, machines, and technology that was not present in the late 80's.

The film has a nice pace to it, we dwell very little into the personal life of Murphy, just enough to get the idea that he is a good man both at home and at work. The action sequences, which weren't many, we very well shot, shaky cam but nothing dizzying. The film has a bit of a hard time choosing a villain but in the end you do settle on one. Finally, the acting is spot-on, the only complaint being Mrs. Murphy with some dull and, ironically, robotic acting, even their son is better. Mr. Oldman and Mr. Keaton deliver great performances in their respective roles, and Mr. Kinnaman has been chosen wisely as the new law enforcer of the future.

In the end, the film delivers in the entertainment department, the acting department, and only lacks in the story department where at times the story is not clear, and the villain is not pointed out until the last act. I would not complain if a sequel was made, as it would give the chance to finally show Robocop fighting crime without the need to any introductions to the character, or his surroundings. Do not pay attention to the critics who gave this a "bomb" rating, if you want to be entertained and finally see a Robocop film that doesn't destroy our beloved cyborgs reputation, Robocop is a good film and you will not be disappointed. A 7/10

The Love Guru

better than what the trailer shows
when I saw the trailer for the love guru I thought it would be a somewhat bad movie compared to what mike myers provided in austin powers, but I saw an early screening today (mainly because I saw my fav and one of the best stand up comedians out there, Daniel tosh, the dude with the cowboy hat) and I was impressed. I like when I go see a movie and expect something bad and come out pleasantly surprised and the love guru did just that. The intro took me by surprise with great jokes from mike. The rest of the movie was a fun ride filled with humorous names and puns and cameos from many many comedians and artists and actors. I was very amused by stephen colbert and jim gaffigan's (another great stand up comedian) sports newscasting, hilarious. If anybody gets a chance to see an early screening you should def go, if not then go when it officially is released.,

Superhero Movie

Slowly but its getting there...
OK...the trailer gave me hope, the original trailer that is, that this movie would finally bring back those awesome jokes and gags from the great Airplane! and Naked Gun films, and it did, of course not as efficiently. This is a great great great start for all of us who want to see the great spoof movies make a comeback. There were some gags that went a little over the top, not to my surprise, but there were other gags that brought back memories of those classic movies. There was not so much pop culture as the other vomit-enducing movies like Meet the Spartans and other atrocities, but of course there was, but we cant blame them, there was pop culture references back in the Airplane movies as well. It put a smile on my face when i heard a good phrase in this movie: "Fruitcake?" "Oh no, i just haven't met the right woman". You have to be honest, that definitely brings back some hope that the producers are trying to bring it back. I say give it a try, I own all the great spoofs on DVD, i know my spoof movies, and i can guarantee that this movie is not as bad as others may say it is, and it totally makes Meet the Spartans and Epic movie look the garbage they are.

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