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I read the first Bridgerton novel some years ago and loved it, filing in the fun-but-shallow bodice ripper category. I was kind of surprised to see it was being made into a series - I think there are others more worthy of being made into a production- but I was excited to see it nonetheless. I really wish I could have enjoyed this series as a unique experience, but instead I couldn't help but compare it constantly to the book. IMO it falls short in capturing the essence of the original story, the fun and light hearted banter between Daphne and Simon... the passion the develops with them is much greater and while it's never feasible to get an entire book into a series, the show's producer adds unnecessary and distracting elements with the historically inaccurate casting, using current pop music and I don't understand the motivation to change some of the important plot lines and scenes from the story. So, if you're not a historical fiction purist and/or haven't read the book - you'll probably love it. Also, people please don't insult Jane Austen by suggesting this is anything like her exceptional works. Even the book is nowhere in her league.


So much to love about this movie, funny, great chemistry between the leads... while the storyline was cliche, aren't all rom-cons to varying degrees? It would have gotten a solid 8+ from me had it not been so foul-mouthed and trashy. I don't mind language or inappropriate humor to some degree; but to me it's taken too far and shows a lack of imagination or breadth of vocabulary.

Wild Mountain Thyme

Near miss. Beautiful scenery, interesting story line and great actors... they all gave committed performances despite the fact they would have done better with Irish leads for Walker or Blunt's characters. Writing just took a wrong turn somewhere towards the weird and too-bizarre. Just didn't hit it for me unfortunately, could have been excellent.

Follow Me to Daisy Hills

Very predictable storyline, not enough chemistry between Busby and Williams but I liked them both. A few cute moments... I think I'd have liked the sister in the main role better... it also gets hard to watch multiple movies with the same lead coming out around the same time. Perfectly adequate time killer, but not a favorite.

Love, Guaranteed

Very Original
I am incredibly surprised by the low reviews and question whether these people have a heart or a sense of humor. I absolutely loved this movie. It truly has some lol moments, very relatable - of course a little cheesy at the end but overall a very fun and entertaining movie. I also very much appreciated the absence of foul language or crude content, which is hard to find these days while still being funny. I about died when Tiffany's "I think we're alone now" came on in her car - it was the very first cassette tape I ever owned in the 80's. 😂🤣 So maybe this movie is just only relatable for a specific target audience like myself. 🤷‍♀️

The Will

Loved it
I watched this movie knowing next to nothing about it, the trailer looked interesting but seeing less than great reviews, I didn't have high expectations. Well what a pleasant surprise. I watch a lot of romance movies these days and this storyline is so unique and has so much depth compared to almost anything else I've watched lately. I suppose I can see some of the criticism of the acting, mostly in some of the supporting actors...but Jake and Josie are both fantastic. The writing is so rich, I particularly loved the dynamics between Josie and Jake's kids. Their chemistry started slow and I appreciated that. I was a bit surprised and put off initially with the locker room scene...talk about going from zero to 100 lol...but after finishing the movie I think it all makes sense. I loved so many things about this movie, the stunning visuals of the surrounding area, Josie's wardrobe is fantastic... Lavender House (swoon)... but the thing I loved most was Jake. The way he cared for Josie, stood up for her... a real father to his children. I'm not sure men like him actually exist, but this entire movie was was a pure joy to watch.

The Morning Show

I don't really understand some of the negative "critic" reviews - overly-psychoanalytical and sounded like they were trying to hard to pigeonhole the drama. The Morning Show is simply better than good TV. The acting is phenomenal; Carrell, Aniston, Crudup, Witherspoon all deeply flawed, human and beautifully layered. The writing is fresh and witty; although at times you find yourself wanting to remind the writers that while the virtues of the F word are many, there are over another 1M words in the English language to choose from. By the end of the season I caught myself holding my breath with the intensity, clapping and even shed a half a tear... maybe two. Can't wait for season 2, I just hope the suits behind Apple's new lineup don't put too much stock in the handful of negative critic reviews.

Christmas at Dollywood

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and even though it follows the Hallmark predictability route there was plenty here to keep it interesting. I might watch it another time or two this season.

Christmas Town

This one gets all the stars!
I completely loved this movie, so much Ive already watched it twice. The supporting characters added just as much as the main characters, it was a very touching storyline and not predictable at all. A real joy to watch!

Christmas on My Mind

Eh, this one was just meh. Pretty scenery and set design, but just not enough character development and next to no chemistry between any of the characters. Very predictable, and that's saying a lot for a Hallmark movie.

Over the Moon in Love

I love Hallmark movies and will happily overlook some of the predictability and cheese factor, for all the good feels their movies provide. Unfortunately, this one just didn't deliver and by far was my least favorite in a long time. Felt very rushed and and the lead characters lacked chemistry. Too many scenes to list, but as an example .... Stephanie begs to be set up with Devin within like seconds of meeting him...so many implausibilities. How does she know he's not with Brooklyn, doesn't even ask and is instantly like set me up he's the ONE. It's just totally bizarre and abnormal human behavior ... the rest of the movie was all downhill from there and I watched the whole thing hoping for it to improve. Do not recommend.

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