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Yes Day

The best family film
This is the best family film I have seen in a long time. I laughed, I cried, I was like nooooooo. Would highly recommend. Loved it.

White Lines

Well, absolutely pointless. So gutted I wasted my time. Laura Haddocks acting is terrible. Her character starts with this sweet girl who by episode 10 has turned into a gangster haha none of it made sense and half way through started going off the story. Do not even get me started on the ending and how he died and then for everyone ( apart from Axel ) to live happily ever after hahahaha. So unrealistic. If boxer literally made this show.

Power: Exactly How We Planned
Episode 15, Season 6

Wish I could have given it a 0
How rubbish. I was giving up after season 4 anyway, it was just too repetitive. Glad its over but the worst ending to any series. Boring!


No words
What was that? I turned it off after half hour and I'm annoyed I wasted that half hour. I read reviews and thought, surely its not that bad. Haha just don't waste your time.

Riverdale: Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town
Episode 17, Season 4

Had to turn it off half way through. Shockingly bad.

Riverdale: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember
Episode 18, Season 2

What the ????
Like, we get it, they can all sing but jeez did I cringe throughout this episode. Even the lip-syncing. No words.

A Christmas Prince

Good story.
I think the story is good but apart from the little girl, I think the acting is terrible. I don't know how another 2 of these films got made. I feel like I have to watch the other 2 films though.

Sleeping with My Student

Didn't even want to give it a 1
Wow, this film is utterly terrible. How is it even being aired. The acting, like, I know its a low budget film but come on, the worst acting in any film EVER! Don't waste a second!!!

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Don't bother!
I thought the first one was pretty decent but this one is just pointless. Dont bother.


Good attempt but don't waste your time.
I can see the attempt that they made but I don't get it. There is literally no storyline though. Like everything changes that much at one point you literally don't know what's happening. Don't waste your time.

Cobra Kai: No Mercy
Episode 10, Season 2

What an amazing finale.
Please do not make Robbie the bad guy. I sooo hope Miguel pulls through and they team up together with Johnny and Daniel. What a finale. I'm so ready for season 3.

Cobra Kai

Be prepared to binge watch
Absolutely can not wait for season 3, I binged watched in a day. Best series I've watched in a while.

The Stalker Club

Laughed all the way through it!
Actually thought I was going to be watching a good teen horror but bloody nora. I laughed all the way through it. From the extremely shocking acting to the rubbish attempt of a twist at the end. How did this film even get made 😂😂😂😂

I See You

Its an OK watch.
This film is a good watch and it does start to add up but it did annoy me that you never found out why he kidnapped young boys. That part made no sense. Plus Helen hunts acting was pretty bad!

The Vampire Diaries

Its watchable!
A few things did wind me up. Its very repetitive which is annoying and the coupling of something of the actors just don't work.

The Middle

Best family comedy show I have seen in a long time.
Funny, hilarious and resembles modern day life. Such an underrated show.

Good Girls

I absolutely loved season 1&2. Recommended it to everyone and was so excited for season 3, was so gutted. Its just repeating itself now! Wounded!!!

Grey's Anatomy: Ring of Fire
Episode 24, Season 13

Absolutely sobbed and had goosebumps. Jerrika Hinton was amazing. Absolutely gutted her character left. She made you feel and love Stephanie.

Grey's Anatomy: True Colors
Episode 23, Season 13

The acting in this by Jerrika Hinton is amazing. An episode I will always remember.


Don't waste your time.
I really thought this was going to be a lovely new love story, but nope. Its a rubbish storyline, with terrible acting. So gutted!!


You can never get bored off this film!!!
Its a true story but one of my favourite love films. I can watch this over and over. It breaks your heart!!

The Inbetweeners 2

Still good!
Wasn't as good as the first one and the series but its still good. I don't think ill ever get bored of the inbetweeners. I think with this one I didn't think the hippy actress was the right person, she grated on me a little but apart from that, it's still bloody brilliant.

The Inbetweeners Movie

This is credit to the series.
For starters, I don't get how people have been putting 1 down as a rating, the film credits the show so much. Its funny, cringey in certain parts and bloody brilliant.

The Inbetweeners

Tv Comedy gold
This is by far one of the funniest shows I've watched. I can re watch these over and over. If you haven't watched it, then you need too.


Don't waste your time!!!
After reading about the film I thought, could be decent. The story line was OK but bloody hell, low budget movie with terrible acting from all. It was shockingly bad!!

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