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The Biggest Little Farm

Should be compulsory viewing for all Australian Parliamentarians
Whilst Australia is suffering from drought, duststorms, bushfires and loss of native wildlife; some parliamentarians still want to build more fossil fuel (coal, gas) mines and continue logging native trees. This documentary shows the way to reclaim and enrich the soil, hence providing for people and animals and lessening our carbon emissions. This would also be useful for the farmers and other agriculturalists who have lost their crops and livestock and want to rebuild again. I found the film so informative and hopeful for the future. What a great film to show to school students also.

L'incroyable histoire du facteur Cheval

A Labour of Love
The persistence of a man who keeps his feelings mainly to himself, to build a palace mainly from stones in the countryside, guided by pictures on postcards he delivered on his daily 32 km round through beautiful countryside, is awesome. The project took 33 years whilst still doing his postman's duties by foot. The palace still stands today in Hauterives, France.


There is hope
We are inundated with predictions of dire conditions on account of climate warming. There are already many animals and other wildlife and flora which are under threat of extinction It was great to see Damon Gameau's film, which demonstrated various ways we could improve this scenario. My wish is that Australian parliamentarians could view this film also, then start to take appropriate action, instead of continuing to pursue coal mining, gas fracking, etc. Our water, food security and power would be secured. I walked out of the cinema with a smile and hope. Thank you, Damon.

Journey Beyond Fear

This 7 year project on the part of the Producer, Robyn Hughan, and her team, gives us a picture of how difficult it is for many refugees, who go through the UN, to seek a safe haven. The story is centred around one Afghani family, waiting in Malaysia, in particular, the oldest daughter, They go through hope, despair, especially when other families around them get visas, but not them, and finally jubilation when they finally get their visas to come to Melbourne. This film took numerous trips, on the part of Robyn and team, to Malaysia, to film the family going about their daily lives, the ups and downs, the joy, friendliness and depression. If you get the chance, do go and see this movie.

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