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Paatal Lok

Bold and courageous.
Meaningful and entertaining at the same time portrays bitter reality as it is, without any candy wrapper. Tackles some sensitive issues of racism, corruption and hypocrisy.

Abdullah: The Final Witness

A daring courageous movie deserving applaud for choice of subject.
It is very convenient to glorify one's mistakes in the name of nationalism, but it takes great deal of daring and courage to admit the errors and weaknesses and stand by the side of truth. I have rated it high not as much for its production values as I have for its subject matter and extraordinary honesty. That is what indeed goes to make real metal of a people. It may not be an entertainer all the way, and may even have its share of flaws, nevertheless it is an example of meaningful movie making and thus deserves accolade.

Other Versions of You

A thoroughly enjoyable flight of fantasy with an earthly soul.
Maker of the movie has taken a familiar concept, given it a few innovative twists and turns and the result is a fast paced, thoroughly enjoyable flight of fantasy with an earthly soul. The movie, let alone try to come up with any elaborate or grandiose explanation of how this travel between "parallel universes" is possible or works, does not even attempt to make sense of it. But it beautifully gets across the message of "what if" questions and their implications.

How another film maker would have handled the concept, paradoxically is the very subject of the movie. I found it a fun and thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience which despite apparent flight of fantasy, used as a medium, remains thoroughly tied to our earthly and normal existence and addresses the choices and dilemmas of life and how we choose to face and resolve these.

The Collini Case

Well made, nice but...
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie although transformation of a person from a sadistic cold blooded murdered into a caring person was a bit unpalatable.

Moreover, while 10 for 1 retaliation is condemned, and rightly so, in present times 100 for 1 retaliation goes mostly unchecked.


Average fare with lovely music from Roshan
Roshan's scintillating music is the only redeeming feature about this below average otherwise forgettable movie.

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