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Palm Beach

Terrific Cast, Well-shot, but pointless meandering script
As I said, terrific cast, anything with Sam Neill and Bryan Brown together is going to be great, they're both veteran actors and they have terrific chemistry, however the writing is somewhat scattershot, most plot points are abandoned almost fifteen minutes after they're brought up, such as Richard E. Grant's character stealing one of their songs and using it for a jingle, they all seemed rightf pissed off about it and the next morning they all act like nothing even happened.

Legally Blonde

Just watch the damn movie, this is one of those movies that you have to watch at least once in your life
Not just a great movie, funny, well-written, moving, but it also dismantles some tropes that seriously needed to be dismantled.

Wonder Woman 1984

If you think of it as a comedy; it works better
Definitely not up to the standard or scale of the first film, plot was predictable but at the same time lacking believability, and I won't get into spoiler territory, I'll just say that there was a good cameo at the end.

Pretty average film, but if you're not taking it too seriously and you're just thinking of it as a comedy; it's a lot more palatable, that's why I rate it 5, if it didn't work as a comedy; probably a 3.

The performances from Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal were entertaining too.

Rush Hour 3

One of the funniest films of all time.
Still remember seeing this one in cinemas, you have to watch it at least once, I would say that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's chemistry is stronger than it was in the first film, kind of on par with the chemistry they had in the second film, and there's a lot of amazing back and forth dialogue that kind of hearkens back to Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First?" a lot of great scenes like interrogating a French assassin and needing a nun to translate for them, "He's Mi and I'm Yu", etc.

At the time I first saw it; it did feel like the weakest of the Rush Hour films to me, but I've come to appreciate more and more as time goes on, the film is a classic just as the first two were, and so many people have tried to replicate the success of these films with forgettable, tedious results, I think the reviews averaging this at 6 are kind of low.

Only reason I didn't give it a ten is because of a very brief transphobic joke near the middle of the film about "if he's got anything bigger than a nine-iron in there; we're gonna beat his ass!" After Genevieve removes her wig, you might find the joke funny, you might not even notice it, but as someone who's experienced assault just for being trans and walking down the street; I just find the joke more disturbing than funny, just a skid mark on the corner of a Rembrandt painting, but all the other offensive jokes in the film are magnificent.

Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon

Still a decent game buried underneath the flaws
This game is notorious for not living u to the first two, plus there were developmental problems like THQ going bankrupt, Pandemic not being involved and the game only being available on PS3 in Australia, with that copy having less bugs and more content compared to the Xbox version. Still, better than Big Willy Unleashed, especially since Pox and Crypto are still voiced by Richard Horvitz and Grant Albrecht in this one.

The gameplay was very clunky, the character designs were kind of ugly and unfinished (aside from Pox), the general vibe feels like the vibe you'd get from the last two saints row games but trying even harder and falling even harder, mental abilities were too easy to upgrade while weapons were too difficult to upgrade, the plot is contrived, confusing, clichéd, too long in some parts and too short in others and some of the jokes are pretty lame, outdated, predictable and derogatory, it just pales in comparison to the forward-thinking critical, fun and ingenious humor of the first two games, and there's an eerie sense of barren loneliness once you've finished every objective in the game, I'm not just talking about a lack of replay value, but an actual stillness, lifelessness and overwhelming aimlessness to the game worlds.

But it's not a total trainwreck, I think it still did a handful of things really well, the relationship and chemistry between Crypto and Pox keeps the game alive, it's also probably the most emotionally charged the two characters have been, without giving crypto a human love interest or something like that either, this game felt like a good end to the story of crypto and pox, in the first game pox basically just barked orders at Crypto and he was snide and sarcastic in return, at this point in the series; you actually see how much pox cares about Crypto and how Crypto kind of struggles to deal with depression compared to blowing stuff up, that's not to say the game is sad or unfun though, there's still a great deal of comedic banter between the two of them.

Aside from that, character models are really nice and varied in terms of shape and animarions, textures suck but it's nice to see the variety in other places, the 70s aesthetic was done fairly well and the music by Garry Schyman is still excellent, some of the guns are sucky and useless while others are extremely fun, vocal perfomances from some of the random scannable NPCs are hilarious, and the temporal fist ability is a lot of fun to use, can also be used to break the game, and while some of the jokes aren't as good, the classic destroy all humans humor and observations aren't completely gone, there are still some very memorable lines in this one. The boss battles are kind of buggy but they are also really awesome.

I would only suggest playing through it once, and though it may feel tedious at times; there is still some great stuff to be found here. And again, it's much better than big willy unleashed, anyone who rates that game higher than this has obviously not played both of them.

Destroy All Humans!

Bringing my childhood back to life and introducing a classic to a new generation
There are some things this game does better than the original and some things it doesn't do as well, but it's a pretty faithful recreation and they did a good job considering the unpredictable state of 2020, which apparently interfered with the development of the game.

  • Graphics, lighting and FX are amazing
  • General gameplay is much smoother
  • ability to replay missions
  • kept the same amazing soundtrack
  • The option to skate/sprint with the jetpack is a very welcome addition that helps you cover ground much faster on foot than the original did
  • Keeps a lot of the original missions and performances intact and adds some new stuff here and there that doesn't feel out of place
  • the day-night cycle is a welcome addition
  • skin selection/costumes were very entertaining
  • makes the boss battles more challenging than they were in the original
  • cutscenes are extremely well-edited and directed
  • holobob/disguise is much better-looking
  • locations have all been overhauled and they all look amazing, no complaints about the maps whatsoever, much better than the original, though I miss when Union Town had a dark blue hue; I also love the new dark green hue
  • nice to see the concept art from the new developers
  • probes look better
  • NPC designs have been improved in terms of detail, animations and variety, the scientists in particular all look badass.

  • Psychokinesis controls are fairly limited compared to the original, also can't use psychokinesis while disguised
  • New Cartoonish style took me some time to adjust to (more of a complaint amongst players of the original game, which attempted a more realistic style but with limited graphics), human character models tend to look better in gameplay than in cutscenes
  • some bugs and glitches
  • side missions/challenges suck, they aren't as fun or innovative as the original ones, they're repetitive, extremely difficult and they're a serious obstacle for players looking to get 100% completion
  • missing voice and scan lines for some NPCs such as the robots and mutants
  • general game and missions are too easy, especially after getting more upgrades, though that's subjective
  • main menu/pox's ship isn't as immersive or interesting as the original
  • retro atmosphere is still mostly intact, concerning the design of the humans, but some of the furon designs feel too clean, modern and out of place
  • motion capture in cutscenes can feel awkward
  • extras menu is limited compared to the original
  • NPCs still have limited voices, not much variety to be congruent with all of the new designs (e.g. black, white and latino police officers all still talk with an irish accent, teenager in a letterman jacket talks like a middle-aged man, scientists used to have two voices, an eccentric german accented one and a nerdy american accented one, now it's just the german one)

All in all,

Destroy All Humans!

Terrific game, very few like it
Maybe I'm biased because this was one of the first games I've ever owned on the PS2 and it was such a blast to play through, but I thoroughly recommend this game, it is sorely underrated.

Surprisingly there very few pieces of media that cover an alien invasion from the perspective of the invaders, only this and Invader Zim (fans of Invader Zim will recognize the voice of Orthopox 13 as well), and that is so unfortunate because it's such a unique type of story, if you're bored to death of seeing alien invasion films from the humans' perspective and you just want to destroy everything; this is the game for you.


A decent movie, strongest aspect is the actors and their chemistry
The movie is okay, not groundbreaking or great, not terrible either, a driving factor behind the criticism of the movie is that the topic of abortion is still controversial nowadays, therefore many negative reviews for the film seem to he based more on the topic than the film itself, calling it "abortion propaganda", which I think is ridiculous.

All I will say is that the actual abortion kind of fell by the wayside in the story, it felt like more of a destination or a plot point than something emotionally compelling, the abortion procedure isn't really cast in a positive nor negative light.

The protagonist, Veronica, has already made her decision as soon as she finds out that she's pregnant, mostly based on fact that her circle of friends were very unsupportive, her boyfriend was possessive and generally she just felt unprepared to have a child at the age of 17.

The main focus of the film was more about Veronica mending her friendship with Bailey and re-evaluating the other relationships in her life, the story feels kind of basic, it's a road trip movie, there haven't actually been many of those recently but it doesn't really break new ground in terms of what it does, it's a decent, solid movie, I wouldn't say it's a must-watch nor a mustn't-watch film, just more like something to check out if you want to and you have the time, I might be biased as I have a soft spot for road trip movies, and I've only laid out the premise, I won't go into the plot because I've probably already spoiled something.

Despite all of that; I will say that all of the actors in this film are fantastic, they all have such great chemistry together, they're all very talented, and they're definitely the strongest aspect of the movie, I have almost nothing negative to say about their performances, if it wasn't for them; I would rate the movie a 5 or a 4 at the most, but they carried their scenes well, so I think 7 is a fair modest score in light of that.


It's been too long since Disney made a film this good
I don't want to spoil anything, but pleasedo yourself a favor and watch the movie


Best show I've ever found on Netflix
First season is terrific, Second season is a waste of time, apart from one or two episodes, just watch the first season as it has comedy and originality.


Pretty decent
Well for one thing; I want to put some people's fears to rest, Will Smith is a great genie, he's the glue that held this together, along with many great performances from the rest of the cast. But Smith really made it, you can't compare him and Robin Williams but I can't say he was much of a downgrade or anything, they brought some different things to the role but they both worked the role just as good.

All in all, I think it was good but it was a little bit hard to compare it to the original. I definitely love what they did with Jafar, he's a lot more threatening when he's got a similar origin to Aladdin (surviving as a thief and gradually working his way to the top) and it makes him craftier and more unpredictable, he's a better thief than Aladdin, he still comes off as a very sinister, not exactly as he was in the original but close, it's not like they totally tried to humanize him, but I do miss how they took away his little song number from the original.

I also like how he sort of has a reason for his desire to become Sultan that extends beyond 'I want to be powerful'; he sees Agrabah as wasted potential and wants to build it into an empire, take hold of the armies and invade the lands around them, he also isn't necessarily married to the idea of making Agrabah the hub of his empire; when Aladdin (in the guise of Prince Ali) and him meet for a second time; he actually offers him his assistance so he could become his vizier, presumably to expose weaknesses in Agrabah to him for exploitation, and to take over Ababwa, which doesn't really exist.

I also liked how they treated The Sultan, very different from the original Aladdin, he went from being the jolly, portly, oblivious, oafish ruler of Agrabah to a more stoic and tougher character who seems more like a proper leader who's had to make harder decisions, although I like how it worked out, even if it did feel awkward when put in contrast with the original. I kinda missed how Iago was in the original, he's not as chatty this time around, talks more like a real-life parrot, still he provides some good comic relief to break up some moments of Jafar's tension.

I think this is the best live-action Disney remake without question, the others like Maleficent and Beauty & The Beast were bogged down with extra characters, plots and last minute additions and revisions and while there are some additional characters here; they fit the story here very well, there's a good reason for them to be there and they don't feel forced or like they've overstayed their welcome; as a matter of fact, two new characters in particular: Dahlia and Prince Anders provide some great comic relief moments in the film, but Dahlia is also pretty integral to the story. I also like the new intro to the film, think it ties nicely together with Genie's story. Hakim is another new character, not focused on as much until Jafar's betrayal since he's the most senior of the Sultan's guards

I was slightly confused with how the start of the film was a blend of both Aladdin's "One jump ahead" song/intro and Jasmine's first foray into the streets of Agrabah, felt kind of rushed but the story evened out from there and it eventually worked.

I also felt like the relationship between Jasmine and Jafar was an improvement from the first, instead of lusting over her; he generally just wanted her out of the picture, wanted her silent because the Sultan listened to her, but on the other side of that coin; Jafar still flips around at the end and demands Jasmine marry him shortly after he becomes a sorcerer, and that felt like it just came out of nowhere, his reason not because he wanted to secure power or because he found Jasmine attractive but because he wanted to torture the Sultan, make him watch as he took away what was important to him.

Kinda sucked though how Jafar didn't turn into a giant snake thing, just as disappointing as he didn't get his Prince Ali Reprise, still does that same reveal of Aladdin but in a more dramatic and dialogue-driven scene.

That being said though, might be a good thing because some of the younger kids in my cinema were a little bit scared by the special effects in some scenes, they do look particularly dark and grim as far as Jafar is concerned, scariest things I'd list are the scene where Jafar pushes Aladdin off a ledge into the ocean and tries to drown him, the scene where Jafar chokes people with his magic, or at least I think that's what he was doing and the scene where there's sort of a carpet chase around Agrabah and Jafar transforms Iago into a sort of giant mangy-looking parrot.

Genie's FX aren't as bad, maybe a little bit uncanny in his introduction but they looked better as he went along, also kind of convenient they switch to his human disguise so he's not blue and huge throughout the film.

I'm guessing if you have younger kids it's probably more appropriate to show them the original, some scary stuff in that too but a lot easier to follow too.

The two new song numbers are pretty good too, just now I've forgotten the details of the first one but Jasmine's second new song is pretty great, Naomi Scott has a really powerful voice, and a really nice message behind it too.

Ending was nice too, Jasmine becoming Sultan, Aladdin and her still together and Genie's freedom sort of implies that he becomes human, he gets together with Dahlia and it nicely segways back to the start of the movie.

Some great choreography and costumes in this as well, one thing I'm really enjoying about these live-action remakes of Disney films is how well they've done costumes and choreography and still kept a really rich palette of colours in each scene.

I can't say it was necessarily better than the original but I think it's a pretty good film nonetheless and nowhere near as bad as people were concerned it would be.

The Maxx

Pretty great
I've only read bits and pieces of the comic and seen only a few episodes of the show but I liked what I saw.

Clone High

Hidden Gem
The concept alone is mind-blowing, but just wait until you watch the actual show. Pretty great.


Heroes in a half-good adaptation.
There's a few things I have to say about this film and I'll try to be brief.

Pros: Excellent design and aesthetic style, puts other CGI Turtles to shame, turtles themselves have so much character in their expressions and designs, they have a hint of the charm of the 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon Turtles, but with just the right balance of grit that made the 2003 Turtles so entertaining, also the best-looking Master Splinter hands down in my opinion, several great designs.

At the time I was kind of indifferent to the treatment of April as a more capable and involved character but it's done fairly well. Really good use of CGI, especially in terms of dramatic lighting.

Excellent voice cast of both Hollywood famous and Cartoon/Videogame famous actors, I really like how the casting works because it sort of reflects the underground lifestyle of the turtles; main characters are voiced by celebrities like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Evans and Sir Patrick Stewart, while the turtles themselves and Splinter are voiced by equally talented but not as well-known actors such as James Arnold Taylor, Nolan North and Mako Iwamatsu. Also Lawrence Fishburne as the narrator.

I was pretty dissatisfied with the fact that this film takes place after the death of Shredder, who always completes the TMNT ensemble in my opinion, the Foot clan and Karai are still attached to the story, but I was missing Shredder throughout the film, but I will commend what a bold and deliberate choice this was, and how this simultaneously creates a scenario where the turtles are long in the tooth and out of shape, in the chain of command sense, the tension between Raphael and Leonardo is the best conflict in this film, moreso than the main plot.

Humor is pretty good, some jokes don't land or don't receive the proper treatment, others feel forced but generally a good sense of humor, better understanding of humor than this same director's movie adaptation of Ratchet and Clank.

Fight scene between Leo and Raph is one of the best scenes in TMNT history, aside from the elevator beatboxing scene in the more recent turtles movies.

Cons: The writing could stand to be a whole lot better, I already mentioned some of the humor was slack, not all of it, but just enough to be noticeable.

Other aspects of the writing aren't great, I also mentioned the tension between Raph and Leo being pretty well-executed, but some of the lines and blows exchanged are kind of dumb, Leo kinda breaks character mid-conversation and all, also Leo's criticism of Raph trying to be a vigilante on his own when A) the turtles have ALWAYS been vigilantes and B) Leo ran off to basically become a vigilante in South America.

The whole vigilante aspect makes sense to the story and character of Raphael, but also feels kind of dated, you can tell this movie intersected with movies like Batman Begins, forcing grimdark vigilante heroes into everything, the name "Nightwatcher" also sounds kind of lame upon retrospect. Mikey and Donny have pretty good treatment though.

The Stone Villains started out fairly intimidating and mysterious until they start to have dialogue, since all of their dialogue is clichéd and predictable, Max Winters was a good enough villain on his own and I felt shortchanged when he basically got screwed over by his henchmen and they became the villains, even if the reason for their mutiny made sense.

The inclusion of 13 Monsters just feels kind of dumb, makes for great fights but feels pretty gratuitous and Macguffiny, I don't agree with criticisms about the plot being vague or too complex and confusing, but I do think it's unecessarily padded with monsters.

All in all, not a bad film, kind of underrated but there's definitely room for improvement, best aspects are aesthetic, such as the visual design/style and the quality of performances/actors.

Doom Patrol

Weird, Wonderful, Powerful
If you're into weird shows, check this one out, every time you've thought you'd seen it all; this show has a fresh surprise waiting around the corner. Don't be put off by thinking it's going to be like every other single superhero show you've ever laid eyes on, I was doubting it too, but it's been great.

The quality of each episode is frankly outstanding, only gets better as it goes on, the only criticism I have is that the CGI looks kind of cheap in the first few episodes, but this show is good enough to get away with sweded cardboard box special effects.

Even if you're not fond of weird shows; I still suggest checking this out because the writing, performances and everything else are on point, it's not *just* a weird show, it's also quite emotionally impactful. Perfect balance of the elements.

I cannot state enough how terrific the entire cast are, even the minor characters have phenomenal actors. I won't talk about the characters though as that might drift into spoiler territory. Also, very nice to see Brendan Fraser working again.

My only other complaint about this show is really just the streaming service it's aired on, watching episodes was kind of a challenge for people like myself who live outside of the states, so I'm hoping it gets released on Netflix soon enough.

If you're familiar with the Doom Patrol comics, particularly Grant Morrison's run; you will find a lot to love about this show, it's not a direct adaptation of Morrison's run though; it takes some creative licensing but I th


Worth a watch for genuine horror
This film rolls out a little differently to Get Out (which probably set the level of expectations for most viewers), I found Get Out to be more of a thriller that created an air of suspense and sat with you, and while Us still has those lingering moments; it's got a little bit more attack a lot earlier into the film. Get Out sort of had the more horror-esque moments closer to the end while Us gets that started earlier.

If you are expecting Get Out levels of performance, creativity and direction; then you're in luck, because it is just as phenomenal in those required areas, there is also well-placed comedy to be found in it, just as there was in Get Out.

I also have to say; it's been a while since I've genuinely been scared by a horror movie, probably not since the 70s, but this film really has some well-shot terrifying moments, I don't want to spoil but something happened in the introduction that just had me on the edge of my seat in fear, it was such a well-shot scene, looking at the same scene broken down from behind the scenes; it wasn't as remotely impactful but in the film it definitely goes up there with some of the best classic horror scenes of all time à la The Shining (that wasn't an intentional reference to the Key and Peele show but I'll take it).

That's really one thing I love about this film; Jordan Peele understands how to create genuine horror without relying on Jumpscares or gore (though there is still gore to be had in this film), something that's inventive and not at all formulaic and very unpredictable, makes you feel genuine fear like something's not right with the picture.

Also want to give a hand to all of the actors involved; not only because of the quality of their perfomances, but also because they technically had to play two people simultaneously.

Love, Death & Robots

Pretty great for Netflix
For starters; the show is an anthology, so it's probably going to be hard to review the show without spoiling, and this review may not be helpful for everyone; since a lot of people seem to like the show but generally for completely different reasons.

I'll just say I was put onto this series after my university lecturer recommended it and I'm so glad that she did; it's great.

Personally, I liked some episodes more than others, I wasn't particularly a fan of the episodes Sonnie's Edge, Lucky 13, Helping Hand, Beyond The Aquila Rift, Shape-shifters because they all looked the same (I'm a gamer but that doesn't mean I like seeing what is essentially a PS3 cutscene of extensive length, also, some of them look excellent and almost photorealistic or uniquely styled while others look only a few pixels away from being The Polar Express) and generally those episodes took themselves too seriously for what they were.

And while I really loved the aesthetic and design in The Witness and I found the ending pretty nice; everything else about it could've used a lot more work.

It's a mixed bag, and I can only chastise what I didn't like about certain episodes but many other people really loved Aquila Rift and Sonnie's Edge, I just found those 3D PS3 cutscene-looking episodes to be pretty bland and uninspired in design compared to the massive variety from every other episode, that being said: some of them had really good writing and performances and maybe if I watched these episodes in a different order and broke up the unending cutscene for a bit, I'd like those episodes more for the non-aesthetic differences that set them apart.

Some people may have also seen certain reviews by film critics that disparaged the show on account of it's treatment of women, and the series itself is supposedly an unofficial continuation of Heavy Metal (1981) which had a lot of objectification in itself, so some viewers may be apprehensive about watching the series, though I will say that I don't believe those criticisms can be applieed to every episode in the series; so I'll just list the episodes that fit that description:

Episodes with themes or scenes of sexual assault were Sonnie's edge, The Witness and Good hunting.

Episodes where women were objectified would include the three listed above, as well as Beyond the Aquila Rift, Alternate Histories (brief scene), and very slightly in Helping Hand (features a woman in a singlet and briefs, sort of like how Ellen Ripley is seen in parts of Alien).

Hopefully I didn't miss any, and hopefully you found this helpful if you wanted to watch the show but avoid those aspects.

Fans of Robert Valley's artwork and animation style; I would encourage you to watch the show even if it's just for the episode Zima Blue, it was a pleasant surprise to see him involved in an episode.

All in all though; a very nice anthology, those are hard to pull off, I'm not really a fan of any other anthologies aside from the original Twilight Zone, but I liked this one too, but for different reasons to The Twilight Zone.

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series

Pretty deee-cent
This might seem awkward for a review but I haven't actually gotten around to watching it yet; however, on one hand: I am a fan of the series and generally a fan of animation.

My older brother is a Mega-Fan of Trailer Park Boys and he was hesitant about the idea of an animated series, but he's a couple of episodes in (I'm writing stuff out and doing work, typing this as my computer has just frozen), and he's laughing like crazy, fallen right into it.

Even though I haven't actually seen the series yet; I have to say that, when I'm listening through the wall; the show sounds exactly the same: the writing, jokes and acting have not been negatively impacted by this transition, in fact; their voices are even clearer, jokes are slightly more outlandish (but still performed in a way that makes it grounded and believable), sound effects still sound firmly rooted in the documentary feeling. Storytelling also seems just as good as earlier seasons.

The general premise isn't that they've all become cartoons; it's just that they're so high out of their minds that they collectively see themselves as cartoons, and I feel like they've kept true to that, it's hard to restrain a production when it has the freedoms provided by animation but they've used it well (sort of like the reasoning Matt Groening used behind the Simpsons, though I am not insinuating it is like The Simpsons).

As for the animation itself, it may be an acquired taste; positive aspects are the amazing sense of color and captured the likeness of most of the actors very well. The style itself kind of reminds me of other adult Netflix along the lines of F is for Family and Paradise PD (Though I am not insinuating it is as bad as paradise PD, only that some people may interpret the style as a warning sign, regarding the quality of the show).

In conclusion, if you're a fan of TPB or animation; I'd suggest checking it out, may take a while to set in but it feels very well done.

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